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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1.7.9-R0.1
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  • Updated 06/10/2014
  • Created 10/30/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
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About CraftZ

CraftZ - Massive DayZ Mod Recreation In Minecraft

What is CraftZ?

The story behind this plugin:

A virus has broken out and almost the whole population has mutated into zombies. Only a few people have survived. You are one of them and have to fight masses of zombies!

But not only zombies are your problem: Most players are not friendly, because they want your stuff. The first rule is: Don't trust anyone!


Progress: 30/40 = 75%

Not implemented yet | Implemented and working

Everything is configurable and the most things can be disabled if you don't want them.

Spawnpoints for zombies, made with signs (read "Documentation")
Automated zombie spawning (optional)
Zombies don't burn at day
No other monsters can spawn
Zombie drops are configurable, e.g. they also drop arrows by default
The world that you decide to use is separate from all the other ones, don't worry about CraftZ modifying your whole server.
Sugar gives you an adrenaline rush which makes you run faster
Loot chests with item lists and configurable refill properties (read "Documentation")
Random spawns for players (read "Documentation")
Chat is modified to look a lot more like the DayZ one
(Includes optional ranged chat for more realistic communication)
Thirst (the exp level) (drains faster in the desert!)
No health regen, you get some health by eating food
World protection (players and natural)
Chance of being poisoned by zombies, can be cured with antibiotics
Bleeding and bandages to cure it
Blood bags to get health
Lobby to start in before you go ingame
Items are named differently (e.g. paper = bandage)
Zombies are faster and deal more damage
Customize zombies (speed, damage, health)
Cobwebs can be used as barriers (removeable with toolboxes (shears)!)
A world border that is infected very much so a player will die if he / she stays there for some time, useful to keep the world at a specified size
Grenades, throw an enderpearl and it will explode!
Right click a tree with an iron axe to harvest wood
An option that doesn't allow the server to generate new chunks
A per-player scoreboard displays the stats (e.g. zombie kills, minutes survived)
Real-life time, if it's night in the real world it is night in Minecraft and if it's day in the real world it's day in Minecraft
You can break your bones if you fall from a high place, can be healed
If you die, a villager zombie spawns with your things
A bar that shows your visibility to zombies (the xp bar), the zombies will attack you depending on how much the bar shows
A fireplace (can be made with the harvested wood), useful for lighting up the night and maybe for cooking meat [next update]
Cars for driving around
Temperature and sickness if you get too cold
A backpack for more inventory
Spawning of animals to get food (very rare)
Kits, probably with permissions so you can make VIP kits etc.
An easy way to configure loot chests
You can group up, and the whole group will spawn at the same point.
Permanent list of best player scores
Supports FlatFile (.yml), MySQL and SQLite (currently only FlatFile)
If you have a suggestion for another feature, feel free to post a comment below!

Plugin incompatibilities

This plugin doesn't work properly with a few other plugins:

  • If you have problems with player spawning, you maybe have to uninstall or reconfigure Essentials (possible solution: Comment #324)
  • If you have problems with zombie spawning and you are using WorldGuard, be sure to uninstall it or to set "block-plugin-spawning: false" inside its configuration.


CSTAT made a video explaining how the world setup works:

Thanks to Wukkit for this nice tutorial!

Example Servers

(Please submit your server IP, I might join to check and then put it here!)

Please visit Updating!

  • Changed: No longer requires Java 7, went back to Java 6 so you should be able to play CraftZ on any device now.
  • Changed: CraftZ now uses UUIDs to prepare for the Mojang name changes. Also, CraftZ player data is a lot smaller. Converter is built-in.
  • Added/Changed: The zombie visibility checker now actually does something! You only attract zombies in the range expressed by the EXP bar.
  • Changed: Only natural mob spawning is blocked now, plugins can spawn anything they want.
  • Changed: "Kick on death" is now disabled by default. Also, a kick bypass permission was added.
  • Added: You can get pre-written signs with "/craftz sign <line2> <line3> <line4>". Plunk them down, click OK, and the text appears.
  • Added: Put a %c% in the third line of a lootchest sign to automatically let CraftZ detect a chest above or below the sign, so you don't have to investigate the y-coord if chest is already there.
  • Added: You can modify the front-end prefix.
  • Added: Mini zombies as well as grenades can be disabled.
  • Changed: When your legs are broken, you can't sprint.
  • Fixed: Server reloading doesn't break CraftZ.
  • Fixed: Block checking algorithm was improved -> auto zombie spawning now works correctly.
  • Fixed: World border not working at all.
  • Fixed: Loot chests can't be created. If you somehow manage to, they are empty.
  • Fixed: "/craftz spawn" sometimes not working.
  • Fixed: Survived minutes calculated inside of thirst calculation.
  • Fixed: When death zombie and death kick are turned off, items are kept by dying players
  • Changed: Also death zombies are now equipped via the config.
  • Fixed: loot.yml contents are replaced with messages.yml contents.
  • Added: Support for Bukkit item names (e.g., iron_ingot) is now included. You can still use the old ID format, but I would definitely recommend abandoning it!
  • Changed: The thirst is now configurable. Also, you can change its drain amount for the desert separately.
  • Added: Toolbox (shears). Allows players to cut cobwebs.
  • Added: Loot signs now support directions for the resulting chest to face in (n, s, e, w).
  • Added: The CraftZ world's chat can be separated from all the other worlds and vice-versa.
  • Changed: Zombies spawned with eggs are now equipped, too.
  • Changed: When a sign is written wrongly, it does now output more information about what is actually wrong instead of throwing out "Sign is not complete!". Because the messages are not translatable yet, this feature can also be disabled.
  • Fixed: Lobby not saved when doing '/craftz setlobby'
  • Fixed: Lobby in different world makes CraftZ unusable
  • Fixed: Wrong message when doing '/craftz spawn'
B11-S (snapshot)
  • Fixed: Respawn sometimes not working
  • Added: Ranged chat (disabled by default)
  • Zombies are now slower and deal less damage by default
  • Added: Zombie properties (speed, damage, health)
  • Added: Information on how to get started when running CraftZ for first time
  • Lobby can be in a different world than the main one (might be buggy)
  • More code optimization
  • Fixed many problematic bugs
  • Added: Zombie spawns with your name and your inventory when you die
  • A lot of code optimization (compare file size!)
  • Added possibility to disable kick on death
  • Fixed realtime
  • Added bone breaking
  • 1.6 version finally, I know you've been waiting long - but here it is!
  • Scoreboard displays personal statistics
  • Added horses to the list of blocked entities, means that they won't spawn naturally.
  • Added an option to disable generation of new chunks.
  • Added possibilty to disable grass growth (dirt-to-grass)
  • Added the Zombie Smasher (/craftz smasher)
  • Due to a dramatic problem, the visual bleeding effect is disabled for now.

For older versions, please go to the respective files.

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