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Kerbal Alarm Clock

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  • Kerbal Space Program
  • 14,416 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 0.25
  • 69,021 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/26/2014
  • Created 05/07/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: v3.0.1.0 Release

About Kerbal Alarm Clock

With the Kerbal Alarm Clock you can create alarms for the following situations:

  • Raw time alarms – created for either a specific date/time or a specific period in the future;
  • Manuever node – create an alarm based on the next maneuver node on the current ships flight path. This node will be stored and can be restored when you come back to the ship. You can now also set the alarm clock to monitor for maneuver nodes and create alarms as these are created New in 2.6.3. Now has threshold for auto adds;
  • Other flight path nodes – Apoapsis, Periapsis, Ascending Node and Descending node. These can be configured to track changes as they approach as well;
  • Launch Rendezvous – Alarm that can be set to fire as your landed craft passes under the orbit of your target New in 2.6;
  • SOI Point – create an alarm manually based on when the next SOI point is on the flight path, or set the alarm clock to continually monitor the active flight path and add alarms as it detects SOI changes (there is also a background check you can enable for ships to notice simple name changes in the SOI for any background vessel, but it will not slow time before hand and will miss the SOI change by a fair margin under warp);
  • Closest Approach – create an alarm based on the closest Approach of this Vessel to the targetted Vessel. Select how many orbits into the future to look for the closest approach;
  • Target Distance – create an alarm based on distance to a target vessel or altitude from the orbited (or next patch) planet New in 2.6;
  • Transfers- create an alarm based on Interplanetary Transfer Phase Angles – ie. When should I launch to planet X – Based on Kosmo Not’s post and used in Olex’s Calculator;
  • Crew- Set an alarm for a Kerbal so that you can come back to them after a set time – regardless of the vessel they are in New in 2.6. Now stores Taregts and Maneuver Nodes;
  • "Earth Time" – create an alarm based on the time in the "Earth" alternative Universe (aka the Real World);

* Rework of majority of code base
* Ability to choose from 3 visual Skins
* Added Contract Alarms for Expiry and Deadlines
* Added Alarm Repeats for Raw, Crew and Model Transfer alarms
* QuickAdd option for contextual Alarms
* QuickAdd and Warp option
* Added Kill Warp with No Message action and restructured buttons/code behind
* Alarm Saving - now in the games save file - only saves and loads on game/save and load
* Adjusted settings tabs to better layout options
* API for Alarm Creation/Modification and events
* App Launcher integration - this is now the default
* Has input locking options for when mouse is over the panels - this prevents action groups from occuring when mouse is over windows
* Changed default Warp affecting to cater to non-instant transitions
* New Common Toolbar Wrapper - official one
* Removed periodic save of alarms file now that alarms are in the save files
* Screen clamping on main window
* Sorted the multiline alarm display stuff
* Window Resizing for better display
* Font changes to make more readable
* F11 keystroke disabled - can be reenabled via settings value
* Restructure settings
* Restructure plugin folders
* Added Alarm Import Tool for v2 Alarms
* Added Flags
* New documentation site -
* New versioncheck location on Github

```KSP Version: 0.25.0```


  • #2

    Does the part of the Readme that says to copy the contents of the gamedata mean to put TriggerTech in the KSP gamedata folder?

  • #3


    If a mod has a "Game Data" folder, then you can copy that folder into the the folder containing KSP.

    Otherwise you copy the mod folder(s) into the "Game Data" folder.

  • #1
    Alarm on Asteroid SoI change


    I'd like an option to be able to add alarms whil in the tracking station view, in particular for when Asteroids I am tracking come into Kerbins SoI.

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