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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 10/06/2012
  • Created 08/16/2008
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  • Newest File: z15-repack-release

About XLootGroup

Please use - Group is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained.

Smooth "Group Loot" roll frames

Options not featured in screenshot:

  • Show time remaining on roll (Shown over icon)
  • Show winning roll type icon (Need, greed, etc)
  • Show undecided players
  • When to track rolls you have decided on (Always, when rolling, never, by quality)
  • Anchor direction (Up or down)
  • Skins (Choose skin in XLoot 1.0, compatible with Masque skins)
  • Frame scale, width, and button size

Loot Rolls anchor and Loot Popup anchors can be re-shown through the options panel or with /xlg

Skin used is determined by XLoot 1.0, if installed

tag z15-repack-release
Xuerian <>
2012-10-07 00:33:11 -0400

Repack new libs


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  • #109
  • #94
    ** feature request:
    if the player mouseovers one of the items, in that tooltip the player can see who rolled what (need/greed/dis/pass). added below the stats of the items.
    also it would be nice to show a counter on the icons to see how many players pressed that button.
    optionally fading out that "x rolled y on z" spam in the chat window.

    would be sooooooooooo nice :)
  • #95
  • #96
    Thanks for the links. This seems like the top requested feature (Just requested on WoWI in a slightly less pleasant manner, actually), and I plan to do something actually very similar to LootRolls, and I haven't seen it before. Or I was planning on it. Anyway, as I said there, I plan on the feature! And I actually have -started- on re-writing Group, by re-writing the chat parser. Just haven't done anything else.

    Hopefully I'll get something done you enjoy sooner than later =)
  • #99
    Please just copy TeksLoot's way of doing it. It was nice, it was simple, and it was effective.
  • #98
    That add-on btw was : Teksloot located here
  • #97
    There was another add-on mod of this same add-on. Where the author recoded some bits of XLoot Group. One in particular was loot rolls. The icons were as they are now for XLoot Group. It would list above the given icon any applicable .. such as number of players greeded, needed, de, passed. Mouse-over of the icons would then list the specific names of the players who had picked that option. Ultimately this is far more handy. Then to have the side add-on for group rolls as you have now. That add-on existed for a fairly long time. I am happy however it is finally being done. Because I believe in KISS. There was no need for 2 add-ons to do what 1 could have done before.
  • #100
    The KISS principle would actually dictate 2 separate addons rather than 1 base addon with an interdependant module that stops working when the base addon gets rewritten... like what just happened with XLoot.
  • #106
    Not to get into semantics deeply, or net raging over trivialities. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method is a capacity of making something simple over complex. It does not dictate a manifest of excludes. Such as "2 separate add-on's rather than 1 base add-on with an independent module that stops working when the base add-on gets rewritten". Doing this is simply a aberration to KISS, based on preference. The end result for KISS. Is, and has always been, simplicity over complexity. Though, eh, what's the point in discussion on the net.
  • #107
    You could do just one that functions better than the 2 combined. And would not clutter or have need for excess. Just a comment after all.

    Maybe I just agree with Tekkub when he says :
    "Well, every so often I make the mistake of reading someone’s code and get an obsessive compulsive urge to clean up their mess"

    Which seems to target more at KISS when mentioning "clean up". As it functionally did, for a time .. until it lost function with all the wow versions.
  • #101
    Pretty much this.

    I'm not sure how it will be done, if and when I do it. It may be different. In the mean time, you're welcome to use TeksLoot (I knew about it, he asked me for permission to use my code) since it seems to fit your needs.
  • #105
    Teksloot has been broken for a while now. Hence why I am using what works. Which is this. Trust me not complaining =) Its just an aspect.
  • #108
    Teksloot is not broken. Works perfectly fine.
  • #92
    This is saying dependency missing whenever it pops up on my addon panel. I have XLoot 1.0 though, so is there any reason why it's doing that?
  • #93
    Do you have the plugin dummy to satisfy those dependencies?

    XLoot 1.0 doesn't provide them, whereas the old XLoot does.
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