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Prime Resurgence v2.0

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  • Updated 03/14/2015
  • Created 10/09/2010
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About Prime Resurgence v2.0

Welcome to Prime Resurgence.

This is a 5-mission Terran campaign based on the final events in Brood War. The campaign begins with Kerrigan's assault on the UED capitol on Korhal. As captain of the UED forces, your objectives are to contain the situation and regain the initiative in the Brood War. The campaign will culminate in a final showdown with both the Swarm and the Dominion.

You will take command of exciting new units, fight in unpredictable conditions, and still have time to gaze around at the terrain work once in a while. While the campaign itself isn't awfully difficult, your micro and your macro will be tested.

Requires HotS to play.

Link to feedback thread


  1. Download the .ZIP file and extract the contents to your StarCraft II maps folder:
    (SC2 installation folder)\Maps\
  2. The subfolders will be created automatically. Don't move them out of the pre-placed subfolder or the mission launcher won't work, and the maps won't be linked.
  3. Download the Left2Die.mod file (included in the files page) and place it in the following directory within your SC2 folder:
    (SC2 installation folder)\Mods\ This is because mission 2 uses some hero skins etc from the mod.
  4. Run the Mission Select map. You can do this by right-clicking the file, and selecting "Open With..." then choose StarCraft II\Support\SC2Switcher.exe
    Alternatively, you can open the Mission Select map with the SC2 Map Editor, then pressing "Test Document". Make sure you close the editor while you run the game, because these maps can be quire resource intensive.
  5. Enjoy!


  1. Endgame
    - Defend UED capitol on Korhal from Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm.
  2. Liberty
    - Liberate the planet of Umoja from infestation virus.
  3. Shattered City
    - Crush Kerrigan's stronghold on Tarsonis and slay her Cerebrate.
  4. Emperor's Wrath
    - Mengsk has allied with Kerrigan to launch an assault on Char, where the UED Slave Broods dwell.
  5. Operation Vertigo
    - Inflict a final defeat upon the Terran Dominion and secure your place in history as one of the greatest commanders who ever lived.

Changelog and Credits

Current version: v2.0
Full changelog

What's Next?

A Protoss campaign is on the way, focusing on Zeratul's battle against Ulrezaj. A Zerg campaign told from Duran's perspective is also in planning stage.



This is an almost complete remake of the campaign, with all new aesthetics and some new gameplay twists.

Mission 1: Endgame

  • Complete terrain makeover. I hope you take your time and enjoy the new visual style.
  • Remade several units, due to them either being too overpowered or being insufficiently useful.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Improved the effect and visual style of the Particle Uplink Cannon.
  • Plasma Shield regeneration rate reduced significantly.
  • Battlecruisers will now have 3 shield armour when fully upgraded, down from 3+3 shield armour.

Mission 2: Liberty

  • Complete terrain makeover. I tried a really different style with this map, not using any cliff tiles.
  • The stealth part of the mission should feel more uncomfortable, and will test your planning and your execution.
  • The infested and Zerg enemies should now feel more "active" and "lively".
  • Improved all the factory units.
  • Nerfed the Armageddon battlecruisers a little by increasing their cost (it's still quite strong).
  • All units build times reduced slightly.

Mission 3: Shattered City

  • Complete terrain makeover.
  • Improved AI and all sorts of other improvements/bug fixes.
  • Remade some units:
  • Venom - this stealth tank will unleash a devastating rocket barrage, but has a long attack cooldown, and must de-cloak to attack. Inspired by the Nod Stealth Tank from C&C. Note that the missile barrage can overkill, but it deals a bit of splash damage even if the initial target is dead, so they won't go completely to waste!
  • New Hellbat/Hellion ability - the flame attack of these units will now inflict unfortunate status debuffs on any units hit, either slowing them down or reducing their damage.
  • Siege Tank - now called the Shockwave Artillery, this unit will no longer be constrained by minimum range. Plus, the shaped blast upgrade reduces damage to friendly units by 100%.
  • Warhound - this unit is now the dedicated anti-armour / anti-air support mech. Goliaths have been removed because they weren't needed.
  • Thor - this unit should feel much more responsive, and the delay on the strike cannons ability that everybody hated in Wings of Liberty is gone.

Mission 4: Emperor's Wrath

  • Minor terrain improvements.
  • Renamed from Dominion Fury to Emperor's Wrath.

Mission 5: Operation Vertigo

  • Added a new unit: the Thunderhead support frigate. This unit excels at dealing damage from long range, and its attack will make affected units more vulnerable to damage from other sources. However, it is fragile and not cost-effective in close-range combat.
  • The Black Guard units have been re-balanced, and should now be a bit more difficult to defeat. Some of them have new abilities.
  • Some AI improvements.
  • Minor terrain improvements.


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