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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: 1.8.1
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  • Updated 01/08/2015
  • Created 02/27/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.2.1
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About DiscoSheep+


Fluffy mammal parties for Bukkit servers.

A continuation of DiscoSheep by Enedok.


DiscoSheep+ allows you to spawn parties for you and your friends consisting of multi-colored sheep and uninvited guests (Creepers and Ghasts)! Music and rhythmic lighting are included for your enjoyment.

Permissions - Can throw a party without a permit. - Player can spawn party at a single location. - Player can spawn party at many locations.
discosheep.sheep - Allows spawning of Sheep.
discosheep.creeper - Allows spawning of Creeper.
discosheep.ghast - Allows spawning of Ghast.
discosheep.stop - Stop a party.
discosheep.color - Toggles multicolored Sheep. - View help information. - Plugin usage allowed through Vault payments.
discosheep.permit - Can grant a player one free usage of the plugin.
dscosheep.reload - Reload the configuration file.


/ds color - Toggle multicolored sheep.
/ds party - Throw all players a party!
/ds party p:Notch t:30 s:10 c:3 g:1 - Throw Notch a 30-second party with 3 Creepers and a Ghast.
/ds stop - Stop a party immediately.
/ds buy - Purchase a single usage of the plugin until server reload if enabled in config.
/ds permit <player> - Give a player the ability to use the plugin once until server reload.
/ds reload - Reload the configuration file.


Commits are welcome on Github!

Check here for more information. If reporting a bug or suggesting a feature, please file a ticket.

[F] Fix for Ticket 8 (better late than never!).

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