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  • Minecraft
  • 348 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.0.1-R1
  • 74,707 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/02/2012
  • Created 09/19/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Lumberjack 1.0.1v1
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About Lumberjack

Don't you hate those big trees where you cannot reach those high blocks while standing on the ground. Trees should be felled like a boss, so take them down with Lumberjack while your feet are still touching the ground!

Lumberjack banner

Lumberjack released!

download Lumberjack

What does Lumberjack do?

Lumberjack detects if a player destroys a wood block that is part of a tree. The highest wood block will be destroyed instead of the block that the player destroyed, unless it is the same block of course. Works for oak, birch and redwood trees!

No more annoying trees! Please support this project by leaving a comment with your thoughts on it!

Help it doesn't work!?

If you have downloaded this plugin and it doesn't seem to work for you, ensure the following things:

  1. download the latest craftbukkit server and Lumberjack
  2. is Lumberjack enabled? Type the following command to be sure:
    1. /lumberjack enable
  3. does the tree you are chopping meet the following requirements?
    1. is block you are chopping connected to the the complete trunk?
    2. is the base of the trunk (the lowermost block) placed on a dirt (without grass) block?
    3. is the trunk of the tree connected to at least 4 naturally grown leaf blocks?
  4. (versions before 1.0.1v1) If you have NoCheat enabled then make sure to set the following options (found by ace1177)
    1. blockbreak.reach.check = false
    2. blockbreak.direction.check = false
    3. blockbreak.noswing.check = false

Lumberjack commands

As of version 1.8.1v2, Lumberjack has 4 commands. The commands can be viewed by typing /lumberjack . Most of the commands can be combined e.g. /lumberjack enable silent . It is also possible to use the shorter versions of the options, the 'hotnames' e.g. /lumberjack e s . This has the same result as the previous command.

description: enables Lumberjack
hotname: e

description: disables Lumberjack
hotname: d

description: hides most Lumberjack messages
hotname: s

description: shows all Lumberjack messages
hotname: n

Future Features

I decided to create a page that enlists all the plans I have for Lumberjack. If you have suggestions or fresh new ideas, feel free to leave a comment on the plans page!

Supporting the author

If you use and /or like /dislike Lumberjack, then please let me know why and what changes you would like to see! It really motivates me to continue the development :)

If you are a really nice person, you know that it takes time to develop plugins and you are willing to drink a glass of milk instead of a milkshake to save a dollar, then you can donate that dollar here

changelog 1.0.1v1

Note: this version is more recent than the 1.8.1vX versions.

  • + updated for the actual release of Minecraft 1.0.0
  • + thanks to Evenprime85, Lumberjack is now fully compatible with NoCheat.
  • + duration of items does get reduced but items do not break yet. Enchants with efficiency and/or extra drops will probably not work because I have to mimic the exact actions that take place when a block gets destroyed. I did not yet succeed in this. Any help is welcome :)
  • + added the server-wide option to disable Lumberjack welcome messages through the configuration file.
changelog 1.8.1v6
  • + option for mcMMO support, disabling it will improve efficiency. It is enabled by default
  • + detects fake block break events created by mcMMO (ticket 7)
  • + refreshes tree blocks when a block break fires ensure non corrupted chunk data (ticket 10)
  • + global instant tree break option under the name 'full_break' in the configuration, defaults to false (ticket 8 )
changelog 1.8.1v5
  • - 1.8.1v4 debug messages (minus sign stands for 'removed')
  • + saving of player settings on disk! Even when the server restarts, your settings will still be how they were when you logged off
changelog 1.8.1v4
  • + fires an event when the highest block is broken to increase compatibility with other plugins
changelog 1.8.1v3
  • + added a configuration file to set some default values called 'lumberjack.config'
    • enabled - should be set to true if Lumberjack should be enabled for new players
    • silent - should be set to true if you want to hide most of Lumberjacks' messages
changelog 1.8.1v2
  • + compatible with craftbukkit 1317
  • + big changes to tree detection alghorithms
    • different alghorithms for oak and birch trees
    • now requires that the tree grows on a dirt block
    • now requires that leaves around the tree were grown naturally
  • + more efficient because the last chopped tree is stored in memory
  • + can chop complete trees because of the above; trees in memory do not have to meet the requirements anymore
changelog 1.8.1v1
  • + initial release


  • #2

    This is how minecraft trees should work by default. Seriously.

    well... Like this plus a little extra: When leaf blocks are no longer supported by logs, it'd be cool if they fell like sand or gravel. But oh well. I wish I had the modding know-how to do this myself, especially in single player. 

  • #1

    is not working with all players, only op

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