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Downloading and Installation

  • Download the Client at
  • Run the downloaded setup file, which will begin the installation process after you have accepted the EULA. The Client installer may have to update your .NET framework – it will do so automatically.
  • The client may need to undergo an update when logging in for the first time. It will automatically restart and install the latest update for you.
    • Shortcuts will place a Curse Client shortcut on your desktop
  • Please note that you will need a account in order to use the Curse Client. You can register for a free account on or on the Client login page.

Curse Client 4.0 Setup & Features Tour

  • When first installed, this brief tour will run automatically. You will be able to tell the Client to startup automatically when Windows starts, to add a shortcut to the Desktop, or to determine whether you want the Client to remain in the system tray when closed.
  • You will also be walked through the new features recently added to the Client.
  • To access the tour in the future, you can run it from the "Help" toolbar menu.

Managing Games with the Client

  • Upon startup, the Client will automatically scan your computer in order to detect games it supports.
  • To manually add a game to the Client:
    • In the “Tools” menu, select “Add a Game.”
    • Browse to the folder for the game you’d like to add.
    • The Client will create the game in the left menu and will scan the game’s addon folder.
  • ”Options” under the “Games & Addons” tab. Select the game from the drop-down menu and edit the options.

Managing Addons

Scanning Addon Folders

  • When a new game is added to the Client, your addon folder is automatically scanned and identified.
  • In cases where the Client cannot identify an addon, it will ask you whether you would like to allow the Client to modify or ignore that addon.
  • You you can manually scan for addons for a game by hitting the “Refresh” button when the game is selected in the left menu.

Installing New Addons

  • New addons can be installed either from using the Install via Curse Client button, or from the client itself.
  • If you use's Install via Curse Client option, your computer will download a .CCIP file that when opened with the Client, will automatically download the addon.
  • From the Client itself, use the “Get More Addons” tab in the left menu of the Client. You can filter the list of available addons to install by either typing the name in the upper right search box, or using the drop-down filter.

Managing Installed Addons

  • All installed addons will be displayed when you click on a game in the left menu.
  • The client will check for addon updates at launch and at periodic intervals when running. 
  • The list of addons displays the name, author, category, and installed/latest dates for each addon. You can right click a column to customize the way it is sorted, and you can drag columns to rearrange their order.
  • You can manage an addon by clicking on it an selecting an option in the upper left menu – update, uninstall, etc.

Tools Menu

  • Refresh – Refreshes the list of the addons
  • Update All – Updates all addons (available to Curse Premium members only).
  • Update – Updates selected addon
  • Sync – Enables Addon Sync and Addon Settings Backup features, (available to Curse Premium members only).
  • Uninstall – Uninstalls the selected addons and removes them from your hard drive.
  • Tools – Report a bug, launch the UI Wizard or run the Addons Settings Cleaner.
  • Start Game – Launch the currently selected game.
  • Subscribe – Learn more about the benefits of Curse Premium (only seen by non-premium users).

Menu Options 

  • File
    • Logout – Logs you out of the Client.
    • Exit – Closes the Client
  • View
    • Show Sidebar – Toggles the display of the sidebar.
    • Show Toolbar Labels – Toggles the display of the toobar labels.
  • Tools
    • Options – Allows you to set various options in the Curse Client.
    • Add a Game – Add a game to be managed by the Client.
    • Scan for All Installed Games – Scans your computer and adds any games that can be managed.
    • Repair File Associations – Associates the Curse Client with .CCIP files - you only need to run this if it is not currently associated.
  • Help 
    • Release Notes – View release notes.
    • Welcome to Curse Client v4 – View welcome startup tour.
    • Report a Bug – Select this to report a bug with the Client.
    • Support Tickets – Submit a support ticket.
    • Support Forum – Visit the support forum.
    • Open Client Log – Opens an activity log in Notepad.
    • Check for Client Updates – Checks if there is an update available - will prompt whether you wish to update.
    • About Curse Client – Gives information about the client

Information Collected by the Curse Profiler Addon

  • Item statistics 
  • NPC information
    • Mob health, location, drop rates, etc.
    • Questgivers, item vendors, trainers, etc.
  • Quest information, starting and end points, objectives, rewards
  • Maps, zones, and locations
  • Character profiles and statistics
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