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New EverQuest Producer's Letter

The latest EverQuest Producer's Letter has been posted on the website. This time Clint "Jourdian" Worley recaps EverQuest's involvement in the SOE Fan Faire, the possibility of adding new rule set servers similar to the Progression server, reducing some of the strain on new players leveling up to max-level in a matured game environment, as well as a look back at the quest workshop panel during the Fan Faire.

The progression servers were a great concept and they actually are a huge success. Although we did a server merge on these servers to keep the players tight and available for grouping and opening the new content it has made me think... think about the idea of having a set of servers that are setup with a special rule set. What do you all think of that? I know that there have been discussions about different gameplay types or different rule sets before but I figured it was a conversation worth having again. The development team has a few ideas of their own but I wanted to hear what the players had in mind. Join the Special Ruleset Servers discussion.

To check out everything it has to offer, pay a visit to the EQ Producer's Letter.


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    And just to toss in a comment more as a player than a "news guy" - I'm very glad to see them finally looking into the issues of leveling in EverQuest as a new player. If they really want to get players back into EQ, then they definitely have to take a look at leveling since most players are now max-level or close to it.

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