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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 10/06/2012
  • Created 08/16/2008
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  • Newest File: z15-repack-release

About XLootGroup

Please use - Group is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained.

Smooth "Group Loot" roll frames

Options not featured in screenshot:

  • Show time remaining on roll (Shown over icon)
  • Show winning roll type icon (Need, greed, etc)
  • Show undecided players
  • When to track rolls you have decided on (Always, when rolling, never, by quality)
  • Anchor direction (Up or down)
  • Skins (Choose skin in XLoot 1.0, compatible with Masque skins)
  • Frame scale, width, and button size

Loot Rolls anchor and Loot Popup anchors can be re-shown through the options panel or with /xlg

Skin used is determined by XLoot 1.0, if installed

tag z15-repack-release
Xuerian <>
2012-10-07 00:33:11 -0400

Repack new libs


No changelog


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  • #121

    Is there any way to resize frames? Since they are so small now I can barely see what I'm roll'n on...

  • #122

    For the beta version, not yet. I've added scale to the to-do list, along with growth direction. Thanks for the reminder.

  • #117

    This occurs while in instances and I am using z1 beta updated through curse client.

    9x XLootGroup\XLootGroup-z1-beta.lua:308: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)
    XLootGroup\XLootGroup-z1-beta.lua:308: in function "func"
    XLootGroup-z1-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:50: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:48>
    XLootGroup-z1-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:217: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:213>
    (tail call): ?
    XLootGroup-z1-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:141: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:141>

    event = "selected"
    (for generator) = <func> =[C]:-1
    (for state) = <table> {
     1 = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:302
    (for control) = 1
    _ = 1
    func = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:302
    groupcb = <table> {
     1 = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:302

  • #118

    I've pushed a new version that should print a error and fail gracefully. Please post that error line here when you get it.

  • #120

    I'll upload a new version later, but the buggrabber error was fine. It was my mistake, I added the catch in the wrong place.

    I'm still not sure what Lootevents is capturing that Group can't handle, but hopefully we'll find out.

    Unfortunately I haven't had the problem myself, I haven't done LFR

  • #119

    EDIT: Seems to only occur when disenchant is a roll option

    Ok it seems to happen when counting how many click what roll. I use buggrabber and bugsack to collect errors, so it probably not printing way you want it to. I will turn them off and use the wow lua error window and see if that is more efficient for you. Seems to have printed out the same as last time.

    9x XLootGroup\XLootGroup-z1a-beta.lua:310: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)
    XLootGroup\XLootGroup-z1a-beta.lua:310: in function "func"
    XLootGroup-z1a-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:50: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:48>
    XLootGroup-z1a-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:217: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:213>
    (tail call): ?
    XLootGroup-z1a-beta\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:141: in function <XLootGroup\libs\LibLootEvents\LibLootEvents.lua:141>

    event = "selected"
    (for generator) = <func> =[C]:-1
    (for state) = <table> {
     1 = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:301
    (for control) = 1
    _ = 1
    func = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:301
    groupcb = <table> {
     1 = <func> @..\XLootGroup.lua:301

    Last edited by Nuematic on 3/18/2012 3:17:44 PM
  • #116

    OMG at last. I love this update... Now my UI gets roughly same look all over. Now waiting for updates for rest. Great work... Love Xloot and its brothers :D

  • #114

    In patch 4.3, a bunch of "?" apear above the name of items. This situation only happens when you roll an epuipment or weapon, if its a tile token or a lockbox,no "?" will be displayed.Image Removed:

    Last edited by theone1989 on 12/4/2011 8:49:27 AM
  • #115

    Thanks for the report, I'll look in to it.

  • #112
    I really like this addon, keeps things tidy and easier to see and deal with, thanks :-)
  • #113

    Thanks. I appreciate it, and I'm glad you like it =)

  • #110
    Hi, whats the different between Xloot and Xloot 1.0? and when i download Xloot 1.0 for Xloot group it says dependancy missing, but when i download Xloot (old version) it works.
  • #111
    "1.0" is a completely re-written version of XLoot (XLoot was at 0.9..)
    It can be completely skinned and is cleaner, but lacks some of the bulky features of the old version.

    You need to run the "plugin dummy" linked above to use Group with 1.0.
  • #103
    Is there a way for me to make it show a test roll so I can properly configure it?
  • #104
    Sorry but no, I didn't design it that well =P

    Any future incarnation will have this feature, but that's like saying in the 60's that we'd all be using flying cars today.
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