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Marine Arena

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  • StarCraft II
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  • Updated 08/02/2010
  • Created 04/28/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Marine Arena v 0.9.9815

About Marine Arena


The only versions that I support, and that are regularly updated are: US Gateway version 1.0.0 (Published by Me and updated weekly) EU Gateway version (Published by MasterKiwa and updated every 1-2 weeks)

v0.9.9 is the old beta version and is no longer being updated.

The EU version has some minor differences since I've allowed Kiwa to edit and add to the map if he chooses to, but the core of the game between the versions is roughly the same.

Any other version not published by us, and on different gateways, is a stolen map, likely bugged, imbalanced, and completely unsupported by me. Anyone posting feedback on these versions are wasting their time since I dont care about the problems in those versions, talk to the guy who stole and edited my map without my permission.


Marine Arena Official Thread - Starcraft 2 Map Development Forums:

Marine Arena Official Forums:

Complete Changelog

Marine Arena Fan-made Wiki:

Marine Arena (EUROPE) Official Thread - Starcraft 2 (EU) Map Development Forums:

Please use one of the above links or the comments section below to post comments, feedback, suggestions, and find information about Marine Arena!

Thanks, Crayon.934


-Crayon.fdsfgs (Crayon)

(This map is nearing completion, roughly 90% finished. All that needs to be done now is some balancing tweaking, and adding in a few more mercs/heroes and upon launch I will add in the actual Hero unit with shops and inventories.)

.9.9815 - Victory conditions work, Player has Dialog to Observe the rest of the game as a Neutral player, When a Player dies, so does all his units.
.9.9812 - Optimization of some spawning triggers to reduce game start latency issues and end game major lag issues. Will be optimizing more as we come closer to final release of Marine Arena.
.9.981 - Dialog buttons for game mode selection.
.9.980 - Includes Squad Mode, (Marines and Merc's are capped)  Max Marines = 40  Max Merc's = 20

If you would like to help me add things to this map, or have any cool ideas, or you would like to create your own version of this map using mine as a Base, send me a PM.
Remember, if you edit, give me credit.
Dont steal my map, if you want to edit it give me a heads up and credit me on your version.


  • #9
    Why the hell doesn't this map allow TEAMs to join?! I go to play with friends and it randomizes the teams.

    If this is intentional your a Dbag. Way to ruin a great map by imposing retarded restriction on the game.

    Otherwise this is my bug report and your not a Dbag.
  • #8
    Hey Crayon, been a fan of your map since Beta. Any chance of getting it published to the SEA region? I'm willing to help make it possible as a publisher if you approve. My contact details are on the Curse profile =)
  • #7
    Stalkers, completely broken with upgrades and blink. Should be stalker arena
  • #6
    also the bottom right spawn locations dont work at all
  • #5
    played this map with some friends 1v1v1, it has ALOT of potential for being a really fun and popular custom map so i hope you havn't forgotten about it

    some things:

    -armor/attack upgrades are really imbalanced. whoever gets ahead in the earlier battles is invincible from that point on. you should limit upgrades to 3/3 instead of 10/10
    -stalkers are way too strong
    -marauders spawn as enemy
    -your mercenary building spawns right next to high ground and if another player gets control of it they can kill it and deny it easily, should move it next to your CC instead
    -should perhaps make the map bigger, high ground is way too strong for containing
  • #1
    Played it twice with my friend last night, it seems when we start the game, the building next to our base blows up. Everything else seems fine, except if you would make money gain faster for everyone, or at least for 2 people, the game would be more fun, and also, be able to make a scv or 2, because I was about to damage his CC enough and have it burn down.
  • #2
    Edit?: Ok, the cheats work for the first 2 days, but not the 3rd for some reason, Ghost's Nuke doesn't work, Blink for stalkers didnt work, can't build planetary fortress
  • #3
    Another edit: Marine HP upgrade doesn't dissaper after 10 upgrades, same with protoss shields.
  • #4
    Edit again: Maraduer Mercenaries are spawned as enemies
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