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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.4
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  • Updated 08/28/2012
  • Created 05/11/2009
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.8.12

About YssDrop

I am gone till august so i will not be able to update any of my addons till then. If something breakes and you think you can patch it feel free the repo should be open to anyone

this is a simple Broker Plugin for your Broker Launchers

basically by default when you hover over it it displays all your broker launchers in the tooltip which you may then interact with. You may also display other Broker plugins but i did not design it for that so your mileage may vary.

If your plugin list grows to big or you want to make the tooltip smaller it will add a scrollbar so that you can still get all your options

You do not need a broker display for this addon to work but you will have to turn on the minimap icon in the addon options.

Below is an example of how many launchers it got rid of for me


This display display does not support Secure frames/functions you will most likely get a Addon Blocked error if you try to use a BrokerPlugin via YssDrop that tries to call a secure function you will have to keep using without YssDrop and disable them from YssDrop if they keep causing addon Blocked errors

tag v1.8.12
Yssaril <-->
2012-08-28 13:40:29 -0500

Tagging as v1.8.12


    - toc update
    - toc update i guess i forgot


  • #10

    Got this lua error not sure which addon is causing it so I figured I'd give it to both of ya.  The left click on Broker_DuelSpec works fine when I hit the right the menu for it doesn't come up and I get the lua error.

    7x FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:838: DropDownList1:SetPoint(): Couldn"t find region named "Broker_DualSpecMenuFrameLeft"
    <in C code>
    FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:838: in function "ToggleDropDownMenu"
    Broker_DualSpec-v1.3\Core.lua:637: in function "OnClick"
    YssDrop\YssDrop-v1.8.12.lua:101: in function "_OnMouseUp_func"
    YssDrop-v1.8.12\libs\LibQTip-1.0\LibQTip-1.0-38.lua:1165: in function <YssDrop\libs\LibQTip-1.0\LibQTip-1.0.lua:1164>

    level = 1
    value = nil
    dropDownFrame = Broker_DualSpecMenuFrame {
     0 = <userdata>
     displayMode = "MENU"
     info = <table> {}
     initialize = <func> @Broker_DualSpec\Core.lua:45
    anchorName = nil
    xOffset = 0
    yOffset = 0
    menuList = nil
    button = nil
    autoHideDelay = nil
    listFrame = DropDownList1 {
     0 = <userdata>
     dropdown = InterfaceOptionsMousePanelClickMoveStyleDropDown {}
     numButtons = 4
     maxWidth = 193.00001525879
    listFrameName = "DropDownList1"
    tempFrame = Broker_DualSpecMenuFrame {
     0 = <userdata>
     displayMode = "MENU"
     info = <table> {}
     initialize = <func> @Broker_DualSpec\Core.lua:45
    point = "TOPLEFT"
    relativePoint = "BOTTOMLEFT"
    relativeTo = "Broker_DualSpecMenuFrameLeft"
    uiScale = 0.73142856359482
    uiParentScale = 0.73142856359482
    anchorFrame = nil
    UIDropDownMenuDelegate = <unnamed> {
     0 = <userdata>

  • #9
    Very useful addon.
    Still working for me.
    I haven't seen any updates on the author's addons since around January, 2011.
  • #8
    - The tooltips of the addons within the menu sometimes won't disappear.
    - The icon looks pretty bad with black bars, it would be awesome if it could be customized to use any in-game icon.
  • #6

    Some thoughts

    - I'd like an option to show the menu without needing to click on it.
    - I have a large screen, so a larger height might be useful .. if I ever get that many LDB addons. =)
  • #7
    you can make the tip bigger in its options (right click) as far as open on hover i don't want it myself but if you supply a decent patch for it i will put it in
  • #5
    Thank you I love this addon. I use Fubar and with my broker2Fubar and my tons of addons, I was able to eliminate one of the bars and the two I have left are the neats I've ever seen them. Thanks again this is great.
  • #4
    WOW. Best freakin' LDB AddOn ever? Quite possibly! I just recently made the hop over to LDB from FuBar and this is *exactly* what I needed. Simple, stable, pure awesome. :) Thanks for the work on this Yssaril, truly.
  • #3
    I love this plugin! You the man!
  • #2
    of course you can set 3 options per plugin atm
    enable (if checked it will show in the dropdown this is checked by default for all launchers)
    text (only really useful if you want to display non launchers and is checked by default for non launchers)
    label (label or name of the plugin this is checked for everything by default)

    you can also scale the tooltip

    thats pretty much it though
  • #1
    Cool, this sounds like it might be the answer I've been looking for to minimize all the space my launchers take up, and still use just one single display bar.

    I'm anxious to try it out! Any config options though? At the very least, the ability to define which launchers to include/exclude in the tooltip?
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