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Zelda loot

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 296 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.2
  • 90,505 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/05/2011
  • Created 10/10/2008
  • 105 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.062

About Zelda loot

ZeldaLoot Extended

Based on ZeldaLoot from Rickyk (abandoned now), a friend and I have decided to upgrade this addon we love in order to work with WoW patch 3.2 and other languages than english (see below). By the way, we decided to include new and high quality sounds, multiple language support, and even a graphical interface to tweak everything at your taste ! It will play zelda sounds when you loot a higher than common quality item, may be useful after rand sessions to know if you have won or just as a sound enhancement.

New features summary

  • Sounds

4 new sounds for different item qualities, from not common (green) to legendary (orange). Note inherited objects (linked to account) can play sound when received too (same as for legandaries items). Sounds provided by: Darth Killer, from Zelda Ocarina of Time (original from games), and Chrisgess, from Zelda Ocarina of Time Orchestrated album (, even higher sound quality !

  • Interface

New graphical interface: configure which sound you want and when: loot from enemies, received (letterbox, seller, etc), crafted (professions and some special items like Eternal Water). Settings will be saved between sessions for all your characters. Head to Interface -> AddOns menu for some nice tweaks.

  • Localization

English, french, spanish and deutch languages are supported, and you can write your own, see files in \Locale subdirectory

  • Thank you s

First, to Darth Killer (Piteh on Kirin Tor), he has given me many advices and some tool to build this addon ^.^

Ryckyk, for the main part of the addon

All members of the Seraphin guild (Kirin Tor), that helped me testing beta versions

And of course, to everybody using or will be using this ;)

== ZeldaLoot Extended ==

Minor update, including a new sound 'antispam' feature, avoiding multiple sounds to be
played at once. This is enabled by default.

Added master sword theme (TP), from feature request.

TOC update for patch 4.2

TOC update for patch 4.1

Minor code update:
Fix (I hope so ^^) for tickets #4 and #5
One more attempt to fix archaeology sounds after an item is crafted. This MAY explode at your head.

Massive code cleanup. Quite one third less of code !

Loot events are now locale-independant.
Currencies analysis routines fixed and improved.
Conquest points fixed, was misidentified as a PvE currency.
Basic archaeology support. Will sound when you find fragments.

More to come, planned but slightly delayed as I don't have much time these days...

Tabbed configuration UI
Ignore list
Make sounds ring e.g. once for a similar item, once per minute, etc to avoid some sort of auditive spam.

Known bug: if you don't get the configuration panel after typing /zle, please install BlizzBugsSuck ( ).

Russian locale fixed.

Attempt to fix lua errors.
Russian locale added (thanks makspeone)

Added experimental support for looting tokens/currencies: Justice points, Honor points, champion's seal, and many others.

TOC update for patch 4.0.1 .
Add-on code and files copied from v2.021b .

Put back the /zle command.
Fixed OOT and TP sounds.

Switch from .wav to .ogg files as PlaySoundFile() doesn't support wav anymore on the PTR.
Minor code improvements and code fixes for Cataclysm PTR

Put back the /zle command.

Minor code improvements to prepare Cataclysm release.

- v2.01
Fixed checkboxes, did not save options.

- v2.0
New configuration UI: Now located in Interface -> AddOns menu
Much improved configuration UI. Well... you may see by yourself ^^
New functionnality: each sound can use a different sound set.
Some minor fixes and code improvements.
Added Interface v4.0 compatibility metatag.

Not tested (not yet hehe...) in Cataclysm beta but I guess it will work the same way.

- v1.16
Added Twilight Princess sound set.
Sound for legendary objects is a mix from game soundtracks.

- v1.15.2
Another attempt to fix the german locale.

- v1.15.1
Hotfix for "undefined variables" making the gui impossible to show and no sound at all. Works fine now, enjoy =)

- v1.15
New sound set, from Ocarina of Time Orchestrated (thanks to Chrisgess), small UI modifications to switch sets.
Sounds moved to \Sounds\Sets subdirectory. You may want to delete \*.wav old sound files in order to get back some disk space.
UTF-8 special characters fix for Spanish (I hope it still works).

- v1.14
Deutch translation added (thanks to Wasurenbou)
Sound format changed from WMA to WAV in order to try to make the addon work on Mac.

- v1.13
Changed max interface version to 3.3 .

- v1.12.01
Spanish translation, take 2, works fine now. (No, really !!)

- v1.12
Added spanish translation (thanks to Chaarisa).

- v1.11
Fixed a potential bug with unhandled languages. Now redirects to english (enUS locale).
Attempt to fix the loot event handler.

- v1.1
Initial release


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  • #96
    Will this be updated to work with 4.0.1? I mean in the sense that, right now i find no way to change the settings since the Interface/Addons settings screen is absent :(
  • #98
    You're sure ?

    Because here's what I have on the live:

    Well, if the regular way doesn't work, try /zle .

    Please detail more if you think you found something wrong.
  • #95
    "Will this be getting updated for 4.0? this was one of my facorite addons"

    The last update is currenly working with 4.0.1 . Yes, yes, I forgot to change internel version number, it's still shown as 2.021b ^^

    "I was wondering if it is possible to put a limit on how many times it can play in a certain time span. I find I have to turn off this addon whenever I check mail or disenchant items."

    Yes, this is planned. But my top priority is to enable sounds when justice/honor points, or any currency (jewelry token of dalaran, champion seal, etc) is loot. Well... I just don't know how for now...

  • #94
    I was wondering if it is possible to put a limit on how many times it can play in a certain time span. I find I have to turn off this addon whenever I check mail or disenchant items.

    Ideally I am thinking if there would be an internal countdown (that could be set by users) after the last time a sound was played that it will not play a sound/that sound again until the time specified has elapsed. or it could reset each time a new item of that level is acquired for say, 10 seconds without a new item of that level until it plays again.
    Let me know, I know very little of scripting but would like to help however I can for this fun addon!
  • #93
    Will this be getting updated for 4.0? this was one of my facorite addons
  • #91
    I'm having a small issue, not sure if it was just an issue with the download or not, but the OoT Ochestrated files and the Twilight Princess files are the same, except two of the TP sounds are smaller in filesize. o.o
  • #92
    Indeed in v2.02b there are some files duplicates, I don't know where this come from. And TP sound for blue items is truncated...

    Fixed with the next update :)

    By the way I'm putting back the /zle commmand for v1.x nostalgics ^^
  • #90
    Tested Zelda Loot today with Cataclysm PTR: doesn't work at all. It seems this.*** is now something forbidden :s

    *edit sept. 23rd*

    PlaySoundFile() doesn't seem to work anymore with wav file, I will use .ogg instead.
    Because .ogg are not currently playable on live servers, I upload two version:

    - v2.011 : official release for the Live.
    - v2.02b : bĂȘta release for PTR only.

    Please activate bĂȘta releases in Curse client if you need a PTR version.

    On the other hand, using .ogg files makes the addon size fall from 11MB to 2MB ^^
  • #89
    Checkboxes fixed, should work fine now ^^

    (Err... I forgot something, somewhere... xD)
  • #87
    it saves sound choices, but is not saving anything when I try to check/uncheck variables in green/blue/purple etc... Is there an "apply" button that I'm missing or so? no matter what I do, it's not saving :-)
  • #88
    Well, I'll see that. Thanks for reporting.
  • #85
    All is cool, but why it's not saving options? At all? ;-)
  • #86
    Why does it do saving options for me ? :o

    Try removing wtf\Account\\SavedVariables\ZeldaLoot_Extended.lua .
  • #83
    v2.0 is on the rails, I am refactoring many things, especially the configuration UI.
    ByeBye WowAddonStudio, just a "say hello to my little friend !"-like to XML files. A bit bigger but much, much better.
    And as many of you have requested, you can choose which sound you want separately :)

    Stay tuned !

    PS: thank you everyone, and you, link-clickers, testers, downloaders from everywhere to make me receive my Author Cataclysm Beta-key. Muhahaha.

    As far as I know, Zelda Loot will work well for the next extension so it is now labelled "Interface 4.0 ready" :)
  • #84
    AddOns menu.

    I'll probably add a SlashCommand in the next update.
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