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Yor'sahj Automatic RaidWarnings

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.4
  • 140,188 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/30/2012
  • Created 11/29/2011
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Yorsahj Automatic Raidwarnings 1.2f

About Yor'sahj Automatic RaidWarnings

Addon instantly showing a /raidwarning with which color ooze (globule) to kill and with what to do afterwards (like stacking up), each time the globules spawn at the Yor'sahj the Unsleeping raid encounter.

The raid warnings show the optimal solution for all three difficulty levels, based on the Yor'sahj strategy found on the Icy Veins website, with the addition that Purple will always be killed on Raid Finder and Normal difficulty, to prevent wipes caused by healers not understanding the Deep Corruption debuff.

The addon has different settings for Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulty, and will automatically switch to the correct difficulty upon entering the Dragon Soul instance. In case you change the difficulty while being inside the instance, you can switch between the three settings ingame through the following slash commands:

/yor rf - Raid Finder mode

/yor normal - Normal mode

/yor heroic - Heroic mode

/yor off - no warnings will be shown

/yor help - short help menu


This addon is especially useful if you queue as raid leader through the LookingForRaid system, or if you just want to make sure that you don't experience unnecessary wipes on this boss.

The addon is also helpful for guilds doing normal or heroic mode; especially on heroic where the enrage is tight, this addon can make a small difference.

If you happen to disagree with the default strategies for any of the difficulties, we suggest you edit the (easily editable) .lua file, so the addon will show your personal choice for each combination of globules. For the instructions to do this, just open the .lua file, and you will see them.


IMPORTANT: you need to be raid leader, or have assistant, for the /raidwarnings to show up of course!


All feedback is appreciated!

v1.2f Updated for patch 5.0.4.

v1.2e Added command to turn off the addon: '/yor off'.

v1.2d Fixed error where the addon shows the wrong text when entering heroic mode DS.

v1.2c Upon entering Dragon Soul, the addon is now automatically set to the correct raid difficulty (raid finder, normal, heroic). Heroic mode default presets changed on a few combinations to make the fight on heroic as easy as possible for an average raid group. These new presets are final, and are based on the experience of several raiders, guides and forum posts.

v1.2b Fixed bug with warnings showing multiple times (credits to Nponobeghuk), changed 2 kill colors on HC difficulty to be in line with the Icy-Veins priority, added colored marks to the raid warnings.

v1.2a Changed kill color on two combinations on LFR to be in line with the Icy-Veins strategy.

v1.2 Working for Yor'sahj heroic mode now, also added ingame changing between 3 presets: Raid Finder mode, Normal mode and Heroic mode.

v1.1 Lua file made more user friendly to edit, with easy instructions inside.

v1.0 Initial Release


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  • #6

    It sounds like a great addon and i want to use it on Saturday for a guild raid but of course I need to edit the lua file. Apparently I haven't the right program to do it. I use Windows 7 and tried to look for solutions online it all went well over my head since I felt I had to take a course in computer science to make this work. In contrast the way the author says it is simple to edit makes me think: what am I doing wrong or not doing?

    Can someone help me with this? Thx in advance.

  • #7

    A lua file is a text file, editable with any text editor, like Notepad, WordPad, or even Word. The lines you want to edit are the ones like this:

            SendChatMessage ("Kill PURPLE!", "RAID_WARNING");

    , where you can change the the Kill PURPLE! text to another color, or even add things like Stack Afterwards, etc.

    Hopefully this will help you optimize it for your raid group!

  • #87

    A good text editor is called "Notepad++". It's designed for programming, and has a setting for lua. Not that i program, basic "Hello World" is about my speed.

  • #11

    Thanks for the reply. I will try using one of those programs then...have no idea why Windows didn't immediately pick one of those programs since i have them all. Good work...will test this out tomorrow =P

    Thx again!


  • #3

    Does this also say whether to stack or spread out?

  • #5

    If you open the .lua file and follow the (easy) instructions, you can make it show stack/spread warnings with a few seconds work :)


    Last edited by GTaddons on 12/2/2011 2:06:10 PM
  • #2

    Great work. Helped my guild get Yor down pretty quick.

  • #1

    Used it in a guild run tonight, worked fantastic. Great work!

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