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SC1 Episode 1 - Rebel Yell

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  • Updated 04/28/2013
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  • License: Public Domain
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About SC1 Episode 1 - Rebel Yell


Starcraft: Mass Recall has moved!


for the latest versions, click here to visit the new project page



Starcraft: Episode I - Rebel Yell

the complete Terran campaign

Episode list
Episode I - Rebel Yellby Ultraling & Jones
Episode II - Overmindby Jones
Episode III - The Fallby christdaugherty
Episode IV - The Standby Telenil & Jimm3110
Episode V - The Iron Fistby Jones
Episode VI - Queen of Bladesby Telenil, Jones & Jimm3110

also check out the project thread at TeamLiquid

First of all, huge thanks to Ultraling and Maverck for having done most of the work and making this campaign possible. Both of them were awesome about letting me use their stuff to put this thing together. These are originally Ultraling's maps, found here in sc2mapster. I picked them up a long time ago and slowly worked on them, editing terrain, adding all kinds of flavor here and there, including Maverck's Brood War mod, and this is the result.


  • all 10 original missions + the tutorial
  • original SC1 units and structures with original stats, including custom models
  • original SC1 Terran soundtrack
  • all the dialogue, voice acting & other miscellaneous text from the original campaign
  • classic unit decals, such as Alpha Squadron, Sons of Korhal etc.

"Artistic License"

(some notable differences from the original campaign)

  • Medics - to balance out the units Brood War style, and to provide more options to the player
  • extra "hero" abilities: Kerrigan has the snipe ability, Raynor can replenish Spider Mines
  • Mission 4 "The Jacobs Installation" - third person mode (optional)
  • two difficulty levels - with a somewhat more aggressive AI than in the original, in order to provide some challenge to the average player


Links to the latest versions, by language. You will need both the maps and the mod file to play (see "How to play" below).

PLEASE NOTE that for the latest versions and the Campaign Launcher, you will also need the latest (or at least close to latest) version of Starcraft 2. For older versions, check the "Files" section.

English version

French version

German version

Russian version

Italian version

Korean version

How to play

  • extract the mod file (SC1BWmod) to your "Mods" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory (NOT the folder under "My Documents")
  • extract the map pack to the "Maps" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory (create the folder if it doesn't exist)
  • extract the Campaign Launcher & setup to the same "Maps" folder (not the campaign folder)

Campaign Launcher installation:

  • launch the Starcraft 2 editor
  • open the setup map named SCMRsetup in your Maps folder and click the "test document" button on the top right (or press ctrl+F9)
  • wait until the launcher loads and you're at the title screen, then save the game and exit the map (press esc or F10 to open the game menu)
  • find the save file (named "Starcraft - Mass Recall" by default) in (your home/documents folder)/Starcraft II/Saves/VersusAI
  • copy or move the save file to the saves folder under your account folder (your home/documents folder)/Starcraft II/Accounts/.../.../Saves/Multiplayer (for example; any of the save folders will do)
  • Done! You can now log into the appropriate account and load the save from the load game-screen. You can use this save to play each episode.

more info:

  • You can copy the save file to whatever accounts you want. For example, if you want to play offline, copy it to your guest account folder.
  • If you're unsure of the right folders or can't find the Starcraft II documents folder, log into an account of your choice in SC2, go to the load game-screen, click on a save and click the "show in folder"-button. It will take you to the appropriate saves folder.

Troubleshooting & known issues


  • Original campaign by Blizzard
  • Original remake by Ultraling
  • Remake of that remake by Jones
  • Mod by Maverck
  • additional mod tweaking by christdaugherty, Superfield, Jones, Telenil
  • additional terraining by johnnythewolf

custom models by

  • GnaReffotsirk (Carrier, Shuttle, Queen, Guardian)
  • Snowflake Entertainment/Project Revolution (Reaver, Corsair, Defiler, Valkyrie), reworked by GnaReffotsirk (with help from NiNToxicated, DeveRR0, Phygis)
  • buhhy (Dragoon)
  • SoulFilcher (Ion Cannon)
  • Thrikodias (Observatory, Psi Emitter)
  • GhostNova91 (Duran portrait)

custom decals by

  • TooMuchTuch (Alpha Squadron, Omega Squadron, Confederate flag)
  • Frankiealaplaaja (Mar Sara militia, Sons of Korhal)

  • Third Person Shooter engine by martinolsson
  • easy difficulty, other AI & minor tweaks by Telenil
  • thanks to J.Logan and Tolkfan for some briefing screen related functions
  • French translation by Choum28
  • Russian translation by Jimm3110, Virussoft (original translation & dubbing: Fargus Multimedia, 7Wolf)
  • Italian translation/modification by Zarxiel93, TheTorrasque, JustSkorpyon
  • German translation by FirefoxGhost
  • Korean translation by storycraft
  • and of course thanks to Hati for his SC2 Localizer, so everyone can play the maps!


  • Starcraft soundtrack by Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Tracy W. Bush
  • "Metallic Monks" by Mark Morgan (Fallout)
  • "Last Legs" by Kelly Bailey (The Orange Box Original Soundtrack)

  • special thanks to Telenil, christdaugherty, Superfield and Jimm3110 for their enthusiasm and work on the project.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a completely unofficial, non-profit, fan-made remake and in no way affiliated with Activision Blizzard.

a step-by-step guide for downloading, setting up and playing the campaigns, in German. PDF format.


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  • #17

    Errors (ignore if "error" is intentional) I have noticed so far: (Note: Not negative critisizm)

    Jim Raynor does not begin with the speed boost upgrade as a vulture. (Frankly, its quite annoying how fast he goes when trying to keep him grouped)

    Supply Depots and Bunkers are the wrong size (3 wide, 2 high, rather then 2x2 and 3x3 respectively)

    Firebats do 8x3 in sc1, not 8x2 (should be 24/12/6, rather then 16/8/4). (they hit range 3 or 4 if bunkered but I cannot tell if they are willing to shoot that far.)

    Wraiths are Large units in sc1, not medium, and they do normal damage. 20 vs air, 8 vs ground.

    Missile turrets have 200 hp, and do 20 damage (20/15/10) in sc1.

    Medics (Besides the presence) have the wrong soundset.

    Duke's picture. Briefings should have some indication as to who is talking (Although might be unnecessary as most people who play the campaign will remember)

    Level 0 did not connect to the rest of the campaign for me (did not extensively test). Level 5 had my cursor dissipear so I could not click very well. Score screen should include "Time elapsed" (from when intro ends to level is "won", and resources (at the least, amount spent) and structures destroyed/lost.

    Level 2 seems to "spoil" by showing you creep in the intro. Level 3 has spawning of units (computer builds everything in campaign), Level 4 has a critter pen and has no way for the zerglings to run past you once you have opened the doors, and *all* the scientists and scvs are "hostile" to you.

    Zerglings feel way too fast in level 3, maybe thats just because it was on "Kerrigan" difficulty.

    Kerrigan has snipe, if going for something "cool" over normal ghosts, give her "no mana change while cloaked", just my opinion.

    Finished only 5 levels so far, so most likely will spot more things as I progress. Keep up the good work!

  • #15

    I'm running it on cracked SC2 (campaign only version) and it doesn't work

    Editor keeps saying an error that goes Mapinfo not loaded or something

    And my testing the maps, I simply get a "can't open map" message

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Last edited by hangbin9 on 8/28/2012 11:50:40 PM
  • #16

    Prehaps by supporting the developers and actualy buying the game

  • #14

    The only thing I dont get is when you do "test document", how do you save it?  Theres no option for it on the campaign screen, unless your supposed to go into each mission and save them individually?

  • #13

    Where can i find the english version?

    cause for some reason i get the russian one.


    Last edited by Georgevanderburgh on 5/1/2012 1:11:23 PM
  • #12

    The link 404's. Please fix!

  • #11

    Snipe too coool lol snipe fail

  • #9
    This goes for both Terran and Zerg campaigns.

    Both remakes were very well done overall.

    The infiltration FPS style was great but the controls felt a little lagish at times (and I believe its blizzards fault and not yours). I completed the zerg mission rather easily but had extreme difficulty on the terren mission mostly due to Kerigen regains health and Jim does not, a few more health packs here and there would be nice. I would get rid of the regen for Kerigan and do the same so both maps are more about conserving health and using packs as needed then how long you can afk while you regen. Also I dont know if its possible but being able to shoot and move at the same time would be nice. A map would be nice too.

    The later the missions the harder it gets and I think its mostley due to the AI cheating (go figure right). Several stages I noticed that I would build mass a certain unit and the AI would build mass the counter and send it at me all at once. There were a couple stages that I couldnt even pretend to have a chance becuase of this, most notable was Trump Card, the attacks were to intense and often to not hole in before setting out but once I would start farming minerals off the next site the AI would send everything it had at those minerals. A script for certain AI builds at certain times and when and where they attack would be better so the AI doesnt cheat.

    I give a 4.5/5

    Great recreation overall but some changes like I wrote above would be nice so that both the veterans can have their nastalgic moments while the noobs can enjoy it without headbashing through the whole thing.
  • #10
    Another mission that I couldnt complete was the mission where you stop the dark templar from escaping. Instead of trying to escape, the protoss sent wave after wave at all 3 bases including the dark templar.
  • #8
    1st: I got "the Unable to launch Game" sign (fixed)
    2nd: When I kill or create a unit i lose
  • #7
    my vulture raynor doesnt apear!! and cause the game to crash
  • #5
    ive placed the mod into the starcraft mods folder and opened the first map in the galaxy editor. which gives an error saying something to the effect of (failed to load dependencies) im on mac os x 10.6.6 idk any help would be appreciated :D
  • #6
    I dunno, man. Try launching the maps with MapCraft. You can get it here:
  • #3
  • #4
    Hehe. Thanks, the Zerg episode is coming. Stay tuned.
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