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  • Minecraft
  • 15,218 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.8.1
  • 1,061,381 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/22/2015
  • Created 10/21/2011
  • 81 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v5.2.6

About Multiworld

Multiworld - The official Multiworld Project

The easy to use multiworld plugin, support custom end and nether worlds for each worlds, you can configure what you want, and you get it (limited to what I programmed)


I made this plugin because the previous author "Baummann", the original creator of Multiworld, became inactive. Before, it was just a simple plugin with 2 commands: /goto and /newworld. I took control of the project and developed a better version. We are now at version 5.2.6 of Multiworld.


  • Custom world generators like a world with deserts
  • Allows you to change the gamemode of a player when you enters a world
  • Supports relative coordinates with /mw move and /mw goto like the /teleport from vanila minecraft
  • Block chat coming from other worlds to create worlds where the users have their own private chat

Commands and Permissions

world commands

/mw create
<world name>
Adds a new world to the Multiworld Database.
Notice: you can also use this command to add existing worlds.
Warning: Do not give to players you don't thrust because they can create unlimited worlds!
/mw load
<world name>
Loads a world that has been defined in the Multiworld databasemultiworld.command.load
/mw unload
<world name>
Unloads a world that has been defined in the Multiworld database, other plugins cannot see this world anymoremultiworld.command.unload
/mw delete
<wold name>
Removes a world from the MultiWorld database.
Warning: This action is destructive to the settings multiworld has defined to the world!
/mw listList the worlds multiworld has generated in your server.multiworld.command.list
/mw infoShows information from a
/mw listgensList the supported world generators to use with /mw createmultiworld.command.listgens
/mw listflagsList the possible flags to use with the following commands.multiworld.command.flags
/mw setflag
Sets a flag/option on a world.multiworld.command.setflag
/mw getflag
Gets a flag from a world, tip use * to get al the world flags.multiworld.command.getflag
/mw link
Links all nether portals from <src-world> to <dst-world>.
Notice, to use this you need to turn on the nether portal handler!
/mw link-end
Links al end portals from <src-world> to <dst-world>.
Notice, to use this you need to turn on the end portal handler
/mw goto
<world name>
Teleports yourself to a world, this command can also be used as alias /goto <world>multiworld.command.goto
/mw move
Moves a player to an worldmultiworld.command.move
/mw spawnTeleports yourself to spawn, to move other people use /mw move.multiworld.command.spawn
/mw setspawnSets the spawn of a world, you can use this to correct the starting spawn pointmultiworld.command.setspawn
Core and Utility
/mw saveSaves the plugin
/mw reloadReload the plugin datamultiworld.command.reload
/mw debugShows some debugging information, this information is very handy when you create a bug reportmultiworld.command.debug
/mw helpShows help about the commands used in Multiworld, useful so you don't need to go to this
/mw eastereggNot a real command, but there is a easter egg hidden in multiworld-
-Permission used to allow multiworld to change the gamemode of the affected player when entering a creative world. Its recommend to give everyone this permission.multiworld.creativemode
-Gives access to the basic Multiworld moderator controll, this permission won't allow users to modefy settings of existing world, it only allows them to view the settings / teleport to worldsmultiworld.basic
-All the permissions from multiworld, you can also use the star permission to give them all permissions.Multiworld.admin

Optional features

Feature NameDescriptionConfiguration location
End portal handlerThe end portal handlers allows you to define custom end portals per worldoptions.useEndPortalHandler
Nether portal handlerThis addon makes it posiable to redirect netherportals to custom nether worlds, this setting is per-worldoptions.usePortalHandler
WorldChatSeperatorThis allows you to use the RecieveChat and the SendChat flags on a worldoptions.useWorldChatSeperator
GamemodeChangerThis allows you to use the flag CreativeWorld to turn on creative mode for a world, to use this you need to give you users the following permissions on all worlds: multiworld.creativemode
This module also comes with a other configuration settings, when you turn off usecreativemodeinv, it ONLY handles the gamemode part, it won't change the inventory contents, this can be used if you have a custom plugin for per world inventories.
EnderBlockPrevents the use of ender chests in creative mode, this can be used to prevent people from cheating stuff by storing it inside a ender chest in a creative world, and then removing it in a survival world.options.blockEnderChestInCrea
WorldSpawnHandlerThis allows you to have custom respawn worlds per world group, this can be setup by turning this part on to generate the configuration needed for this.options.useWorldSpawnHandler
CraftbukkitHooksAllows multiworld to hook into craftbukkit to display information that the bukit api won't provide. This feature will try to turn itself off when there are any errors.options.craftbukkitHooks

Multiworld and Data Collecting

Multiworld is using a statistcs tracking code so useage statistics wil be logged, for more information what is logged see:

  • LocationTeleport - This plugin teleports users when they enter a arena, when you shape the area like a portal, you can have your own portals
  • hothgenerator - Generates a awesome snow world
    /mw create WorldName plugin:HothGenerator
    (Case sensitive)
  • multiinv - Allows more control between the inventories of worlds than multiworld can provide on its own.


Fixed /mw delte failing when the world was not specified in lowercase


Downgraded used craftbukkit when compiling, should be no longer giving errors spams in the console


Fixed problem with loading worlds from the console


Made multiworld not spoil normally hidden players using tab completing


Updated multiworld for updates inside 1.7.10


Made Multiworld 1.8 name changing ready, started to redesign the core of multi world so there is less legally code inside it


  • Reupload of 5.2.0, didn't worked last time


  • Quick test using mc 1.4.5, no problems detected, real update will come soon


  • Updated to the latest bukkit, no bugs found during testing
  • Fixed a few small grammar mistakes around the plugin


  • Difficulty is now called by its name inside the multiworld configuration
  • Did some tweaks to the save on shutdown function, tries to save at least 6 times before giving up
  • Fixed some silly spelling mistakes from myself inside the plugins commands
  • Tweaked the method command output is displayed at the console
  • Fixed some internals
  • Added new generators, Amplified and Large_Biomes


  • Minor changes for 1.7 mc
  • Did some tweaks to some algorithms inside the plugin to optimize them
  • Removed the easter egg command from /mw help (sorry guys)
  • Tweaked the system for messages to return better messages


  • Removed translation system to be implemented later
  • Re did ALL messages inside the plugin
  • Loading command now shows how long it take until the world is loaded
  • Re did the chat part of multiworld
  • Did a lot of changed behind the screen


added official support for 1.6.4



Reactivated the metrics system


  • disabled the use of mcstats stat tracking because the service stopped (its actually not deleted, but shorted out from the code incase they decide to continue)


  • Coordinates are now supported at /mw goto and /mw move
  • Coordinates can be relative too!



entities can pass though portal now too



compiled using cb 1.6.2



fixed nether portals



A bug in the code caused can have caused armor duplication bug, patched



World loading broke at 4.6.2, this fixes it





new generator: islands


  • changed compiler to newest build of bukkit
  • still looking to cause of nether portals


  • starting to internally support bukkit 1.5.1
  • No other changes!


  • added tab-auto complete support


Grammar update!

  • Compiled using 1.4.7-R1.0, giving 100% 1.4.7 support
  • Fixed many grammar issues! (lots of wrongly used "an" replaced by "a")


  • Compiled using 1.4.7-R0.1, giving full 1.4.7 support
  • Chanced the /mw list command, many people didn't get what the colors meant


  • Compiled using bukkit 1.4.6-R0.3, giving official 1.4.6 support

Added generators: plugin_nether, plugin_end


  • Compiled using bukkit 1.4.6, giving official 1.4.6 support


bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that made worlds save invalid


bug fixes

fixed the gamemode config bug, it was reading from the wrong node



compiled using 1.4.5-r0.2



Fixed a default configuration bug, affecting the node "usecreativemodeinv"



chanced the debug command output to see if there was a config problem when a module is not loaded



fixed the annoying mistake that caused the config to get wiped( after more than 2 hours I saw it with a blink of my eye)


  • tried things to fix the varius amount of bugs the users had


  • rewriten the thing of the spawn control unit, the thing used to chance the spawn world that was causing bugs



Major overhaul, rewritten big parts of code o make it look more like the OOP concept, cleaned up the output of /mw list, /mw debug and added command aliases



new world generator: epiccaves, pretty epic world (but laggy) for the true expierence of nether and overworld combined



new world generator: desert, around the same options as the ocean world gen



/mw create saves config by default now



uses AsyncPlayerChatEvent instead of PlayerChatEvent (its thread safe if I belive the guys on irc)


enderblock module, do /mw save, and it registering its options into the config, so you can set if you want to use it or not



1.3 compactable



Respect the -P startup parameter of craftbukkit again.



Added suport for the metrics system, whit this system, its posiable to see how mutch a plugin is used, the usage of this system dont include anny personal data, to see what is collected, go to:



Compiled using bukkit 1.2.5-R4.0 no code chances from r3.0


added an option to block chat between worlds, a little the same set up as the other kind of addons for this



Compiled using bukkit 1.2.5-R3.0


bug fixes
  • Portals fixed
  • /goto fixed
  • Implemented an plugin api, javadoc will come soom


bug fixes
  • Wow, removed an dube bug on my server realy quick, also xp-bottle bug is fixed


bug fixes
  • removed annoying spamming message whit plugin world generation


bug fixes
  • Fixed flag bug, and released for now


bug fixes
  • Error at world creation fixed, I think that where all the bugs..


bug fixes
  • Destroying worlds on same/removing them from config fixed


  • /mw load <world name>
  • /mw unload <world name>
  • some more parts of code
  • Mayor update
  • renamed old /mw load to /mw reload
  • Chanced more things I forgot


  • Now fully useable whit 1.2.3 R0.2
  • No weird holes at flatlands


  • Compiled using 1.2.3 R0.2
Bug fixes
  • Fixed item cheat bug.


new feactures
  • It can now see if you using an nether or end portal.
  • Now new command: /mw link-end
  • Fixed the annoying but whit nether portals


  • Made it 1.2 ready


  • Compiled using R4


bug fixes
  • Fixed the multiworld.command.flaglist permission
new feactures
  • new command: /mw info [world]


bug fixes
  • Fixed the bug from the portal handling. (thx for the user who also reported the result of /mw debug on the tickets page, that gived me good information about the bug.)
  • tried making the command hash map more memory efficient.


bug fixes
  • finally fixed the create, goto and move command, again?


bug fixes
  • finally fixed the create and move command, yay (that this bug passed my check team)


bug fixes
  • Fixed grammer error on help screen.
  • Support for "_" in world name is back.
  • Move command is working again.


new feactures

new command: /mw setspawn
new command: /mw spawn
new command: /mw flags
new command: /mw listgens


Chanced the way the portal handler saved its data, to make the plugin use less memory (now you need to link your worlds again) Improved the code on some places


Bug fixes

Found an bug that caused the whole server to freeze, and spam the excutor of the command, fast fixed.


Bug fixes

Found an bug that you needed to do "/mw goto world ." to make the goto command work, now fixed


Bug fixes

You now able to use use spaces at the commands, do: /mw goto "my spaced world"
No longer able to use dots and that kind of stuff at the world name.
Fixed the but that would led to corruption of your configuration file.

New feactures

New generator: plugin, Makes an world whit another plugin. Example: /mw create world_whit_other_plugin normal plugin:skyland+


Chanced the way commands are parsed, for more readable code.


bug fixes

Fixed the bug from 2.2.0


new feactures

Addded some stuff to use the plugins of other world gen plugins

bug fixes

Solved most of the bugs


new features

added support for internationalization

bug fixes

fixed the bug whit the portals
fixed the bug that "/mw unload" was showing as "/mw remove"


The first release of the 2.0.0 releases


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  • #89

    I LOVE MW!

    Thanks For Making It!!!

  • #87
    Multiworld with PvP

    Hey quick question with pvp. How do you enable/disable pvp for certain worlds. Say I have one world that I want to have for pvp and another world with no pvp. I know about the regions with WorldGuard but I want to do the whole world, not just a section.

  • #88

    You do this with world guard. Just instead of defining a region, in place of where you would put a region name in the flag command, put  __Global__ instead


    Last edited by linkcourage1 on 10/10/2015 10:43:25 AM
  • #86

    Is there any way to go to a world where you last left off?

    For example, if I am playing on the world Survival, then goto the server lobby while at my base, then go back to Survival, I want to be back at my base instead of at Survival's spawn.

    Is this enabled by default and another plugin is stopping it, or do I need to change settings or download another plugin?

    I use 5.2.6, Spigot 1.8.4, Essentials, MultiInv, NoCheatPlus, Vault, and WorldGuard.

    Last edited by commandblockguy on 8/12/2015 11:13:12 AM
  • #85

    Have a question? I have been using you MW for a while now and have sever worlds running on my server. I have just created a Survival World and for some reason it will not allow me to generate a nether for it. Can you explain why the nether only works on the Spawn world and not on generated worlds... Even if I try to connect the portals via the Src world and the link world for portals it says

    Unable top access portal handler addon, is it enabled inside the configuration?

    I am 100% sure it i enableds as I can create a spawn portal and enter the nether, but when I create a nether portal in survival it gives me achievement  and start the process but does not let me through! Any dieas?

    Please help

  • #84

    hello, I just wanted to know if there was a way link portals so i can have mroe then one partal linked so i can travel to a different world with each portal. Our game design was set up as if we jump from world to world but i have to keep changing the portal destiation it would be cool if i could build a bunch of portals in a locked room, each one being a key to its own world. 

    thanks guys and keep up the great work


  • #82

    How would i set this so I could only use the /mw create and /mw delete from the server console? So far everyone's opped on my server but I want to be the only one who can make/delete worlds :P I would assume the easiest way would be to deop everyone, but if I can use creative mode it seems only fair that others should be able to as well. I'm not worried about griefing... it's an SMP server but it's mostly testing right now so idk if we're keeping the map or not and besides I go in creative on survival worlds all the time.

  • #83

    us permissions.yml to do this,

    add the following to this file:



            multiworld.command.create: false

            multiworld.command.delete: false

        default: true

  • #81

    Where can i find the alternate world files?

  • #80

    Players you do not thurst? Hmmmm?

  • #79

    Can command blocks only afect a single world?

  • #77

    um, somehow nether portals don't take me anywhere anymore, can u help me pls?


  • #76
    I need help

    Hey I've been having some troubles...

    I can't get players to only talk in that world they're in. Instead they can talk all over the server! Is there a way to fix this

  • #78
    Quote from AirVampire21 »

    Hey I've been having some troubles...

    I can't get players to only talk in that world they're in. Instead they can talk all over the server! Is there a way to fix this

    Tuurn of the chatseperator module, then set the flag sendchat off on al the worlds you don't want people to send chat from

  • #75

    First I just want to say that this looks great, but, it looks a lot like Multiverse. What are the differences? Is it simpler? Lighter-weight? What is it? Please don't take offence to this comment, none is intended, I just want to know what's different.

    Last edited by Sy3Fy3 on 2/27/2015 7:23:32 PM
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