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Prime Resurgence (Terran Campaign)

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  • Updated 02/12/2014
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  • Newest File: Terran Campaign v1.4

About Prime Resurgence (Terran Campaign)


A 5-mission Terran campaign based on the final events in Brood War. The campaign begins with Kerrigan's assault on the UED capitol on Korhal. As captain of the UED forces, your objectives are to contain the situation and regain the initiative in the Brood War. The campaign will culminate in a final showdown with both the Swarm and the Dominion.

Expect relatively high-quality terrain. Feedback is welcome!

Requires HotS to play. Disclaimer: I have used "rescued" terrain for missions 2 and 3.

A note about difficulty: The difficulty in these missions should be similar to Brood War, where there is only one difficulty setting. Most custom campaigns try to be as challenging as possible and are designed for veteran players, but I try to make the difficulty as similar to the official Blizzard campaigns as possible.


  1. You need to extract all the maps, and place all the maps in the following directory within your SC2 folder:
    (SC2 installation folder)\Maps\Revolution\Episode I - Terran\
  2. Download the Left2Die.mod file (included in the files page) and place it in the following directory within your SC2 folder:
    (SC2 installation folder)\Mods\ This is because mission 2 uses some hero skins etc from the mod.
  3. Run the Mission Select map. You can do this by right-clicking the file, and selecting "Open With..." then choose StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe
    Alternatively, you can open the Mission Select map with the SC2 Map Editor, then pressing "Test Document". Make sure you close the editor while you run the game, because these maps can be quire resource intensive.
  4. Enjoy!


  1. Endgame
    - Defend UED capitol on Korhal from Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm.
    (counterpart to Brood War mission: "The Liberation of Korhal")
  2. Liberty
    - Liberate the planet of Umoja from infestation virus.
  3. Shattered City
    - Crush Kerrigan's stronghold on Tarsonis and slay her Cerebrate.
    (counterpart to Brood War mission: "The Fury of the Swarm")
  4. Dominion Fury
    - Mengsk has allied with Kerrigan to launch an assault on Char, where the UED Slave Broods dwell.
    (counterpart to Brood War mission: "To Slay the Beast")
  5. Operation Vertigo
    - Inflict a final defeat upon the Terran Dominion and secure your place in history as one of the greatest commanders who ever lived.


Full changelog can be found at

What's Next?

A Protoss campaign is on the way, focusing on Zeratul's battle against Ulrezaj. A Zerg campaign told from Duran's perspective is also in planning stage.


Mission 1: Endgame

  • Made the lighting somewhat darker, as per EivindL's suggestion.
  • The outlying Zerg base has the position of its mineral lines slightly altered to conform to Blizzard's mapmaking rules (always leave space behind mineral lines for static defences). Previously you could not build Turrets in the mineral line if you chose to expand to that location.

Mission 2: Liberty

  • Re-made the stealth part of the mission. It should be more forgiving than before, and now if you are detected, the investigating Overseer will only stay for a limited amount of time before heading back.
  • Nerfed Eva's DPS from normal attack, but gave her some superior abilities to compensate.
  • Changed Rocketeer cost to be less mineral intensive.
  • Changed the music to Zerg theme.
  • Only structures need to be destroyed to complete the main objective now (previously you had to clean up all enemy units as well).
  • Some terrain changes.

Mission 3: Shattered City

  • Re-scaled the difficulty of enemy Zerg attack waves.
  • Changed the music to Terran theme.
  • Widened the ramp on the Zerg fortress in the centre of the map.
  • Fixed Diamondbacks having 9 range instead of 8, as intended.
  • Stalkers will now attempt to Blink micro when they reach low health.
  • High Templar will now correctly use Psi Storm.


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