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  • World of Warcraft
  • 366 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 39,222 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/14/2013
  • Created 10/14/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: WoWkemon r1-21

About WoWkemon
Are you ready to WOWKéMON?

WOWKéMON is a complete rewrite of the Blizzard Battle Pet frames.


  • Movable Unit Frames!
  • Themes!
  • Real Pokemon-style weather!
  • Spectate other pet battles!

Bring up the in-game menu (Interface, keybindings, logout, etc) to change the theme!

"WoWkemon" theme Controls:

  • Right click and drag to move each frame individually.
  • Mouse over pokeballs to see the stats/moves of any pet in battle!

"Emerald" theme Controls:

  • Right click and drag to move the frames.
  • Mouse over pokeballs to see the stats/moves of any pet in battle!
  • Hold shift while being prompted for an action and the pass button will appear!
  • Right click in the ability pane to go back to the action selection pane.

To spectate:

  1. Open up the friends pane.
  2. Click on the little pokeball next to the SoR button
  3. If any of your friends have WoWkemon and are on, you can click to spectate them. Otherwise, you can enter a custom user to connect to by clicking "Custom User."

Please post any bugs and feature requests!

Like it? Please donate at

  • Click on "But it failed.." while using the Emerald theme to continue battle. Bug fixes, too.
  • Split spectator mode and the Pokemon modes into two different addons. Both are now included in the downloaded zip, but can be disabled/enabled individually.
  • New beautiful default theme with art by Michael Tseng and davidseitzjr
  • Added theme support and created new default theme. Theme options are accessible via the escape menu in game.
  • Removed tutorial in favor of mousover helper text.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Removed all dependencies on English for the mod. The addon should run completely fine in other localizations now, but I have no way to test it.
  • New splash artwork by davidseitzjr
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't use any keys while in a pet battle.
  • Fixed bug where bag wouldn't open right.
  • Fixed "But it failed..." bug.
  • New artwork in some places courtesy of design work by davidseitzjr
  • Bug fixes and cleanup
  • More bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • TV textures added, thanks again to coerul on Curse!
  • Dynamic UI which scales with resolution
  • Combat-log based attacks/buffs means that you can now see what attacks the enemy is using
  • Redid intros to be less slow
  • Bunch of random fixes
  • Spectate feature which lets you spectate your friends' pet battles!
  • So much more!
  • Fixed sunlight bugging out the client, and removed ask bar collision detection.
  • Fixed weather not working.
  • Made the UI more consistent with the Emerald theme.
  • Redid tooltips.
  • Redid battle logic.
  • Added wild pet quality.
  • Redid tutorial.
  • Added support for low resolutions.
  • Fixed random bugs.
  • A special thanks to Luhanaa on Shadow Council for helping me in the bug testing phase!
  • Sped up text speed even more, also added a limit so that if it's going too slow, it'll just do it instantly.
  • Rewrote the buffs frames. They didn't work well anyway.
  • Fixed the WOWKéBALLs, again.
  • Sped up text speed significantly.
  • Added buffs and updated weather to have the number of turns remaining.
  • Fixed odd frame bugs.
  • Streamlined intro frame rendering.
  • Fixed small bugs and pokeball icon.
  • Fixed pokeball button not working.

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