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  • Minecraft
  • 205 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • 66,943 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/09/2015
  • Created 02/04/2012
  • 2 Favorites
  • Project Site
  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: RpgEssentials 2.0
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About RpgEssentials

RpgEssentials 2.0 DEV

Look at the pretty views!




Textures are hosted at, Simply click the 'RPG Essentials' Category, Then click from the drop-down menu. And your download will begin shortly!

Help pages

(Please read those before posting problems)



Thanks to

  • Lynxdragon for hosting the files
  • Samkio for the anvil design
  • Kaynide for some designs

Change log


Please donate if you appreciate my work :D

2.0 DEV
  • Updated to minecraft 1.6.4
  • Major revamp of the code.
  • No further content was added (I stopped development because I'm working on my own (RpgEssentials based) game. More on this soon).
  • Quests and regions won't be added this patch, they are broken and I have no interest in fixing them (atm).
1.4.5 DEV
  • Updated to minecraft 1.5.2
1.4.4 DEV
  • Updated texture links
1.4.3 DEV
  • Fixed all config errors from the previous build
  • Added more options for the leveling plugin
  • Fixed npc heads not twisting
  • Fixed texturepack menu not loading right
  • Fixed stores not opening
  • Fixed quest settings not showing on edit
  • Fixed texturepacks not being saved properly
  • Added basic merchant npc (not for public yet, please wait for the next build)
  • Added basic clans (not for public yet, please wait for the next build)
1.4.2 DEV
  • 1.4.7-R0.1+ support
  • Fixed colored names not showning
  • Changed RpgEssentials to work better
  • Changed entire config handler (YOU SHOULD RESET YOUR CONFIGS)
  • Changed RpgBanks to work better and faster
  • Fixed some custom block textures rendering wrong
1.4 DEV
  • 1.4.6-R0.3 support
  • Fixed texturepack not downloading
1.3.5-5 DEV
  • Fixed console command errors
  • Fixed custom stores
  • Fixed leveling
  • Fixed anvil block turning into glass
  • Fixed questing bug where you can't
  • Added merchant npcs
1.3.5-4 DEV
  • Removed worldguard requirement
  • Fixed music error
  • Fixed not being able to create a store type called "all"
  • Fixed player saving
  • Fixed questing, you can now actually use it again
1.3.5-3 DEV
  • Listeners cleanup
  • Added factions support
  • Fixed music error
  • Fixed achievement popup spam when two people enter at the same time
  • Added option to remove leveling name tag
  • Added option to edit coin values
  • Possibly fixed level not occurring above head
  • Fixed some config values
1.3.5-2 DEV
  • Fixed settings gui
  • Added coin protection
1.3.5 DEV
  • Support for minecraft 1.3!
  • Fixed texturepack bug
  • Added different player storing, will be complete when 1.3RB is released
  • Added new questing GUI
  • Added new items to store
  • Fixed RpgDeaths bug
  • Fixed RpgLeveling bug with axes
  • Recoded entire pet plugin, expected in 1.4
  • Added custom stores ! Just place one!
1.3.1 DEV
  • Fixed Quests GUI
  • Fixed Bank GUI
  • Added world specific texturepacks
  • Fixed texturepack disable option
  • Added opaque option for custom blocks
  • Added ability to create your own custom design
  • Fixed npcs giving xp on hit
  • Fixed placing custom blocks for some blocks
1.3 DEV
  • Rpge is now split up in parts!
  • Edited all GUI's, your mouse won't go to the center anymore.
  • Edited the leveling system. Attack, ranged and defense xp will now be based on the amount of damage you deal/receive
  • Added option to require a certain skill level to start a quest
  • Added options for region exit
  • Music can now be repeated in regions (Note that you have to specify the length of the song time: 1:30)
  • Custom items are now sell able and buy able
  • Custom items now have there defined prices
  • Added "level required" label to the store. Note: this will NOT prevent you from buying it! (in the future there will be an option to block it)
  • Added restriction options for entering/leaving a region
  • Fixed death chests
  • Fixed death chests working on non rpge worlds
  • Fixed building xp in wg protected regions
  • Fixed attack and ranged xp when defender is in god/creative mode
  • And a lot more small bugs
  • Added possibility to generate ores in new chunks of existing world and in new mc worlds
1.2.9 DEV#4
  • Added custom block designs, you can add a design when creating a new block in the config; Note the designs are not perfect yet! added designs are: bushes, stairs, slabs, flowers & edgestairs.
  • quests locations are shown on your map now. you have to resign the quest for it to work; just use /rnpc quest {questid}
  • stores now have the possibility to be custom! note that this is not tested yet, you cannot edit the stores in game yet! Note: there is no support for data values or custom blocks/items yet!
  • blocks can now automatically rotate!
  • fixed some bugs.
1.2.9 DEV#3
  • fixed selling multiple items at once only selling one item
  • fixed the debug pillar
1.2.9 DEV#2
  • Fixed banks only accepting one item
  • Fixed positioning items is banks
  • Fixed npc head bug.
  • Added repeatable quests.
  • Added money rewards.
  • Added required quests (the test quest is required for the test quest 2).
  • Fixed npc owner bug.
1.2.9 DEV#1
  • Added a lot of generator config values, all the values a changed so you should delete the generator config file.
  • Generator generates a lot faster now.
  • Added dungeons to the generator. (The rewards are too high and need to be configurable).
  • Fixed onDisable error.
  • Fixed excavation leveling bug.
  • Fixed mining level bug for certain blocks. (please delete the leveling.yml, the values are changed, sorry)
  • Added a start on anvil gui.
  • Added a start on clans. (Can't use the commands yet)
  • Npc command is changed from /npc to /rnpc.
  • Fixed some questing bugs.
  • Fixed default npc text formating.
  • Fixed unlockables not opening.
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