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  • Minecraft
  • 83 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.5.1
  • 12,820 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/29/2013
  • Created 04/11/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Player-Tracker v1.3.2
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About Player-Tracker

Keeps track of all your players using mySQL or SQLite, and optionally connects to the major global ban databases.

If you know a developer interested in taking over this project, please contact me!

  • Discover alternate accounts by IP-matching with a single command.
  • Keep track of all the IP addresses a Player connects from, for easier & more complete bans.
  • Immediately identify alts of banned players (Supports UltraBans, UltraBans-Lite, FigAdmin, BanHammer, Essentials, & CommandBook).
  • Receive on-Join notifications about how many alts a player has been associated with and whether or not the player has connected with an open proxy.
  • Automatically trim database sizes to recent players!
  • Can show a player's ISP (hostmask) and approximate geolocation.
  • Easy-to-install Web-Interface! (Web-Tracker)
  • Easy setup: drag, drop, and go, or fine tune your configuration. =====NO===== configuration necessary!
  • Wildcard search matching, even with offline players!
  • Don't want glizer/Minebans/MCBans/MCBouncer managing your bans? This plugin can allow you to look up any player on these three systems without relying on their plugins!
  • Hide certain players/IPs from lookups (Admins, VIPs, whatever) to avoid having their alts discovered!
  • Check out the screenshots page for examples!


Drag Player-Tracker.jar into your plugins directory, and run. Further configuration only necessary if you want to use mySQL, Minebans, glizer, MCBans, or MCBouncer integration. That's it.

/track [-agir] <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS or "stats" or "help">

Shows all the accounts associated with a given IP or player. (-i will display all associated IPs as well, -a disables wildcard searching, -g attempts to geolocate the player and display his/her ISP, -r enables recursive searching (may take some time for some searches) ) /track stats will show the number of tracked accounts & IPs. /track help will show a similar message to this.

Permisson node: playertracker.track

/hidetracks <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS or "list">

Adds a given player/IP to the list of players/IPs immune to lookups, or lists hidden players.

Permission node: playertracker.hidetracks

/unhidetracks <PLAYERNAME or IP ADDRESS>

Removes a given player/IP from the list of players/IPs immune to lookups.

Permission node: playertracker.hidetracks


Check out the configuration page


Check out the permissions page

Web Interface Available

If you use a mySQL database with PlayerTracker, you can hook up to your database on the web! Simply install the Web-Tracker script from my github, and configure the mysql variables and go! For an example of the Web-Tracker in action, check out the screenshots page. Now sporting a beautiful InfoVis chart to help you identify the linkages between various accounts! Click here to download WebTracker!

Planned Improvements:
  • Fix to use the bukkit GSON library instead of including org.json library in the jar.
  • Fix any outstanding bugs
  • Enable one-stop banning of all alt accounts of a player.
  • Limit/secure the number of alt accounts per IP.
  • Prevent players from joining if they are connecting via proxy.
  • Enable sending of global bans?
  • Even more server security scans.


Jenkins CI server with latest dev builds coming soon!

Player-Tracker v1.3.2

  • Compiled against latest bukkit
  • Compiled against latest ban plugins
  • Bug fixes coming very soon!

Player-Tracker v1.3.1

  • Added a permission node for recursive searching.
  • Fixed Ultrabans integration.
  • Fixed BanHammer integration.

Player-Tracker v1.3

  • Allows connections to the glizer global ban database.
  • Added geolocation flag (-g) to the /track command
  • Added support for UltraBans-Lite
  • Checks a player for open proxies via DNSBL when a player joins the server.
  • Added /track help command.
  • Many bugfixes with the Global Bans databases.
  • Several new config options.
  • Compatible with R1.2 and R1.0

Player-Tracker v1.2

  • Major revisions to database code.
  • Added autoupdate notifier.
  • Added recursive flag (-r) to the /track command.
  • Supports Ultrabans.
  • Allows connections to the Minebans global ban database.
  • Fixed major SQLite bug where the database would fail to be created.
  • Many small bug fixes.

Player-Tracker v1.1.5

  • Performance enhancements! (implemented threading)

Player-Tracker v1.1

  • Now supports the following plugins as banlists: Essentials, CommandBook, BanHammer, FigAdmin (only in mySQL mode)
  • Shortened the Message for on-Join
  • Automatically cleans old database entries (new config value)
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