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  • Minecraft
  • 89 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.6.1
  • 15,584 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/08/2013
  • Created 02/05/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: MoarStuff_v2.4.0
Support development! **

About MoarStuff

MoarStuff is the key to creation in Bukkit. Without any external mods or libraries, you will have the power to create custom foods, drinks, bows, armour, swords, blocks, and fishing rods to your heart's descent. Ranging from creations such as a bow that shoots wither skulls, to a new type of soup that makes the user super fast, or even a sword that causes mobs hit to explode! It's all possible here!


NOTICE: All files before the 2.3 update will need to be updated to the new 2.3 file system or they will not work!

  1. Download the latest file here

  2. Drag and drop the plugin in your server's plugins folder

  3. Reload or restart the server

  4. (Optional) Edit the already-existent example files, or create your own!

  5. (Optional) Leave me a comment if you like it!

Custom Items

The whole new MoarStuff system revolves around custom items that you want. From bows that shoot ender pearls, to soups that give you potion effects, to fishing rods that can catch cooked fish - this plugin offers it all and much, much more.

Check it out: > here <

There is now a command to spawn in the item: /moarstuff give <player> <itemname>


<<center>Permissions are now 100% configurable, and per-item. Have fun!
But I suggest that you use the format MoarStuff.ItemType.ItemName so other plugins can easily check!<</center>>


Q) Why should I get this plugin?
A) Why not? :)

Q) I miss the old version! This new one sucks!
A) Sorry you feel that way, but you can always backtrack. Keep in mind when Bukkit has a major update, I will not offer support.

Q) Can you please create me a custom item, I don't understand this!
A) Sure, but I don't know how long it will take me, because I'm really busy in real life too! Just send me a PM on this website!

Q) Will there ever be a way to add textures to items and blocks and stuff?
A) Although the current version of Bukkit does not allow the creation of new items and blocks with new textures and item IDs and such, hopefully the new Modding API for Minecraft will come out soon which should allow all mod makers to port their stuff over and work from that, which would do just that. For the time being, the solution is just to use a custom texture pack and/or your imagination!

Q) I keep getting a Major.Minor error! PLEASE HELP!!!
A) Ouch.. Unfortunately, this plugin requires Java 7 to function correctly, and may not change for a long time. Either update your Java, or ask your host to!

Q) I really like this plugin, and I want to help support it a bit more with some extra funds. Where can I donate? :)
A) You can scroll down to the donate field below. Don't worry if you can't donate, I appreciate the thought!


If you donate, you keep the project updated, fun, and as lightweight as possible !


- Created plugin

V1.2 - changed the way fishing and bows are handeled
- removed freeze bow for now

- Fixed unlimited food + drink glitch

- Added permissions support
- Fixed iron rod stack trace bug

- Added in a command /moarstuff to see recipes, etc
- Fixed another recipe bug, and added github support?

v1.6 - Fixed NPE with bows
- Fixed NPE with crafting
- Added 'ocelot purr' success sound when crafting
- Fixed book typo

- Fixed food duplication glitch

- Cleaned up a loooot of code and updated github thing for auto update

- Added Frag Grenades
- Added Flash Grenades
- Updated crafting book
- fixed crafting book typo
- updated github source

v1.9 A
- added craftbook permissions
- fixed crafting book typo
- updated github source

v1.9 B
- FIXED craftbook permissions
- fixed another crafting book typo
- updated github source
- Fixed flash grenades
- FIxed frags + spider bow

- Complete code rewrite, faster more efficient - Updated version possibly - Fixed food duplication glitch - Fixed drink duplication glitch - Fixed tnt bows not working

- ANOTHER complete code rewrite
- Updated version
- Fixed errors with bows and fishing rods and foods
- Removed grenades - too boring and annoying IMO
- Made handling faster
- Fixed lag issues
- New book code

- Fixed book typos
- Added missing bow + mineshine recipes

- Fixed NPEs
- Fixed ender bow
- Fixed tnt bow
- Fixed some more stuff
- Cleaned up code
- made more efficient
- Possibly made per-player book with permissions

- MASSIVE lag reducer
- Totally customizable settings
- Removed all original items
- Removed foods+drinks temporarily
- Updated page information

- Created a new RECIPE system
- Fixed bug with launching entities when using arrows
- Made a bit more compact
- Some code cleanup
- Mandatory github PUSH
- Updated zip file with some more information

- Fixed recipe system a little
- Added new FOODS - customizable
- Added in new food eating system
- Fixed problem with wither skulls not launching
- Added in new example files, more fun and easier to setup

- Created new customization system to allow for multiple effects
- Added new effects
- Updated github source
- Updated to CraftBukkit 1.5.2 Beta

- Fixed food system
- Updated ingredients system
- Added new projectiles to shoot to bows

- Recreated the WHOLE file system
- Updated github source
- Added new defaults
- Lag reduced a LOT
- Many more possibilities
- faster loading times
- updated web pages

- Updated to CB latest RB

- Added usage permission, same as crafting permission
- Updated FX for future new ones

- Removed default generation - only worked for some PC users
- Created zip folder with pre-configured files

- Implemented the new 1.6 health system
- Added compatibility with health system
- Updated source code
- Added give command with permissions


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