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  • Minecraft
  • 138 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • 8,784 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/22/2014
  • Created 08/16/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: DarkMythos-v0.1.9
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About DarkMythos

Imagine you're excavating an area for a new house and suddenly a book appears and thunder booms from the sky. You've just found a lost spell book but only the gods know what kind of spell book it will be.

Will it be Demeter's Spell of Botanical Maturity? Hephaestus' Spell of Diamond Touch? Feather Touch or Creature Thief? Or any of dozens more?

Pick up your spell book quickly before someone else takes it, and store it for later. When you're ready to use it, follow its instructions on use but beware: The Gods have also cursed some of the spell books but the only way to know is to activate the spells.

If you do find a cursed spell book, pray that it's a minor curse - like a few health points lost or poison. For the truly unlucky, your spell book may contain the ultimate curse - a brutal death.


How to Use

Spell books come from digging in grass/dirt, sand/gravel, they fall from cut logs and leaves, or from stone. Some even fall from killed entities. When they do, you'll see a chat notice, hear thunder, and see an enchanted book fall.

The spell books will give an idea on what they do by their own content. We're working on adding instructions to each. However, must will be activated with a left-click on something they apply to.


  • Demeter - God of Horticulture/Botany
  • Artemis - Goddess of wilderness, the hunt, creatures
  • Hephaestus - God of fire, metalworking, stonemasonry, sculpture and volcanism
  • Ares - God of war, bloodlust, violence
  • Hades - God of the undead, riches, and the afterlife
  • Apollo - God of music, healing, plague, the sun, prophecies, poetry, and archery


From Excavation

  • Botanical Maturity - Use to auto-grow saplings, wheat, melon, or pumpkin. With a diamond block enhancer, it will attempt to grow an entire connected area of crops. Found in grass and dirt.
  • Iron Touch - Use to turn any block into an iron block. Found in grass and dirt.
  • Gold Touch - Use to turn any block into a gold block. Found in grass, dirt, sand, and gravel.
  • Mycelium Touch - Use to turn a dirt block into mycelium. Found in dirt.
  • Feather Touch - Use to copy any block into your inventory. Every diamond block in your inventory (up to five) multiplies the number of copies made. For example, with five diamond blocks in your inventory, you may make five copies of any block. However, your chances of a fatal curse increase to 50%.
  • Skeleton Summoner - Summons a skeleton. Found in grass and dirt.
  • Full Heal- Restores your hunger and your health. Found in grass and dirt.
  • Universal Heal - Restores hunger and health for everyone in your world. Found in soul sand.
  • Stack Stealer - Hit most natural non-ore overworld blocks to steal a stack. Carry an emerald block to steal nine stacks, but beware a much higher chance of curse. Found in all the blocks it works on, mostly grass, sand, dirt, stone, cobble, wood, sandstone, etc.
  • Red Roses - Converts all yellow flowers into red roses. Found in red roses.
  • Cow Transformer - Transform a normal cow into a mooshroom. Found in mushrooms and mycelium.
  • Sheep Shear - Use up to fifteen times to efficiently shear a sheep. Found in grass.

From Mining

  • Lapis Touch - Use to turn a stone block into a lapis block. Found in stone.
  • Diamond Touch - Use to turn a stone block into a diamond block. Found in stone.
  • Pick Summoner - Gives you a pickaxe of iron/gold/diamond when used on ores of those types. Found in iron, gold, diamond, ores.
  • Villager Summoner - Spawns two villagers. Found in sandstone.
  • Zeus' Bolt - Creates lightning all around you. Found in gold and lapis ores.
  • InstaSmelt - Hit a furnace to instantly cook them. Found in coal ore, furnaces, logs.
  • Emerald Touch - Used to turn stone into an emerald block. Found in stone.
  • Obsidian Pool - Turns a lava pool into obsidian. Found in obsidian.

From Woodcutting

  • Exraction - Extracts green dye from cactus, planks from logs, glass from sand. Five uses by default. Found in the items it's used in.
  • Tree Feller - Breaks a tree/leaves with one hit. Found in log and leaves.
  • Armor Enchanter - Rare spell that enchants your armor. Found in gravel and leaves

From Mobs

  • Creature Thief - Steals a creature. Turns a living mob into a mob egg in your inventory.
  • Creature Banisher - Erases a creature from existence. Diamond block modifer erases all same-type mobs within 20 blocks.
  • Creature Cooker - Provides already-cooked meat when used on animals.
  • Creature Launcher - Launches mobs sky-high.
  • Mob Repel - Makes all mobs within a radius of 50 blocks fly away from you.
  • Zombie Healer - Cures a zombie of whatever makes him so. Found when killing zombies.
  • Mob Repel - Repels mobs within 50 blocks.

From Other

  • Mooshroomification - Grows any planted small mushroom into a mooshroom.


  • Health Damage - Damages your health.
  • Poison - Poisons you.
  • Kill - Kills you. If happens when you used a diamond block for a spell modifier, you lose your inventory.
  • Lose XP - You lose all XP.
  • Explosion - You die from an explosion
  • Falling - You're rocketed to the top of the map and may die from the fall.
  • Smite - You're smited.
  • Ignition - You're set on fire.
  • Inventory Curse - You lose a random item from your inventory besides the spell book.
  • Zombie Appearance - Zombies appear before you.
  • Armor Destroyer - Destroys some, if not all, of your armor
  • Suffocation Curse - Depletes your air. If above water, you'll survive.
  • Dirt Rich Curse - Gives you an entire inventory full of dirt. Sadly, there's no room of anything else.
  • Mob Attack - Sends mobs flying your way.
  • Blindness - Obstructs your vision.
  • Creeper Rain - Rains a few creepers upon you.


  • Apollo's Sword Artifact - Drops a sword with random durability
  • Artemis Bow Artifact - Drops a bow with random durability along with several arrows


  • /dm reload - Reloads configuration
  • /dm conjure [book title] Spawns a spell book. Primarily for developer use.


  • - May receive spells, artifacts from blocks, entities, etc.
  • darkmythos.spells.use - May use a found spell on a block/entity
  • darkmythos.admin - Allows use of admin commands, like config reload.
  • darkmythos.* - All permissions, even admin

Get Help

IRC: #dhmc_us


  • viveleroi (Creator, Lead Dev)
  • jasonbbb711 (Contributor)
  • RocketRidah (Contributor)
  • yllom001 (Contributor)
  • All of the amazing players on who use and test the plugin
  • Metrics class Copyright 2011 Tyler Blair. All rights reserved.
  • Tree Feller logic borrowed and modified from McMMO under the GNU License, author nossr50.


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which, if enabled, anonymously tracks the following about your server at A unique identifier, server java version, online mode, plugin & server versions, OS version/name and architecture, cpu core count, player counts.

This information is used purely to help inform our technical decisions and boost our egos with how many people are enjoying our work.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Version 0.1.9
- Better help info on invalid command
- Adding simple /dm ? command
- You may no longer us Minecraft's book copy feature to copy DM written books
- Minor code cleanup
- Stack stealer should work on new logs
- Note: Due to a bukkit bug, tree feller will not currently work on the 1.7 trees:
- -


  • Minor fix for 1.6 compatibility


  • Fixing problems with prism hooks when prism not available.

Version 0.1.8

  • Updated metrics class
  • Implementing custom events using the Prism 1.5 API (only if you use Prism):

Prism is an event tracking/rollback plugin - version 1.5 supports custom events from other plugins, so that prism users can see those events in the prism logs, and even use the action types in lookups, etc.

DarkMythos has the following action types:

dm-spell-found, dm-spell-used, dm-player-cursed, dm-artifact-found

Version 0.1.7/
- Minor compat with 1.4.7
- Fixing summoner spells to spawn mobs on top of blocks, not in them.
- Allowing villager summoner to be used on any block type
- Changed cow transformer spell to spawn from mooshrooms, work on cows
- Adding Mooshroomification spell. Turns a mushroom into a mooshroom. Kinda for VortexBuilder3.
- Disallowed rewarding players for killing mobs from spawners
- Adding a new spell_chance_range_entities config option so you can adjust chances for spells from mob kills, since you break WAY more blocks than kill mobs.
- Using 1.4 custom item names for artifacts.
- Adding custom name for picks from PickSummoner

- Fixed NPE on dropping books with entities
- Minor book drop code refactor

- Correct fatal bug that blocked books from actually dropping. Oops

- Now using Bukkit's BookMeta API instead of old custom one. REQUIRES craftbukkit 2545+

- Adding /dm list for darkmythos.admin.*, shows all book titles for use in /dm conjure
- Disabling spell discovery / use when player is in creative

- Disabled dirt rich curse on inventory click, just too many complaints

- Minor bug fixes

- Spell/curse toggle configs now work.
- Added artifact configs.
- Various internal cleanup.
- Botanical Maturity now working.
- German translation (thanks to RasCas,
- DirtRich curse now works properly with player inventories
- Fixed Skeleton Summoner not working
- Fixed thunder not sounding when books drop from entities
- Thunder only called in normal worlds, not the nether/end
- Fixed FeatherTouch modifier not working
- Fixed TreeFeller spell not working

- Minor modifications to Armor spell, creature launcher
- Added whitelist of blocks for Feather Touch

Verson 0.1.6
- Added plugin use metrics with MCstats
- Added Emerald Touch spell
- Added Cow Transformer Spell
- Added Blindness Curse
- Added Sheep Shear Spell
- Added Obsidian Pool Spell

Version 0.1.5
- Added base command for admins (really, developers) to spawn spell books
- Added creature launcher spell for collindude ;).
- Added instant smelting spell.
- Smelting spell works as fuel in a furnace.
- Add a possibility for DirtRichCurse when placing spell books into a chest. Eight times the chances of standard curses.
- Added red roses spell.
- Added zombie healing spell.
- Added Mob Attack curse
- Added Creeper Rain Curse
- Added Mob Repel Spell
- Cleaned up curse weights and switched them over to the newer RNG
- Added curse weights to configs, placeholder enable toggles

Version 0.1.4
- Adding better handling of missing language files
- Minor cleanup of debug statements
- /dm reload now works from console
- Fixed skeleton summoner
- Added mycel touch
- Added stack stealer spell
- Added placeholder spell toggle configs
- Added spell weights to configs
- Tweaked isUsedOn so we can display a message for spells being used incorrectly
- Added Extraction spell, with a default five uses.
- Added system to allow spell books a greater number of uses.

Version 0.1.3
- Switched to a new random number generator, as well as how we invoke/use it.
- Fixed some configuration loading issues
- Added triggers for blockbreak/place events, so other plugins can record/deny changes.

Version 0.1.2
- Adding dirt rich curse

Version 0.1.1
- Added config reload command
- Added lapis touch spell
- Added villager summoner spell
- Added universal health spell

Version 0.1
- Initial version. Several spells, curses, and artifacts.


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