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Consisting of the most sought after online game enthusiast websites on the planet, Curse complements the core gaming experience with editorial, video, databases, wikis, forums, and add-ons. The close connection between our properties and the games they enhance present new opportunities for advertisers to engage this coveted audience. Curse delivers innovative ideas within robust ad solutions and encourages amplification with turnkey custom programs. Take your advertising to the next level with Curse!

Core Sites is the premier portal for MMO games providing MMO news and community features such as forums and blogs. Curse is also the #1 destination for addons, which extend and enhance gameplay. In addition, serves as the portal to all other Curse sites assisting players in reaching their destination.

MMO-Champion is the #1 resource for World of Warcraft on the web. Its combination of daily news updates, patch and beta coverage, highly coveted features such as the Blizzard Blue Post Tracker and World of Warcraft Talent Calculator, and the largest third-party discussion forum in the world, make it the single best destination for any player looking to discuss or learn about World of Warcraft.

Wowpedia is the premiere wiki resource for World of Warcraft, providing players with in-depth information on anything and everything Azeroth. Through its vast collection of pages, players can look up background information, tips, tricks, and much more to help them perform at their best and fully understand the Warcraft universe.

Arena Junkies is a destination website for World of Warcraft PVP players. Arena Junkies has statistical tracking of WoW Arena teams, as well as tools to help prepare your character for PVP gameplay. The site also has an active community to discuss strategies and write guides for players.

Minepedia (aka the Minecraft Wiki) is the ultimate source for information related to Minecraft. The publically accessible wiki provides everything from an explanation of the various game modes and features to detailed information on the various blocks available and crafting recipes.

Minecraft Forums is the largest discussion destination for Minecraft. Players discuss the latest Minecraft news, various game modes, servers, maps, and mods. In addition, they share their own fan art and skins.

Zybez is the #1 community for Runescape, which is recognized as the world’s most popular free MMO. It is also one of the most popular games online for ‘tweens (core audience 9-17).

Plus many other database, community and wiki sites.