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New Unit: Terran TF-620 Nomad

It's been a while since the last unit update on the StarCraft II website, so everyone will no doubt be excited to see this brand-new unit that has never been seen in the StarCraft universe!

The TF-620 Nomad will be replacing the Science Vessel in the sequel to Blizzard's hit sci-fi RTS franchise when it comes to detection, and has a few new surprises not found in the game previously!

The Nomad will be able to create special semi-permenant defense structures on the map to assist units, or fight off attackers encroaching on Terran territory.

The TF-620 nomad is an all-around workhorse that combines the functions of light manufacturing center and observation post rolled into one. A common sight among the fringe-world colonies, the nomad is a robust, air-mobile vehicle built to operate independently in all but the harshest climates. Although the nomad shares a number of common traits with its smaller cousin, the SCV, the nomad is a far more specialized and advanced engineering craft.

To find out more about the Nomad, head over to the Terran Nomad page. We've also updated our StarCraft II Images with screen shots and concept art of the Nomad, so head over to check them out, or click on the thumbnails below!

TF-620 Nomad DefenseTF-620 NomadNomad ConceptAuto-Turret Concept


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