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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 194,542 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/14/2014
  • Created 01/31/2007
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v6.01

About XBar

XBar for WoW (World of Warcraft)

* A customizable interface framework for supporting custom, movable button bars.

By Dr Doom (Shalune on Kargath)


* Movable
* Orientable (rotate/reverse)
* Sizable
* Modular: Lets you easily create addons using this framework
* Customizable: Add your own unique features to your bar
* Pop-out menus: Use the toggle buttons
* Dynamic, all-in-one configuration window
* Supporting option sets for each or multiple characters
* Localized in several languages
* Skinnable via ButtonFacade
* Customizable Key Bindings


* See the in-game options screen under Interface->Addons for command line support.
* Move the bars by Ctrl + right click and drag
* Show/Hide bars with 1-click toggle buttons.


* XBuffBar
* XCompanionBar - Shows non-combat pets and mounts.
* XCustomBar - Allows user-created XBars via an in-game interface
* XPetStuffBar - Also includes floating Pet XP Bar
* XRogueBar
* XSealBar
* XTradeBar
* XTrapBar
* XWarlockBar


* To install, extract the .ZIP file to your WoW Addons folder
* EXAMPLE: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
* Install the other bars you want in the same fashion
* XBar does not provide action bars for itself, this is accomplished via plugins


* Permetheus (Original Author of 'AspectBar' and 'TrapBar')
* Murkeli (Author of 'TrackBar')
* CRiSPyToWN (for keeping the bar mods going and making some new bars)
* Cilraaz (Author of 'BlessingBar' and 'SealBar'
* The following people for localization help: Norova (zhTW), PeliasLMEP (esES), Aphelandra - Todeskrallen (deDE), Jokhond (frFR), Gerar (esES)
* dtylerb and Ravenswing for making and keeping XPortalBar a success.  See xportalsbar\readme.txt
* A HUGE thanks to all of those in the WoW community that have helped to make these previous mods a success, and to those who convinced me to keep these things going.


* See readme.txt in each addon folder for additional information about included features for that specific addon.  If there is no file, either the author didn't explain it fully or there are no addon-specific features that are not self explanatory or generic to XBar.


* See FAQ.txt for additional info on how to use the advanced features of XBar and troubleshoot issues before posting a question or issue here.

Version 6.01 by Ncplus


  • some minor fixes

The return of XCompanionBar and XMountBar


I've just add it in order to someone detect what is wrong with it and tell me how to fix it. I have no idea how to fix it.

If anyone detects more spells to add plz tell so I can add them.

If any detects any bugs/ways into improve the addon plz tell Tks If any of you have a way to fix the addon plz send me a PM or write in the chat. Im not a programer i need help to fix errors


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  • #74

    I am making a bar that shows the minipets I have so I can easily summon one. I was hoping I could get the desired behaviour by using the available callbacks, but I could not get that working. I had problems with the XBar_GetSpellID call in the XBar_Update function since it does not work with items. After updating that part I also had to remove the Gametooltip:SetSpell call from the XBar_SetTooltip function. Now it all works by making my own version of the XBarUpdate function, but 75% of the code in there is the same as in the original XBarUpdate. I am not sure if this is the way to go.

    Could you give some advice on what would be the best way to have an XBar that shows items? Is it by making own versions of XBar functions like the XBarUpdate or did I miss something with the callbacks?

  • #73

    DrDoom would it be possible for you to make XBar support macro text on the buttons by menas of

    frame:SetAttribute("macrotext", "/caststuffhere")

  • #72

    Oh, that's what that was for... It's a good idea. I was just wondering what that slider did and must have accidentally left it on 4. Thanks!

  • #71

    Thanks for explaining Aphelandra.

    The Aspect Bar will switch action bars if you tell it to. In the options there are sliders for each aspect that tell it which bar to switch to (if able). Select 0 to disable bar switching. Make sure all the sliders are at 0 if you don't want it to switch.

  • #70

    I love the mod, it clears out my action bars and makes my spells easier to find and use. There's just one problem, yesterday when I was on my hunter and I use any spell, It switches my main actionbar from 1 to 4. I turned off the mod and it worked perfectly, but when I turned it back on, it did the same thing. It only does it on my hunter and it started just yesterday. Can you give my any suggestions to fix this problem?

  • #69

    I'd like to have the possibility not to highlight the button (texture) if a buff is active. just the pure spelltextures as in the spellbook. 'Cause sometimes I can't remember where a spell is placed on the buffbar and I got to read all the tooltips (especially fearward that I got to cast very often). OK, one day I'll remember it but it would help a lot, if I could see it all the time :) For now, I used the comment-command in lua to do that ( function XBuffBar_Texture(texture,spellname) in XBuffBar.lua )

    @painstorm you got to create new sets for each char

    /xbar options new <optionsetnumber> and then /xbar options set <optionssetnumber>

    as written in the description above


    • All characters will use the 'default' option set unless otherwise specified.
    • Option sets allow you to store different settings for different characters
  • #68

    The positioning of the bars seems to be shared between all chars. This is unfortunate when you have multiple chars that don't have the same icons enabled. Like when I have a char with only 2 icons enabled in XTradeBar and the switch to a char that's got 5 icons enabled. Now the bar overlaps something else and I have to move it again.

  • #67

    This function does not use or reference any existing default blizzard frames.

  • #66

    Could this add-on in any way be messing with the resurrection dialog you get when someone ress you? I recently started using this add-on and last night in a party, I could not see the ress dialog when the priest tried to ress me. I tried reloadui and restarting the game, but nothing helped.

    After the instance run was over, I did some testing by grouping with another priest. Nothing worked until I disabled the Xbar add-ons. After I did that I had no problems any more.

  • #65

    I found the issue. This was actually the same issue the RogueBar suffered from in 1.00. I fixed it in the rogue bar, but forgot that I used the same thing in Warlock Bar.

  • #64

    Maybe the problem got something to do with the small "blank buttons" that you use for button separation in the warlock bar.

  • #63

    I don't have a warlock, but the problem shouldn't be isolated to XWarlockBar, so I'll see if I can get it to do that on another bar.

  • #62

    Sure, I tried the resetcommand. But for me it won't place the bar at a visible position.

    Finally I found it, so .. I'm fine with it.

  • #61

    The warlock bar is not working correctly. I started disabling the curses and it seemed to get "out of sync". As in when I disabled Create Spellstone it removed Curse of Weakness etc.

    I don't know how hard it is to do, but the soulshard counter on the normal buttons (those that require shards), would be a nice thing to have here too :)

  • #60

    The command is already there:

    /xbar resetpos xbuffbar

    Sorry to tell you the answer has been right there all this time, but I thought you had tried that.

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