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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 23,010 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/27/2015
  • Created 06/21/2010
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v60200-1.0.0
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About WowLua

WowLua is an in-game Lua scripting environment that includes an interactive Lua interpreter as well as a multi-page script editor. Other features include:

  • Syntax coloring, courtesy of krka's spectacular For All Indents and Purposes library
  • Sleek buttons, courtesy of Mikk
  • When WowLua is running code, it defines a global function print() which directs output to the WowLua window, for convenience. This global is removed when not running from WowLua
  • Can run WowLua pages from the commandline using /wowluarun or /luarun. Each slash command takes the name of a page, and prints any issues or activity to the chat frame. These can thus be used from macros.
  • Can open WowLua using /wowlua or /lua. Both of these slash commands will take a lua expression and run it, if provided:

    /lua print(14) will open WowLua and print the number 14 to the output window.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions here, you'll find I'm relatively responsible. This addon has been written primarily as a companion tool for World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating WoW Addons.

Please leave any comments on the original addon page at

tag v60200-1.0.0
Jim Whitehead <>
2015-06-27 10:43:38 +0200

Tagged v60200-1.0.0


Jim Whitehead:
    - Update TOC for 6.2.0
Jim Whitehead II:
    - Fix a reference to NinjaPanel


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  • #18

    OMG you updated this for 6.2?! Sweeeeeet!!

  • #17

    Thank you for this, saves me loads of hours debbuging my addons!


  • #15

    Paste does what you're looking for, specifically for TomTom.

  • #14

    I am looking for a "batch processor" for text files in WoW.

    IDK if this can do it, but basically, I have a tex file that I have entered many waypoints, notes, ect. (/way ..., /note...) Basically, a slash command processor.

    I need to be ablt to process this text file easily, rather than having to copy/paste one line at a time into the chat window or putting a few blocks in macros.

    Can this addon do what I am looking for, or does anyone know of one that can?

    Thank you


  • #13

    Will there be an update to this WowLua addon so that it loads in WoW 5.1 as-is?

  • #12

    This addon is so awesome.  Thanks.

  • #11

    Great addon.  Thanks for the help as I develop my own addons!

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #10
    I've been using it and love it, but the window has gone up off the top of the screen. I've tried reinstalling the addon, but window position is saved somewhere.

    Any ideas on where to look to reset the window position?
  • #16

    Almost 3 years later... but I was having the same problem so figured I'd post the solution here.

    It's essentially a Blizzard UI issue where addon frame locations are saved in

    WTF/Account/Account Name/Serve>/Character/layout-local.txt

    If you edit that file (I just copied the coordinates for another frame) you can get it to show back up again.


  • #8
    wish to see a "run on login" feature :D
    i have some scripts i would like to run on startup (w/o having to make an extra addon)

    and maybe - well this might be some overkill - running scripts based on ingame events :-D

  • #9
    forgot to say that this is an epic addon and i rly love it
  • #7
    would this be an appropriate place to ask for specific help in writing a particular lua script, or no?
  • #6
    best addon in the world
  • #5
    Nice addon. I have been using TinyPad for a while for writing scripts in, but i love the syntax colouring and output display with this.
    However, would it be possible to add a slash command to run a script from a macro, preferrably by the scripts name.
    TinyPad has the "/pad run 3" which would execute the script on the 3rd page.
    I have several macros that run scripts from tinypad that I would like to switch over to use WowLua.
    Also, because TinyPad uses page numbers for executing scripts I can't remove scripts without having to modify my macros, hence why I would prefer the ability to run scripts by the name rather than page number.
  • #2
    Thanks, i just bought the book :)
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