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  • Minecraft
  • 3 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.1-R3
  • 391 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/10/2012
  • Created 02/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MGCL
  • Newest File: v0.5
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About SVouch

Version: 0.5

So, you need new mods, but who? Sure, they all wrote neat applications, but you just can't decide. Hey, maybe the players who interact with these people daily would have an opinion? Well guess what: THEY DO! And with this simple-to-use vouching plugin, they can show their support to individuals who are running for mods, cityowners, shopowners, or what ever!
On our server, each applicant is required to collect a set amount of vouches to show that the community doesn't think hes a complete dick. However, taking screenshots of ingame members is a bit messy and timeconsuming and might be annoying to read. Then again, having a webinterface that allows any registered user to vouch... yeah, neither of those are too good options. Then again, with SVouch, we have a near perfect system.

Recent changes:

  • Released the plugin.
  • Updated colorscheme


  • Users can create applications (Mod, City, Shop, Other. You can ignore types that arent relevant to your server, and request new types if needed.)
  • Users can vouch for each others applications
  • Limits vouches to once per day per user
  • Methods to list and search apps. (That whilst simple, do a pretty good job.)
  • Allows the users to close their own apps, when they wish to whitdraw their app.
  • Allows staff to close or accept any application

Planned features

  • Antivouching
  • Comments (reason for vouching or antivouching)


  • /vouchInfo || Display credits/info
  • /vouch || Display commands
  • /vouch new <shop|mod|city|other> <description> || Creates a new app of specified type
  • /vouch list || Lists all the applications
  • /vouch list <closed|accepted|search> || Lists closed or open applications, or applicationnames containing a specific string.
  • /vouch list <closed|accepted|search> <search2> || Lists closed or open applications, and/or applicationnames containing 1 or 2 specific strings.
  • /vouch view <ID> || Now that you got the vouches ID from listing, use it to view the app and the people who have vouched
  • /vouch close <ID> || Wish to withdraw your app? Use this!
  • /vouch vouch <ID> || Vouch for an app, you can't vouch for yourself, obviously. And just once per day.

Mod commands

  • /mvouch for info
  • /mvouch close <ID> || Close any app
  • /mvouch accept <ID> || Accept an app.

Permission nodes

  • Sanzennin.member.vouch || Allows creating apps, vouching for apps, listing apps, ect. True by default
  • Sanzennin.mod.mvouch || Allows the use of modcommands, OP by default.


Place SVouch.jar in your plugins folder. Enjoy!

Changelog 0.5
  • Released the plugin
  • Changed colorscheme


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