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Custom Server Messages

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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • 31,231 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/11/2014
  • Created 09/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: CustomServerMessages v4.2.1
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About Custom Server Messages

Custom Server Messages

Custom Server Messages | csm

With csm you can redefine the default Bukkit/Minecraft-server messsages.
(For example: whitelist message, join message, block /plugin message, and much more)


  • Define the join/leave-message in a simple config
  • Define the "You are not on the Whitelist Message"
  • Block Commands (for users, with permissions) like /plugins or /version (and more...)
  • Define the messages if a user try to use a blocked Command
  • You can disable the Messages by type ''
  • With this Plugin, you can translate your server into your own language.
  • Now with Deathmessages
  • now a log.yml (it logs all csm events, commands and deaths)
  • If you have a other idea, write it in the Commands =]

Colour Codes

CustomServerMessages work with this Colour Codes:


&k - Random
&l - Bold
&m - Striked
&n - Underlined
&o - Italics
&r - Reset
&nl - new line
%player to get the player name
%message to get the command message (say/me command)

Klick here for more information about the ColourCodes!

Example Config

    AutoVersionCheck: true
    AutoDownload: true
    Enable: true
    Message: '&6%player &9joined the game!'
    Enable: true
    Delay: 2
    Message: '&9Welcome %player to the Server!'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&6%player &9left the game!'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&6You are not on the Whitelist!'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&1Sorry. &6The Server is full, try &4127.0.0.1&6!'
    Enable: true
    - §3This is a motd!
    - §7Thanks for using CustomServerMessages!
    - §6Change this in the config.yml!
    Enable: true
    Message: '&b[Server]&6(%player)&f:&c %message'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&6%player &4>>> &b%message'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&4Only &lAdmins&r&4 can see the Plugins!'
    Enable: true
    Message: 'Version: &6MyServer 2.0!'
    Enable: true
    Message: '&fYou &4dont have Permissions&r to see the Seed!'
  Enable: true
    Drowned: '&6%player &9drowned'
      Pigman: '&6%player &9was slain by Zombie Pigman'
      Zombie: '&6%player &9was slain by Zombie'
      Spider: '&6%player &9was slain by Spider'
      Silverfish: '&6%player &9was slain by Silverfish'
      Slime: '&6%player &9was slain by Slime'
      MagmaCube: '&6%player &9was slain by Magma Cube'
      Enderman: '&6%player &9was slain by Enderman'
      EnderDragon: '&6%player &9was slain by EnderDragon'
      CaveSpider: '&6%player &9was slain by CaveSpider'
      IronGolem: '&6%player &9was slain by IronGolem'
      Wolf: '&6%player &9was slain by Wolf'
      Giant: '&6%player &9was slain by Giant'
      Wither: '&6%player &9was slain by Wither'
      Skeleton: '&6%player &9was shot by Skeleton'
      Blaze: '&6%player &9was fireballed by Blaze'
      Ghast: '&6%player &9was fireballed by Ghast'
      Witch: '&6%player &9was slain by Witch'
      WitherSkeleton: '&6%player &9was slain by WitherSkeleton'
    HitTheGround: '&6%player &9hit the ground too hard'
    Void: '&6%player &9fell out of the world'
    SwimLava: '&6%player &9tried to swim in lava'
    WentFlames: '&6%player &9went up in flames'
    BurnedDeath: '&6%player &9burned to death'
    BlewUp: '&6%player &9blew up'
    Magic: '&6%player &9was killed by magic'
    Suffocated: '&6%player &9suffocated in a wall'
    Pricked: '&6%player &9was pricked to death'
    Starved: '&6%player &9starved to death'
    ShotArrow: '&6%player &9was shot by arrow'
    Withered: '&6%player &9withered away'
    Died: '&6%player &9died'
    HurtSkeleton: '&6%player &9was killed while trying to hurt Skeleton'
    HurtZombie: '&6%player &9was killed while trying to hurt Zombie'

German Example Config: *click*


/CustomServerMessages and /csm are the same.

/csm a overview about all Commands
/csm info some info about csm
/csm author some info about the author
/csm reload reloads the config

Permissions permission for /me
csm.command.say permission for /say

The following Permissions coming back, soon!

csm.ignore ignore the block for the commands like /plugins
csm.reload gives permissions to the /reload command


German Tutorial Video for ColouredMotd and CustomServerMessages (by GermanBukkit):

i need a english video... if you made one contact me on youtube (link below) per email (below) or wirte me a pm on


CustomServerMessages uses an Auto Updater. This means that new Versions will be downloaded automaticly, by default. You can disable this option in the config.yml!

The plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server You can disable it in the Metrics config.


E-Mail: [email protected]

Skype: MrKrisKrisu

Website: *click*

michidk is no longer active for this Plugin. In the future, i will update the plugin.
v4.2.1 Changelog:
  • [Bugfix] Creeper Deathmessage
  • [Bugfix] Player Deathmessage
  • [Bugfix] "fell from a high place" Deathmessage
  • [Bugfix] disable join- and leave message now dont remove the messages
  • [Bugfix] Fixed Bug with motd list
v4.2 Changelog:
  • [+] Join Message (only to Player) added
  • [+] Motd Changer - You can now give your server more than one motd. If you fill in more than one, a randomly will be shown.
  • [Bugfix] removed Debug message on drowning

Please delete you old config.yml!

  • [+] DeathMessages added
  • [+] McStats added
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