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The Archer

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  • Minecraft
  • 85 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • 18,967 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/07/2013
  • Created 12/14/2012
  • 2 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: The Archer - v2.4.2
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About The Archer

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< . . . Description . . . >

This plugin adds to your server various kind of arrows easily changeable, with independant permissions and configuration, also in 3 languages, Spanish, English and German, toggeable (on/off for each arrow) in config and much more!

< . . . Current Features . . . >

  • 23 NEW DIFFERENT and FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE ARROWS: Check the Arrows Types Page Below!
  • Switching System:
    • Just left click with a bow to swich next arrow.
    • OR press SHIFT key to swich previous arrow (optional in config)
    • You can even switch from the first arrow to the last and viceversa without need to select all the arrows 1 by 1.

  • 2 Modes of Usage:
    • User Mode:
      • The selected arrow will saved into memory for that player, the player is the holder of the arrow type (DEFAULT)
    • Lore System:
      • The Arrow Type will be saved into the BOW LORE, therefore you can have various bows with different selected arrow type in each one.
      • You can see the Arrow Type in the item description (LORE) by just selecting it with the mouse.
      • SAFETY: if an user without perms have a bow with an arrow for which doesn't have permission to use, the bow lore will be reset instead of shooting the arrow.

  • Toggle Ability:
    • A player can turn on/off the plugin for itself, so will just use normal arrows and will not get messages from the plugin.

  • WorldGuard Regions:
    • You can enable WorldGuard Hook in the config to set a list of BlackListed regions in which players CAN'T use "The Archer" arrows.

  • Other:
    • You can disable SHIFT-Switching in config.
    • You can auto-switch to normal arrows if you don't have enough ammo for the arrow you want to choose (also toggeable in config).

      < . . . How to Use . . . >

  • /ta reload : reloads the config.
  • /ta toggle : toggles the plugin for the player on/off, when off, will always shoot normal arrows even if had a different arrow selected.

    < . . . Permissions . . . >

< . . . Next Features . . . >

( I wish you to have the last word in this, so please comment, and tell me what do you want in the next version! )

  • Due to the new Lore system (to store various bows with dfifferent arrows) i'll add 2 kind of permission:
  • Permissions to USE the arrows.
  • Permission to SWITCH the arrows.
  • Add more arrow types; ( Arrows Poll )

< . . . Errors / Issues - Troubleshooting . . . >

GETTING "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" ON START?


  • Plugin won't load!
    • Your server version is the same as the plugin one?
  • I get tons of errors!
    • Try to remove all the plugin data (jar and folder), start/stop the server, paste again the jar in the plugins folder and start again.

      Nothing Works? Other Issue?


      < . . . About the Author . . . >

When i start a server with dozens of plugins i have the same fear... will plugins break with this build? Well I can guarantee my plugins WILL NOT! cause i'm an active programmer, i'll always update my plugins to work with latest RB CraftBukkit Builds, so relax and enjoy.

Also, you can hire me to make a custom plugin for your server, just ask!

< . . . Donations . . . >

This is a free work, i'm not gonna get rich with this, so if you like my work, want to speed up the development or get custom features, please feel free to donate, a simple $ is enought to buy me some cookies :)


  • v2.4.2
    • Added option in config to auto-change to normal arrows if the player is on cooldown from the previous The Archer arrow.
    • Added option in config to use SHIFT(sneak) to change to Normal Arrow instantly instead of switching to previous arrow.

  • v2.4.1
    • Fixed a bug with the new perms.
    • Added a permission to allow usage of all arrows.

  • v2.4.0
    • Added option in config to auto-change to normal arrows if the player doesn't have more materials to shoot the desired The Archer arrow.
    • Added a region blacklist (optional worldguard hook) to avoid players shooting The Archer arrows inside them.
    • Players can see the exact remaining time (seconds) in chat when trying to shoot an arrow in cooldown.
    • Fixed client-side visual bug when trying to shoot without enough materials.
    • Commands & Perms added to the config to help you.
    • Permission for "normal" arrow removed, is no more needed.

  • v2.3.0
    • Some performance modifications done.
    • Added 3 new arrows:
      • Mob Arrow: depending on the mob egg type you have in the second slot of your toolbar, your arrow will spawn that mob on hit (ground or any entity)
      • C4 Arrow: will create an explosion on the target location/entity after a few seconds.
      • Redstone Arrow: will create a redstone torch in the target location.

  • v2.2.0
    • /ta-reload command is now /ta reload
    • Added command to disable plugin for yourself "/ta toggle", even if you have an arrow selected you'll shoot normal arrows.
    • You can now disable SHIFT arrow switching in the config.
    • Some small updates to the code performance.
    • Common methods (present in all my plugins) updated.

  • v2.1.3
    • Fixed a bug that causes Heal Arrow heals more that it should.

  • v2.1.2
    • Optimized Lore System.
    • Fixed a little bug with lore system when shift switching arrows.

  • v2.1.1
    • Little fix in for Trap and Mine arrow enabling (were disabled if the gatling one is disabled).

  • v2.1.0
    • Optional NEW Feature (toggeable in config):
      • You can store the different arrows in the BOW LORE instead of the player.
      • Therefore, you can have various bow with a different arrow selected in each one.
      • This feature is thief/griefer safe cause if a player without perms tries to use the arrow, the lore will be reset.

  • v2.0.0
    • Plugin full compatible with 1.5.1
    • Added Mine Arrow.
    • Added Trap Arrow.
    • Added Healing Arrow.
    • More messages are now customizable in the lang files.
    • Lang files now support bukkit color/format.
    • Some updates to the code, performace up:
      • Plugin now determines if the effect must be done to the terrain/entity/both, to avoid trying to make effect where it shouldn't. (Better CPU performance)
      • General effects processing updated (teleport is more smooth...)

  • v1.9.0
    • Material cost for arrows have changed to material IDs.
    • Added permission "TheArcher.admin.CoolDown" to bypass arrow cooldown.
    • All arrows with explosion effect have now the option to disable block destruction.

  • v1.8.2
    • Fixed the "TheArcher.admin.Free" permission (forget to change it).

  • v1.8.1
    • Added German language, thanks Vexatos!

  • v1.8.0
    • Added CoolDown per arrow type.
    • Added Gravity Arrow (launches the player upwards depending on the arrow speed).

  • v1.7.1
    • Fixed server freeze bug (eternal loop) for players without ANY arrow permission.

  • v1.7.0
    • Almost 50% of the code has been modified, performance has been greatly increased in all aspects.
    • You can now enable/disable every arrow in the config.yml.
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to use arrows with less amount of ammunition than needed.
    • Permissions have changed!
    • Added config version checker, that means if your config.yml is an old version will be renamed to "old_config.yml" and the plugin will create an updated version.(Warning: will only work from 1.7.0 hereinafter, you must delete your old configs to let plugin create a new one in this case)

  • v1.6
    • Improved code again.
    • Fixed weird NPE problem when shooting other players.
    • Added PvP support, if set to true (in config), when any PvP event is denied by any reason the effect will also be disabled.
    • Now, if the lang files exists, the plugin will not try to generate them again.

  • v1.5
    • Highly improved code, 200% faster with 50% less CPU, and 20% less memory usage.
    • Renamed Multi-Arrow to "Shotgun Arrow".
    • You can now go back in the arrow list by pressing "shift" (by default, toggle sneak).
    • This arrows will work now by hitting any block (don't need to be an Entity):
      • Explosive Arrow.
      • Napalm Arrow.
      • Nuke Arrow.
      • Cluster Bomb Arrow.
      • Thunder Arrow.

  • v1.4
    • Added permission to make arrows free ""
    • Added some effects to the teleport arrow.
    • Added Multi-Arrow (you can shoot up to 5 arrows at same time!)
    • Added Gatling-Arrow (you can shoot up to 5 arrows 1 by 1 at br00tal speed.

  • v1.3
    • Added 3 new arrow types.
    • Changed the permissions again, don't need to be so long, this will be the final format for permissions.
    • The "ta-reload" command is now executable by console.
    • Fixed but that makes some mobs die with 1 hit with a random arrow type.

  • v1.2
    • Permissions changed to let users have "ta.user.*" and get all arrow permissions, except Nuke arrow that i think it's dangerous so i give it an special permission.
    • Fixed problem in item cost quantity.
    • Added 4 new arrow types.

  • v1.1
    • Added costs to all arrow types, also configurable in the config.yml if you want to change the item and/or quantity.

  • v1.0
    • First release, 6 kind of arrows and 2 languages to choose English and Spanish, permissions and fully configurable arrow features. (WARNING: arrows are free, the version 1.1 will have configurable costs for each type of arrow, use permissions if you want to block some of them).
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