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TAC Life Support

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  • Kerbal Space Program
  • 3,800 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.0.5
  • 136,713 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/18/2015
  • Created 06/03/2014
  • 551 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: TAC Life Support v0.11.2.1

About TAC Life Support

Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support system

Many Kerbal lives were bravely sacrificed to bring you the latest in biological needs.

Having problems with this mod (or any others)?
Read the [Official] How To Get Support and my Help page. Posts or problem reports without log files will now be ignored.

Windows 64-bit Compatibility
Until Squad fixes the Windows 64-bit version to make it more stable and less buggy, I will not be supporting this version at all. Please do not post any problems unless you can recreate them in another version: the Windows 32-bit, Mac (OSX) 32-bit, or Linux 64-bit. Read the [Official] How To Get Support and my post on the subject.


  • Kerbals require resources to survive, whether in a vessel or on EVA: Food, Water, Oxygen, Electricity (for air quality and climate control)
  • Resources are needed all the time, even when flying another vessel, or sitting at the Space Center or Tracking Station.
  • Kerbals can die if they go without resources for too long. The defaults are: 360 hours without Food (60 Kerbin days/15 Earth days), 36 hours without Water, 2 hours without Oxygen, and 2 hours without Electricity.
  • Kerbals produce waste resources: Carbon Dioxide, Waste, and Waste Water. Currently Carbon Dioxide can be recycled into Oxygen, and Waste Water can be recycled into clean Water. Also can filter Oxygen out of IntakeAir, or split Water into Oxygen and Waste (hydrogen). A greenhouse part that allows growing Food is planned, but is not included yet.
  • Filling up with waste resources (Carbon Dioxide, Waste, Waste Water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to convert them back into good resources.

Read the full descriptionRead about the recent changes.

Requires Module Manager.

Need some help?
See the new Tutorials and Help pages.

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Includes the KSP Add-on Version Checker's MiniAVC. It does a GET request to to find the latest release number. It is opt-in and no information is sent to the server. I recommend downloading the full KSP-AVC Plugin to get the most out of it. And encourage other mod authors to support it.

Please post all comments to the forum thread.


  • Built for KSP 1.0.5
  • Shows the Life Support Monitoring window in the Tracking Station [thanks Henry!]
  • Sorts the Life Support Monitoring window by who's going to run out of resources first, though the active vessel is still always listed first. [thanks Henry!]
  • Times shown now show the number of years instead of a huge number of days.
  • Fixes for better compatibility with RealFuel: no longer patches RF tanks, and converters no longer force_activate() [thanks NathanKell and Thomas!]


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  • #45

    So I updated this a couple weeks ago, but it is still downloading the previous version for some reason. You can find the new version by looking under "Other Downloads". Version is made for KSP 1.0.5.

  • #44
    TAC Life Support works 1.0.5

    i have KSP 1.0.5 and both TAC LS and TAC Feul balncer both work with no problems (you get the incompatible mod window but it still works)

    A question i have tho is: will there be Deep Freeze compatability or not? 

  • #43

    Will there be an update for 1.05?

  • #42

    i cant get it to work  theres no containers however the it does have the tabs


  • #40

    works fine for me, using 1.0.4.

  • #39
    TAC Life Support 1.0.4?

    I really like this mod, i recomend installing it to evryone. makes game more fun. and unlike most mods it can be turned off  in game without modifiying the code, or breaking the game.

    but 1 question i have is when is a 1.0.4 version comming out?

  • #41
    TAC Life Support

    i had incompatibility message appear. so didnt try it (i tried with another mod an had to reinstall KSP)

    thanks for reasuring me it works fine

  • #38

    Great Mod!

    This made KSP more interesting for me, I had a station orbiting Kerbin for a Kerbin year and I had to deliver food to them and retrieve the waste product (just recycled CO2 and Waste H2O). Some say Realism is not funny but this made KSP more interesting, believeme!
    The Greenhouse will be a good Idea it can use Power, H2O, CO2 and Waste(organics) to produce Food (because food production is more resource demanding), The drawback could be a module that is a little big or it uses too much H2O or something that make you think twice before adding to your station or small Hidrophonic modules that does not produce much food and still needs tons of H2O and Power to run (not much CO2 and Waste).

    Also, the only thing that bugged me is the techtree which I feel is not correct. you could split some to Space exploration and advance space exploration, but, is your mod so... anyway thanks for this beauty!.

  • #37

    Great mod,  this rly made my game alot more complex and fun :D

  • #36

    I appreciate your mod.

    And i hope you will try an keep it up to date because it took a long while from Alpha 24.0 to 1.0

    I was wondering if you would update it to 1.0.4 please.

    Last edited by D3vildog0903 on 7/12/2015 1:37:20 PM
  • #35


    Love your mod and appreciate the work your doing, this really makes the game complete for me.  I was just wondering if you had a time line for an update to 1.0.4?

    Thanks again for the great mod!

  • #33

    Hi I have a problem with your pack 

    Randomly when i am playing with it installed your lifesupport icon disapeers and my kerbals stop using lifesuppor but the parts are still their.

    I dont know what is going on i am using ksp 1.0.2 and windows 8.1 

  • #34

    I need a copy of your entire log file. Please read the [Official] How To Get Support for instructions on where to find the log file, and other troubleshooting steps you can take to try and find the problem.

    Please upload the log file to Dropbox (or something similar, but not behind an ad-wall please).

    From your description, it sounds like a conflict with another mod, but I'll need more information before I can do anythhing to help.

  • #32

    And please post issues on the forum thread. Curse is still failing to e-mail me whenever someone posts here.

  • #31

    If this mod (or any other) is not working in Career mode, but does work in Sandbox, then please make sure that you have the latest version of the Tarsier Space Technologies mod. It had a version that broke other mods. It has been fixed, but it might not be the "official" release on its OP.

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