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The Wandering Isle {Terrain Showcase}

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  • StarCraft II
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  • Updated 05/21/2012
  • Created 05/21/2012
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  • License: Public Domain
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About The Wandering Isle {Terrain Showcase}

This map is a remake of the Wandering Isle terrain but on a smaller scale.

Lore:"The Wandering Isle is a giant turtle named Shen-zin Su that left Pandaria 10,000 years ago and began growing. Pandaren afflicted with wanderlust accompanied the giant turtle, venturing out to explore the known world. They were gone for such a long time that their own homeland was even lost to them. Forests lush and green sprang up upon the turtle's back, and the pandaren erected buildings, temples, and farms. Wildlife native to Pandaria also live upon the turtle's back." - WoW Wikki.

-To load the map: Unzip the files and place the .SC2Mod file in the '\StarCraft II\Mods' folder, if it doesn't exist, create one! The .SC2Map file can be placed anywhere ( preferably in the '\StarCraft II\Maps' folder ).

-The models are imported from WoW:Mists of Pandaria client with the help of the new WoW model viewer MoP beta test; ( check this guide [Galaxy Noobs] Wow to SC2 in 30 seconds! NO 3dmax!

-Unlike my previous terrain showcase { Moonglade Remake }, this map also has pathing added and I have worked on a 95% same Pandaren Brewmaster unit from WarCraft 3. You can fight as the Brewmaster (when you test the map, he will spawn) against a few zerg invading units added on the map;

-To enter cinematic mode { like the one in the video } press F9;

-I have spent aprox. 10 hours on it with a lot of love <3;

-You can browse the 'Images' tab above to see some screenies or look at the video.

-You can use this in any projects you wish, but don't forget that I have worked on it ;} .Although NOTE the memory space occupied by the map & mod because of the imported assets.

-I must thank Blizzard for their work on the next epic expansion for WoW and thank for the most beautiful oriental music EVER!

-I also thank DrSuperEvil for his aid in this thread Creating WC3 Ability Assets which helped me with the Ultimate ability for the Pandaren Brewmaster. AND I deliver thanks to the SC2Mapsers that have enjoyed my previous remake :), thank you.

Enjoy another beautiful remake done in the marvelous StarCraft II Editor!


First Release


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