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Alternate Resource Panel

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  • Kerbal Space Program
  • 682 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.0.5
  • 29,269 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/02/2016
  • Created 05/20/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: v2.7.4.0 Release

About Alternate Resource Panel

Basically installing this gives you an extra button labelled "Alternate" next to the Resources button in the top right corner. When you hover over it it will keep the panel displayed while the mouse is over any part of the panel, or if you click it it will be toggled on. 

It displays a list of all the resources that are present on your vessel with a bar graph of the amount on vessel and the amount remaining. It also has the following additional capabilities:
  • Displays stage amount/usage - so you can see how much fuel is left in your current stage, esp in an asparagus configuration
  • Adjust the order and Grouping of the Resources so they display how you like - some can even be set to only show up when a threshold is passed
  • Optionally displays the change rate (or instant consumption) values
  • Optionally displays time till empty/full (*New in
  • Optionally hide a resource on empty (*New in or on Full (*New in
  • Select Resources to see part windows and look at individual components
  • Transfer Resources between parts - like the standard part windows (*New in
  • Add Alarms to get visual and Audio queues for what needs attention - even add your own sounds
  • Maintains settings and visibility between vessel switches/restarts
  • KAC style update checker added
  • Movable and lockable panel
  • Option of the KSP or Unity styles
  • Ability to add icons by simply placing files in the right folder
  • Ability for Modders to provide icons with their mod and have them display in KSPARP
  • Ability to configure the order of preference for icon sets
  • Optional Staging facility with Ability to Activate Stages in Map View, and
  • Ability to use Space Bar in Map view to activate stages - like in standard flight mode
  • Autostaging Controller to activate stages on engine flameout (*New in
  • Now contains icons for resources from: Kethane, Deadly Reentry, Extra Planetary Launchpads, KSP Interstellar, Life Support By Bobcat, MFS, Near Future, TAC Life Support
  • API for information reading and alarm acknowledgement (*New in

I plan to add a few more items to this over time, but that's it for starters

Heres some vision of the ARP in use - updated for 2.1

* Added in \"Base\" mode courtesy of
* Adjusted toggle styles on main screen to better indicate whats going on

```KSP Version: 1.0.5```


  • #5

    I don't know if this is the place to suggest this or if this would be the right mod to add this feature to, but I think KSP would be improved by an auto-stage trigger editing system, or even a more general trigger-based automation system. 

    The reason I bring this up is that I often try to use drop-tanks in my designs: fuel tanks that are used up by another stage's engines, then jettisonned before that stage and engine. I haven't tried others yet, but the MechJeb auto-stage only fires the next stage after flame-out. I want to fire a specific stage after a specific tank is empty.

    As a more general trigger system, it could be used to:

    • Start/stop resource converters/generators when tanks are full/empty or at a specific threshhold
    • Retract delicate components prior to a burn and re-deploy after
    • Jettison empty fuel tanks (droptanks)

    If the system were set up to run even when focus is not on the ship, it could be used to schedule suply runs. Just as an example, something like the following trigger set could be used to schedule supply runs between two stations:

    • |Docked to station 1| --> |Transfer fuel from station 1 to supply ship|
    • |Fuel tanks full| --> |undock| |Burn reverse 2.0 m/s| |Begin Countdown: 10s|
    • |Countdown end| --> |MechJeb: Rendezvous Autopilot: Rendezvous with station 2|
    • |Autopilot Terminated| && |dist to station 2 < 1km| --> |MechJeb: Docking Autopilot: Dock with staion 2, port 1|
    • |Docked to station 2| --> |Transfer fuel from supply ship to station 2|
    • |Fuel tanks 25%| --> |undock| |burn reverse 2.0 m/s| |Begin Countdown: 10s|
    • |Countdown end| --> |MechJeb: Rendezvous Autopilot: Rendezvous with station 1|
    • |Autopilot Terminated| && |dist to station 1 < 1km| --> |MechJeb: Docking Autopilot: Dock with staion 1, port 2|


    I've been using the Bussard Fuel scoop mod for fuel generation, which uses electricCharge to generate Particulates, then electricCharge and Particulates to generate Ore, which I then use with even more electricCharge to generate fuel. This is great, but uses a lot of electricCharge. My solar arrays can handle the load, but only when they're in the sunlight. When my station passes out of the sunlight, the batteries quickly drain and fuel generation stops until I reach the sunlight again. I don't have a problem with any of that. The problem is that once the battery runs out, there's no longer any electricCharge to run the SAS modules or to maintain control in the case of probes. What would help is a way to trigger fuel scoop shutoff when the solars aren't producing enough power. Alternately, and more inline with this mod's current purpose, a method could be devised to turn off fuel scoops when electricCharge drops below 75% and turn them on once it exceeds 90%. Another useful thing would be a warning when power drops below a certain threshhold for rovers, to remind you to return in time to recharge or to transmit data while you still have enough power.

  • #6

    SmartParts does exactly what you're after.

  • #4

    This looks beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work! I am definitely a instant fan here.


  • #3

    Looks cool! I never liked the messy original.


  • #1

    Is this some kind of joke? This is Alternate Resource Panel. I downloaded an Alarm Clock???

  • #2

    Go to other downloads. It is there. I guess he also has the alarmclock mod and made a mistake when he updated it or something.

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