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Rage Quit

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  • Minecraft
  • 31 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.2.5-R4.0
  • 6,542 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/07/2012
  • Created 08/28/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: RageQuit v1.2

About Rage Quit

RageQuit - The Plugin To Rage Quit!

Current Latest Version: v1.2 [CB 1.2.5-R4] YEAH BABY!

Are You Angry So Much That You Want to RageQuit? Well Here's the Plugin For That! RageQuit allows you to RageQuit or RageQuit others for some laughs! RageQuit support SuperPerms and defaults to OP if no permisisons file is detected. Have Some Raging Moments!

Want a visual demonstration of this plugin? Click here for my own video on this plugins features!

To Install:

  • Extract The Zip To Your Plugins Folder
  • If You downloaded The Jar, Just Drop Into your Plugins Folder
  • Restart Your Server, Or type "reload" in the console.


  • Customizable config for RageQuit/RageDeath messages!!
  • Permissions Suport!
  • Use /ragequit <Player> to ragequit them!
  • Rage Quit Using /rquit or /ragequit
  • Use /Ragedeath <Player> to kill yourself or someone else with a raging bolt of thunder!
  • Broadcasts a Message In-Game That You Rage Quit!
  • Broadcasts a Message In The Console That You Rage Quit!
  • Customizable Config When You RageQuit! (Tanks to SwearWord For Help In The Config Coding!)
  • You may now GodRage! (See commands section below this)
  • Custom Config Node to decide wether to cause damage to the player when they type the command or not
  • Commands to reload or save the config in-game or console!


  • /ragequit - Makes You Rage Out Of The Server You're In! (Alias /rquit <player>)
  • /ragedeath - kill someone or yourself with some thunder! (Alias /rdeath <Player>)
  • /rageinfo - see info on RageQuit! (Alias /rinfo)
  • /godrage - Will kick you leaving a nice thunderstorm behind striking every player on the server with lightning! (No alias as of now)
  • /rageban - Will RageBan an online player! RAWR

Permission Nodes! (SuperPerms)

  • ragequit.* description: Adds all RageQuit Permissions
  • ragequit.ragequit:
  • description: If you're Angry RageQuit!
  • default: op
  • ragequit.ragequit.other:
  • description: If you're Angry RageQuit Others!
  • default: op
  • ragequit.rageinfo:
  • description: see RagQuit info.
  • default: true
  • ragequit.ragedeath:
  • description: If you're Angry kill yourself!
  • default: op
  • ragequit.ragedeath.other:
  • description: If you're Angry kill Others!
  • default: op
  • ragequit.godrage:
  • description: GOD RAGE!!!!
  • default: op
  • ragequit.rageban:
  • description: RageBan Node
  • default: op
  • ragequit.rage.reload:
  • description: Access Config File Reloading
  • default: op
  • description: Access Config File Saving
  • default: op

Latest Release of RageQuit: v1.2 - Download - (.jar) RageQuit is now Open Source! github


-Version 1.2

-Complete Code Rewrite -Added /rageban command -Disabled any damaging features, e.g. no more strikeLightning, now strikeLightningEffect -Now Open Source!

-Version 1.1

-Code Debuging

-Version 1.0

-Added the /rage <Reload | Save> Command to save or reload the config, used in-game or in console -Added /godrage - Defaults to OP, when executed the sender gets kicked, and a storm stirs for 10 seconds along every onlineplayer getting struck by lightning! -Updated the Config! See the config section in the main page. -Cleaned code :D

-Version 1.0

-Code Cleaning -Fixed Commands when typed in console, you should get a nice message instead. -OMFG VERSION 1.0 WOOOOOOO!!!!!

-Version 0.9

-Not Released, Testing Version Only

-Version 0.8

-Updated code to match Build 1337 Configuration

-Version 0.7


-Version 0.6

-Fixed some bugs when choosing a player to ragequit and ragedeath. -more bug fixes :D

-Version 0.5

-Added /rageinfo - to see information/commands on RageQuit. -Added /ragedeath <Player> it pretty much kills the player with a explosion and thunder. -Added 2 new Permissions

-Version 0. 4

-Fixed Console error when you typed ragequit -can't type ragequit in console (May be changed in future update)

-Version 0.3

-Added Permissions Support! -Added Ability to ragequit Others!

-Version 0.2

-Added Customizable Rage Quit Msg in config.yml

-Version 0.1

-Initial Release of RageQuit

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