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Money From Mobs (Party Extensions)

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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1337
  • 10,709 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/27/2011
  • Created 11/01/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Heroes Party Extension (Money from Mobs)
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About Money From Mobs (Party Extensions)

Heroes Party Extension

I have written this little mod to extend the current 1.3 version of Heroes (Which may or may not be available to the public) I have no clue if the creators for Heroes plan on adding a reward for mob kill function in their code at some point.

What this does

Simply it gives a reward to heros for killing mobs, currently this reward has been tested with only money (not items) with iConomy6. If the hero is in a group, and the setting are properly set, the reward will be divided evenly as possible (with remainder going to killer, if using whole numbers) to all members of the party, party size is unlimited as far as I know, only limited as much as Heroes.


  • Works with all econ plugins that are supported by Register
  • Give money to players for kills
  • Group shared earnings
  • Fully MultiWorld compatible, Different rewards, different worlds and different group bonuses.
  • Works with or without Heroes

Optional Dependencies

  • Heroes 1.3


  • Register 1.5

To Do

  • Extra Mob Drops
  • Camp Testing/Disabling
  • Add default config.yml to jar file (next release it is 4:30am) for now download at here
  • Add reward for PvP kills
  • Add timer for PvP spawn protection
  • Add regions for PvP protection, idea is they can stay for x amount of time and can't use again for x amount of time or they died.
  • Hook into worldguard to offer regions with higher bonus amount/no payments/etc
November 27 2011, 10:10pm
  • Fixed strange error that no player would get paid
  • Fixed to softdepend on Heroes (if heroes is broken, like now, it still works for single players)
  • Cleaned up some code, refactored a few bits.
  • Still have not added a default config. but will do soon. (code is almost written in lib file)
November 14 2011, 4:35am
  • Added Money Ranges
  • Changed Config.yml to Mobs: World: Spider: range: '1-10'
  • Need to fix default.yml (will be in next release, for now download it from here: config.yml) -Previous-
  • Fixed Simple Math error, thanks to crafter729


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