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About Yata

Yata - Yet Another Totem Addon

Yata is the answer to all your totem (and weapon imbue) needs

What is Yata?

Yata is a hugely flexible totem bar addon, enabling your shaman to organise their totems, cast them (individually, through the multicast spells or by /castsequence macro) and track cooldowns and timers.

Yata was originally created by Tornhoof and was one of the pioneers of totem bar support during The Burning Crusade. It has been brought up to date in Wrath of the Lich King by kaytikat.



  • Horizontal or vertical layout (with the ability to choose which side the pop-outs go)
  • Customisable order or groups and individual totems
  • Ability to hide useless or unused totems
  • Fully skinnable with ButtonFacade
  • Scale and position configurable
  • User-configured number of rows permanently visible
  • Button indicators showing which spells belong to which multicast spell
  • Short tooltip support
  • Key bind a spell group (e.g. a single key that will cast whichever fire totem is currently selected)

Spell Management

  • Key modifier to reorder totems (default: ctrl left click)
  • Key modifier to drop a totem without reordering (default: shift left click)
  • Key modifier to set/clear a totem as part of a multicast spell group (default: alt left click)
  • Cooldowns and timers shown on the button or on separate bars
  • Destroy Totem or Totemic Call (right click and shift right click, respectively)

How to get started

Open the Blizzard interface frame and choose yata or type /yata in the chat window

Type /kb to keybind abilities


Yata needs translating!

Your help is gratefully accepted on the wowace localisation tab

r141 | kaytikat | 2011-11-17 00:10:30 +0000 (Thu, 17 Nov 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/4.7.5 (from /trunk:140)

Tagging new build to get updated translations

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  • #234
    This addon is fucking terrible
    u do not understand the frustration this addon is causing right now, oh my fucking god
    I am using editor, choosing all the totems I want then saving.. soon as I click the element they return back to what they was like previously
    YATA failure developer, fucking nightmare. take this piece of shit and stick it up ya ass
  • #235

    Thanks for your awesomely detailed bug report!

    Because you seem to have taken more time converting your swearing into asterisks than actually describing the problem and the steps you have taken to troubleshoot it, I have no idea why you're experiencing something that nobody else (including me) has reported previously.

    In short: take your comment and... (you know what comes next).
  • #236
    I find that very rude :-(
  • #238
    Ah, then you understand how I felt when I read your initial comment ;-)
  • #254
    Don't fret hun over drama queens. Your add-on is awesome .. if they fail to get it. They can come here with logical, cool minds .. or not at all. We are not babysitters.
  • #240
    Im sorry
    Dont take it personally, It was just my inner rage coming out, that moment the addon really annoyed me
    I am still using it though, It worked eventually
    Its just the totem editor, doesnt save sometimes.. I change in the editor, save it, and it just reverts back to how it was before I saved it.. then all of a sudden it decides to save :x
  • #230
    Every time I log in or switch specs, Yata defaults to Strength of Earth Totem, Windfury Totem, Healing Stream Totem, and Searing Totem. How do I make it remember the totems I used last?

    Also, how do I get a timer to display for my active weapon imbue?
  • #233
    You need to use the Totem Set editor to set the default totems as Yata doesn't save any changes you make during a session. Would an option for autosave be useful for you?

    Imbue timer: Yata doesn't do this. I had a plan for it but until Blizzard sorts out the ability to control which hand an imbue gets put on the UI for imbues and timers is going to be very basic.
  • #237
    I find the totem set editor to be not at all intuitive. I thought it was just for hiding unwanted totems; there is no indication that you can reorder totems by dragging them. So yes, an autosave would be a useful feature.

    As for the imbue timer, not all of us are enhancement spec. It's probably better to wait and do it right, though.
  • #239
    All good points.

    I'll take a good look at that side of the addon during my xmas break.
  • #229
    Poking in to say hi to one my fav add-on authors =) hoping you and yours have a lovely xmas =) -yes early greeting but who knows if ill poke in before then- =)
  • #232
    Thanks, hun
  • #228
    Hey, great add-on and thanks for your continuing work on it.

    The following may be neither a big thing nor a common one as I haven't experienced this myself until now.

    I get several errors stating "attempt to index field 'Bar' (a nil value)" when I click anything on Yata's bar and this is somehow related to the other error I get when the option to have Yata create a macro is enabled, stating "CreateMacro() failed, already have 36 macros" (which isn't quite true anyway).

    {I have 23 macros in my general macros tab and my shaman's specific macro tab lists 18 macros (which means it's full), but 36 is the maximum for the general macros only.
    Since Yata intends to create a character specific macro, the only way to overcome the error currently is to delete a character specific macro (or turn off the macro option, that works just as well).}

    I haven't really needed to use the macro for my totems in the past, so I'll just turn it off for now - but maybe you'd like to include a check somewhere around the time the add-on gets loaded/initialised, to see if there's a free slot in either the character specific or the general macros to put Yata's macro in either of them, or throw a message to the chat stating that both macro boxes are full (if they really are) and skip the macro creation, to prevent the "'Bar' (a nil value)" error at a later point, as they both seem only to happen together.
  • #231
    Thanks for the report. I won't be doing any changes to the mod until I get some time after the Cata levelling rush.
  • #224
    It seems to be ignoring the ButtonFacade color changes. If I turn Highlight in BF to invisable, YATA still shows the white Highlight. Other mods supported by BF are acting correctly.

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