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Base Bomber

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  • Terraria
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  • Updated 03/04/2012
  • Created 03/01/2012
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  • License: Public Domain
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About Base Bomber

Base Bomber is a PvP map that supports up to 8 players with 4 playable classes. In this game, the 2 teams, red and blue, must fight to the enemy base and reach the pressure pad at that end. They must then jump on the pad several times to blow up the enemy base, winning the game for their team.

How to play: After downloading the map, make a backup copy, as the map will be rendered unusable. When you start the game, you must pick a team and a class. Once you have done so, make your way to the end of the base and pull the lever (DONT PUSH THE BUTTON!) to start the game. Once both teams are ready a 10 second countdown will start and then the game will begin.

Classes: The Engineer is the most flexible but most difficult class. Armed with an assortment of mechanical equipment, it is his job to defend his base by installing all sorts of deadly traps. He can also use heart statues to heal his teammates. He has poor defense and runs light on weapons, but a good engineer can hold off the enemy very well. The Knight has more health than the other classes, and a powerful sword that will down enemies in seconds, but is slow and does not have very good defense. The Wizard has powerful ranged spells for guarding chokepoints. His Cursed Flames spell can bounce down hallways to defend against enemies offscreen, while his Crystal Storm can quickly eliminate a closer target. The Ninja is the fastest class, with a walkspeed of 115%, but his true advantage lies in his ability to turn invisible. However, to do so he must remove all his armor, leaving his very vulnerable. He is also very poorly armed. The ninja's job is to sneak past enemies to bomb the base while the front lines are occupied. Enjoy!

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