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World of Starcraft

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  • StarCraft II
  • 52 Monthly Downloads
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  • 31,203 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/27/2010
  • Created 05/21/2010
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: World of Starcraft

About World of Starcraft

Project Inactive, recreated version is out, tho poorly finished. PROJECT INACTIVE DUE Recreation projects being not populated and this would take loads of time, for recreation a game.

But there was no loss in this project :-| tho, the systems work fine ;)

What i recreated, systems are there but isnt used in this version, due hero selection is not finished (DUE SCHOOL AND STUFF)
Feel free to use it


  • #46

    You should get the WoW Model Viewer (need to have WoW downloaded atleast) and bring in models for the units

  • #45

    You should think that the description would be useful information, this was created back in SC2 Beta, after the Initial release of Starcraft 2, everything messed up, so i gave up on the project. Funny how i came across this and it had 27k downloads lol.

    This project has been inactive for like 2 years, and was never ever close to be playable.

    Altho I am working every once in a while in the editor, trying to figure out cool stuff to eventually make a new map of these sorts, as in, not focusing story wise but library, API and system- wise.

    Please read the description before you do anything silly, I don't even want to fix this map, would rather just create a brand new and better one, it would motivate me if using models from WoW would be allowed to be published, but my combinatorics math fails me when i try to make an equipment system as smooth as possible, might return to curse and sc2mapsters soon TM.


  • #44

    i cant do any thing else then click male and female

  • #37
    same here when i press male a ghost comes up and nothing else happens...
  • #38
  • #33
    i can come on it, it's just when i try to create a character it wont let me do it, please help me
  • #28
    sad how this is just proof of concept and gets 56 downloads a day but my poor map magicsbane gets 3 and has a lot more content.
  • #42
    [Removed abusive comments/insults].
    Last edited by wishfire on 11/17/2011 12:19:10 PM
  • #27
    open up the triggers window first, of you do not know how to do that, shame on you.
  • #5
    sniff*sniff* i cant play all i get is a dark screen of the map how u start it im using the test map but i cant do annything what am i doing wrong
  • #3
    Hmm i cant Play it =/ when i download it and ya and start it its all dark :O
  • #4
    ya it doea that for me aswell
  • #40
  • #2
    I can't seem to start it from the Galaxy Editor, I mean when i press test map it only opens the map i can't do anything.. Since i don't have SC2 I can't realy play this.. otherwise looks fun :)
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    Looks interesting. Can't wait to see how far you go with this project.
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