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  • Supports: CB 1.4.7-R1.0
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  • Updated 03/02/2013
  • Created 04/10/2012
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  • Newest File: v1.5.1
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About FishingTournament


FishingTournament is a plugin which lets admins and moderators organize more easily fishing events.

Download - Please report bugs!


You need a recent build of craftbukkit. All recent builds are downloadable here. You have to install the latest version of WorldEdit, because the selection of the fishing areas is done by this plugin. Vault is required too!!


The installation is quite simple: place FishingTournament.jar in your plugins directory and restart or reload your server. The configuration file and the default language file (en_US.yml) are situated in the FishingTournament directory. Language files available: fr_FR.yml, pl_PL.yml (thanks to Holls1!).


  • Allows you to define (and remove) fishing areas for tournaments. You need WorldEdit to do the selections!
  • You can define rewards for the winner and for participation with simple commands.
  • You can start fishing events in a defined area. All the fish caught in this area are counted.
  • Another command allows you to stop the tournament in progress and shows the scores.
  • You can at any time show again the scores of the last tournament with another command.
  • Then, admins and moderators have a command to reset the stats (But the stats are automatically reset when you stop the server or when you start a new tournament).
  • Another command is finally used to stop the tournament and give the rewards.
  • You can add a fish limit or a time limit to automatically end the tournament.
  • MySQL support for stats (see configuration section to learn more about it).
  • You can configure weekly tournaments too.


  • /fish define <area> - To define a fishing area after having made a WorldEdit selection. You don't have to WorldEdit Define an entire region of water as your fishing pool. Just the area the player needs to be standing in order to qualify for catches. Saved in the config file.
  • /fish remove <area> - To remove a specified area.
  • /fish list - To get a list of the fishing areas defined.
  • /fish go <area> - To start a fishing tournament in the specified area. If a time limit or a fish limit has been defined, it will stop automatically.
  • /fish stop - To stop the tournament in progress and show the score of each player.
  • /fish stats - To show the scores of the last tournament.
  • /fish reset - To reset the stats. The stats are automatically reset when you stop the server.
  • /fish listrew - To get a list of the defined rewards.
  • /fish addrew <name> <itemid> <amount> <data> - To add a reward. Type "participation" as name if you want the reward to be given to all the players who are participating to the tournament. Example: /fish addrew JungleWood 5 32 3 will give 32 blocks of Jungle wood! What's more, you can type "0" as "itemid" if you want to give money as reward! Saved in the config file.
  • /fish remrew <name> - To remove a reward.
  • /fish setfishlimit <limit> - To set a fish limit. Saved in the config file.
  • /fish settimelimit <limit> - To set a time limit (minutes). Saved in the config file.

Permissions nodes

By default, you must be op to use all the commands. But Vault is used so that the most used permission systems work with FishingTournament. Here are the permission nodes for the commands:

  • ft.*:
  • ft.define - /fish define
  • ft.remove - /fish remove
  • ft.list - /fish list
  • ft.go - /fish go
  • ft.stop - /fish stop
  • ft.stats - /fish stats
  • ft.reset - /fish reset
  • ft.listrew - /fish listrew
  • ft.addrew - /fish addrew
  • ft.remrew - /fish remrew
  • ft.setfishlimit - /fish setfishlimit
  • ft.settimelimit - /fish settimelimit


During a tournament, when a player catches a fish, a message is sent to all the players. You can disable it by setting "false" to the "messagewhenfishcaught" parameter in the configuration section "messages" of the configuration file. (it is "true" by default).

  • Weekly tournaments: To enable weekly fishing tournaments, you need to set a time limit and/or a fish limit ! The configuration file section concerned here is "weeklytournaments". Here are the default values:
weeklytournaments_enabled: false // It means that weekly tournaments are disabled by default...
    area: nameofarea // The name of the fishing area...
    day: 5 // 0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, 5 = Friday...
    hour: 21
    min: 30 
    area: nameofarea2
    day: 0
    hour: 17
    min: 0
  • MySQL support: For now, the system sends the last stats in the table "last_statistics" of the database. But it is disabled by default. You must import the table "last_statistics" with this SQL file and then edit this configuration section to set it up:
  enabled: false
  host: localhost
  port: '3306'
  dbname: fishingtournament
  username: admin
  password: admin

And here is an example of a web page using the informations from this table: Web example

Don't hesitate to make suggests or remarks!

No need to update if you're not using the reward system !
FIXED: Giving rewards now work properly. Thanks to Kolgrath for having reported it ! If you have set rewards with the previous version, you must delete the apostrophes in the config file for each reward.
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