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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: CB 1.1-R4
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  • Updated 02/14/2012
  • Created 02/13/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: NWCheck

About NWCheck


With NWCheck enabled, all you need to do is sneak(crouch), and a gold block is placed at your feet to the north west, sneak again to remove it. Simple, lightweight and configurable from in game. Set NWCheck to place the indicator block in any of the eight cardinal directions. Change the indicator block to any block in vanilla Minecraft! Handy for checking your direction while underground, or for checking direction before you move objects with WorldEdit during a storm.


Enabling and disabling NWCheck

/<check or ck> Enables and disables NWCheck
Sneak once to place the indicator block, sneak again to remove it.

Changing the indicator block

/<check or ck> [block] [block type]
Changes the indicator block to the selected block.

Examples of changing the indicator block

/ch block IRON_BLOCK -Changes the indicator to an IRON_BLOCK.
/check block REDSTONE_ORE -Changes indicator to a REDSTONE_ORE block.

Changing the indicator direction

/<check or ck> [direction or dir] [direction]
Changes the indication direction.

Examples of changing the indicator direction

/check direction NORTH -Changes the indicated direction to NORTH.
/ck dir SOUTH_WEST -Changes the indicated direction to SOUTH_WEST.

v0.9.87 Initial BETA release


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