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  • Minecraft
  • 18 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.6.4
  • 4,877 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/04/2013
  • Created 04/23/2012
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  • Project Site
  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: TempestEnderCrystal 1.0 Java7

About TempestEnderCrystal

NEWS: Need to update this page and screenshots, but plugin is updated to 1.6.4

This is a little plugin for spawning EnderCrystals.
New version has a config.cfg where you can choose in which world EC are destroyable and if they should explode or not.
Second new feature is that you can choose now which block should be spawned in the middle of the EC.
Just type "/tec materialname" to spawn it with choosen block of material. For example "/tec gold_block" to spawn a goldblock in the middle or just type
/tec for standard EC with bedrock in the middle.
The material must be a (block) that is (not burnable),(solid) and (occliding).
For spawning an endercrystal,point on the target block und write /tec or /tec materialname in the chat.There you go.
Made by TheST0RMXT
For questions/suggestion write me a PN on my new Youtube-Channel myXTTV

How to use:

Point with mouse on the place you want the EnderCrystal.
Write "/tec" or "/tec materialname" to spawn the EC.
There is no subid support.

Permissions: (read Changelog)
since v0.5:

"/tec" (Spawns the EnderCrystal on target Block)
"/tec materialname" for example: /ec gold_block for goldblock in middle of EC

How to install:
Just put the TempestEnderCrystal.jar in your plugin folder,
add the permissions to your groupmanager or permissionmanager and start or reload the server.

just set to true to prevent explosion or destroy (default)
just set to false to enable explosion or destroy

Changelog(Current Version 0.9) :
1.0 - complete overhaul
- removed command /teclist
- removed subid support
- fixed kittycannon bug
- changed to materialsystem
- more efficient code for maybe better performance
0.9 - minimal update
- changed commands :
- ec -> tec
- eclist -> teclist
0.8 - added eclist command to show allowed id's
- denied unuseable block id's to prevent bugs/errors
- fixed sum bugs
0.7 - kittycannon workarround : disabling Essentials "kittycannon"
0.6 - Addeed configfile.
- Added "/ec ID" command to spawn a EC with choosen Block of ID with SUBID support like "/ec 98:1"
0.5 Changed permissions.
to destroy :
to spawn :
0.4 OP-permission added. OP's can destroy them. Changed spawning
Coordinates of the EC on target Block (now in the middle)
0.3 Made EnderCrystal in Normal/Nether undestroyable
0.2 EnderCrystal don't destoy other EnderCrystal on attack.
0.1 Spawning EnderCrystal

Update for next version :
- version update
- subid-support
- command "/tec pos materialname coords"

Any suggestion? Then PN me on Youtube,
or write me an email with subject :
"Suggestion : TempestEnderCrystal"

Version 1.0 - complete overhaul of the plugin. - 1 command only -> /tec - fixed kittycannonbug - changed from id's to materialnames

- compiled on java7 - tested on java7

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