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FASA - Kerbal NASA - Mercury to Apollo

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  • Kerbal Space Program
  • 5,161 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 0.90
  • 35,260 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/19/2014
  • Created 05/19/2014
  • 90 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: FASA 5.00
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About FASA - Kerbal NASA - Mercury to Apollo


There are 2 downloads available, make sure you get the one you want.

Launch clamps or the full mod.


Visit the forums for the latest news and updates on FASA.

--Instructions and help page---!!!-Sept-4 

This mod contains over 300 parts from the early days of NASA and is a large add-on pack. If it crashes during loading, remove the mod, turn your texture settings to the lowest level and then re-install FASA. If it still doesn't work try one of the memory reduction or texture reduction mods.

These are Kerbal versions of NASA rockets, not NASA replicas. Replicas are not the direction I want to go with FASA. I want to keep it fun, simple, easy, and have it be a somewhat stock like in appearance.

 Special thanks to DennyTx for his work on the Apollo CM ans Service Module.  More info here -



5.00 .90 incorporation 2 new solar panels, in space station sizes medium and large, kind of Skylab style Removed SAS from pods, Explorer probe and Apollo IU still has it Added Apollo Floats, ringed version and Spheres Re-skinned the Apollo LES so it is no longer blown out white Re-exported heat shield to be less burnt Created a streamlined Service module, runs a lot faster and uses less draw calls Made CM lighter so it would float easier CM interior added, Unfinished. Re-skinned Apollo capsule and cap, works with the reflection plug-in now, has a flag and lights too. Moved the reaction wheels from the Gemini pod to the rcs pack. RCS torque does not work well on small parts, but it will be more effective now, uses Mono as fuel. Removed attachable pod flags, if you still want them just rename the .cfg_ to .cfg in FASA/Flags/Flag_Pod Mercury IVA added Mercury RCS thrusters on pod added Moved Redstone fins into Basic Rocketry Antenna added to Mercury cap Customizable flag decal added to Mercury Gemini and Apollo Pod. Added FASA to list of manufactures, Created new icon for.90 Tweaked engine fuel consumption for J2 and H1 so Apollo s1b was possible. Added more available fuel for J2 tank and S1B tank. Default amount is the same Apollo IU weighs half as much now .25 Moved The Laser Mass Spectrometer to a higher tech level -TechRequired = advExploration- to account for the new building upgrades Removed Apollo parts that were never implemented - Boxes and rover holders Made Gemini mini SRB's cheaper Made Mercury lights draw a lot less power... Increased fuel in ascent stage decreased in decent stage Removed Connected living space mod modules. Stock game supports crew transfer now. Increased thrust on Apollo SM engine to 110 and lowered its weight Fixed 2.5m launch clamp scale issue.


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  • #29

    help! i only got parts for the gemini lander and nothing else!

  • #27

    Just trying to find out how to add Mechjeb to the sandbox game.

    Last edited by Mauler85 on 1/6/2015 3:12:57 PM
  • #28

    You just open the zip folder, and drop the file th there named Mechjeb into your gamedata folder.

  • #26

    never mind i figured it out

  • #25

    I think you guys left out some parts. Like the first stage rocket cluster for the saturn V rocket

  • #24

    there is a bug in the game every time i load a ship its sooooooo laggy and also sometime's when i'm working on my own ship the screen goes frozen and pink and blue and other colour's

  • #22

    Please update!

  • #20

    the apollo CM triple parachutes floatation devices start off deployed and i can't figure out how to fix it.

  • #19

    Im new to Kerbal Space Program. Basically all I can is put some satellites into a bad orbit. I just enjoy launching rockets and kind of messing around.  I really like these NASA rockets but I'm a horrible rocket builder. Are there any mods that have rockets that come already built? When I download this mod it only gives me NASA parts. I don't wanna build an apollo Rocket..... I want a mod that will just give me an apollo rocket already built. Are there any mods like this and if so what are they called? Basically I'm wondering, how do I get the rockets in the pictures for this mod?


    Last edited by Wallace_01 on 11/5/2014 7:59:23 AM
  • #30

    you have to build the rockets. thats the point noob.

  • #18

    i saw the apollo service model and its pretty close to the real deal

  • #17

    Please i love this mod update it to 0.25!!! It is so f***** awesome!

  • #21

    This mod is updated on the site called -kerbal stuff mods-

  • #16

    There is a problem with the saturn 5 rocket, the stage that hodls the LEM starts draining its fuel while it is attached, so when I get in space and decouple the LEM and dock it, it has had fuel drained from it.

  • #14

    Ok, first off, love this modpack.

    First question:

    I am currently trying to do an Apollo style moon/mun mission using the Saturn V rocket. Is there a way to do this without running out of RCS fuel in the CSM?

    Second question:

    Is there any possibility of a NASA like space shuttle and launch system being added to this pack in a future update?

    again, love this pack!

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