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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
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  • Updated 03/06/2013
  • Created 05/09/2006
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v0.8.5

About Yatlas

Yatlas provides a minimap-based map of the world (reasonably high detail).

There are two different modes:

Normal View

This view is somewhat similar to Atlas, and to move around right or left click and drag on the map itself. You can choose which map (currently only Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms) at the top. Also, using the scroll mouse button changes the zoom.

To the right, the data tab contains points of interest and the options tab controls the visibility/position of the minimap button.

Fullscreen View

This view is somewhat similar to the world map, and non-transparently covers the entire screen. For the most part it is similar to the normal view, such as movement being controlled by dragging the screen around and scroll mouse button changing the zoom.

NOTE: CTMapMod, Gatherer and MapNotes support is currently broken.

Yatlas ChangeLog
0.8.5 (August 15, 2011)
- Tag for official release

0.8.5 beta 2 (July 17, 2011)
- Enable no-libs packaging in CurseForge

0.8.5 beta 1 (June 28, 2011) - never release
- TOC update to support WoW 4.2

0.8.4 beta 1, 2 (June 08, 2011)
- Map data update to WoW 4.1

0.8.3 (8/5/2009)
- Updated world map for 3.2

0.8.0 (12/24/2008)
 Update for WoW 3.0 (smexy)
- Quick and dirty updates to make it work again, not sure if all bugs have been burnt.

0.7.8 (11/25/2007)
- Update for WoW 2.3.x  As a result of updating, the complete area
  ids are no longer stored, and thus the detection of the current
  zone is less accurate.
- Update German localization (blackrat)

0.7.7 (07/16/2007)
- Update for WoW 2.1.x
- NOTE: Much of the support for other AddOns might not work at this
  point in time.

0.7.6 (01/09/2007)
- Update for WoW 2.0.3
- Update German localization (Singler)

0.7.5 (12/26/2006)
- Fix a bug with CT_MapMod support

0.7.4 (12/24/2006)
- Update for WoW 2.0

0.7.3 (08/24/2006)
- Fix the fullscreen window on certain screen resolutions

0.7.2 (08/22/2006)
- Update map information for 1.12

0.7.1 (06/23/2006)
- Minor bugfixes (Reported by Hevanus, Maniacski)
- Fix German localization (PsyZo, AbuDun)

0.7 (06/21/2006)
- Rewrite of point handling code for consistancy and expandability,
  including a way to setup points specifically to be moved.
- Add Party and Raid positions
- Add some raid boss data in backend (not yet used!)
- Button+pulldown for zooming without a mouse scrollwheel
- New tooltip that shows icons in addition to names.
- The main YatlasFrame's popout has been removed in favor of a seperate
  options window, and mouseover point tooltips.
- Runtime generation of point frames instead of preallocating.
- Goto button will now continuously track if shift clicked.
- Addition of an option to automatically seek player on show.
- myAddOns data will now correctly show release date
- Minor bugfixes
- Minor xml validity fixes
- Some of the icons have been tweaked.
- Addition of a new README.txt file
- German localization added (
- Update map table for WoW 1.11
- Drastically decrease the size of the generated map table

0.6.3 (03/28/2006)
- Fix an issue where Gatherer minimap icons would become misplaced if the
  Yatlas frame was open.
- Update map table for WoW 1.10

0.6.2 (01/16/2006)
- Fix bug where jump to player would fail to find the player.

0.6.1 (01/06/2006)
- Fix bug where the fullscreen yatlas view would partially fall offscreen
  at some resolutions.
- Fix bug where player location would not be updated properly
- Fix bug where position slider tooltip would show when it shouldn't
- Update the slider when the mouse is dragged.

0.6 (01/06/2006)
- Add a dropdown to control which points to show
- Add myAddons support
- Modularize the way "overlays" work
- Make icons resizable
- In the normal YatlasFrame, clicking on points on the lengend causes them
  to blink on the map.
- Switch from using POI data to getting landmarks data during runtime.  Add
  extra points by hand.
- Add a option to display cursor coordinates in the YatlasFrame
- Fix a bug for when the map would be dragged, closed, then reopened, the
  map would continue being "stuck" to the cursor
- Add zooming using the mouse scroll button
- Make it easier to create new Yatlas Frames
- Add a "Big" world map view.  This is similar to the World Map window
  ('m' key).  To show either use the /bigyatlas command or set the key binding.
- Increase the number of displayable points
- Minor speed increases by lazily generating area ids, and not querying for
  them while dragging the map.
- Add compatibility for WoW 1.9
- Show CTMapMod points

0.5 (10/26/2005)
- Show player's location (backend partially exists for raid/party members)
- Add a button to allow jumping to the player's location
- Dropdown bugfixes.
- Pull data "on the fly" from MapNotes and Gatherer.
- Allow map movement by left mouse button as well as right now.
- Right-clicking and dragging on the minimap button moves it around.
- Show graveyards
- Increase number of textures and properly handle having a limit of textures.

0.4 (10/11/2005)
- Introduction of this ChangeLog.
- Add key binding.
- Add alpha transparency.
- Add a pulldown for zones to replace the zone text field.
- Update textures translation table for WoW 1.8 content patch.
- Other minor bug fixes.


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