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  • Minecraft
  • 49 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.2.3-R0.2
  • 3,241 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/18/2012
  • Created 03/03/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: VoidWarp V0.4.2
Support development! **

About VoidWarp


This is my first plugin. Decided to make it as it seemed like something simple enough to do.

What this plugin currently does is warps you to a location if you fall through the void which is currently configurable through the config.yml.

The idea came from the concept of worlds being on top of each-other. For example, if you fell out of the skylands surely you would land in the main world? And if you fell out of the main world you would fall into the nether! With this plugin, you will be able to configure that, however you see fit.

This plugin is still massively under development so expect bugs and expect lots of updates in the coming weeks.


  • Teleport the player to any location of any world when they fall through the void.
  • Disable void damage before teleporting
  • Counteracts fall damage when dropping player into new world


  • /vwenable - Enables the plugin.
  • /vwdisable - Disables the plugin.
  • /vwset - Sets warp point to current location.


  • voidwarp.admin - Can use commands
  • voidwarp.user - Is teleported when they fall through a void


#Default config file

#Height above ground to drop player back into the world at
#when they have been teleported
drop-height: 20

#Distance player will fall through the void before being teleported
fall-distance: 50

#What permissions systems to use

    #Allow ops to execute all commands
    op: true
    #Use permission nodes (inactive)
        #Enable/diable the admin permission node
        admin: true
        #User's require node to be teleported
        user: true
        #Enable the node that allows players to be exempt from teleport costs
        free: true
    #Do use a Super Permissions compatible manager?
    bukkit: true
    #Do you use vault? (Not needed if you use a SuperPerms compatible manager)
    vault: false
    #Enable to enable/diable warp costs
    enable: false
    #Enable to use vault to manage ecomonomy
    vault: true

#Warp destination

    #World to teleport player to
    world: world
    #x co-ordinate in specified world
    x: 0
    #No y co-ordinate as you always appear at the highest point.
    #Wouldn't be like you fell from the sky if you didn't.
    #x co-ordinate in specified world
    z: 0
#Enable the plugin 
enable: true

Known Bugs

  • None

Planned Features

  • Warp to spawn
  • Multi World Support (different settings for each world)
  • Warp near fall


Making a donation is totally voluntary, however if you wish to donate I am happy to accept. I don't expect everyone using my plugin to donate however if your using my plugin (or any developer's plugins for that matter) on a server where you too receive donations then how about considering passing along some of that love to the people who make the plugins that make your server possible? I wouldn't expect people who don't make money from the use of the plugin to donate but all donations are appreciated and would help speed up development and get feature requests completed. If you would like to donate to me then you can use the button below:



  • Super Perm support added
  • Vault Permission support added
  • config.yml will be created/updated whether the plugin is set to enabled or disabled.
  • Improvements to logging
  • Only players can avoid void damage - before mobs would too.


  • Update to config ready for permissions
  • OP permissions implemented as a temporary security feature.


  • Enable/Disable added at config file level.
  • Enable/Disable commands added.
  • /vwset command added to set warp point from in game.
  • Fixed bug that always said world didn't exist.


  • When world specified in config is bad, player will be teleported to the local spawnpoint.
  • Error message now thrown in console for invalid world name in config.
  • fall-height renamed drop-height in config.
  • fall-distance added. Allows distance the player falls through the void before being teleported to be controlled.
  • Added a fall-back so that if player cannot be teleported for whatever reason, they will start gaining void damage after falling 500 blocks bellow the fall-distance.
  • New logger method


  • fall-height property added which allows for player to be dropped a certain height above the warp point so that it appears they are still falling into that position.


  • Config.yml added with ability to define location for player to be warped to.


  • Fall damage bug that caused death on spawn is fixed
  • Point of warp moved to Y=-50 to avoid void damage
  • Code cleaned up


  • Fixed user ending up in a mountain, and suffocating if a mountain happens to be at the spawn.


  • Teleports user to spawn when they fall through void


  • Displays message to user when they get bellow Y=64 - this was for initial debugging.


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