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The Forgotten Ice Temple - Secret Behind the Gates

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  • Updated 04/10/2012
  • Created 02/26/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: The Forgotten Ice Temple - Max 4 Players V1.7
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About The Forgotten Ice Temple - Secret Behind the Gates

The Forgotten Ice Temple

:: Update V1.7 ::

- Added more torches and stuff in the Forgotten Ice Temple, Braktolus's Citadel and some other areas.

- Added an checkpoint in the Jungle.

- Added the missing items in the empty chests in the MP version of the map.

- Removed some levers in the MP versions.

- Added missing walls and structures.

:: Rules ::

1. Don't craft, break or place anything, unless if you get told to.

2. ALWAYS read the signs before you click on levers or chests.

3. Don't cheat (Unless if you've screwed yourself up pretty hard)

4. ONLY use the Grappling Hook on Pink blocks, nothing else.

5. Have a good time! :)

:: Recommended ::

You don't have to use the music if you don't want to, but I do recommend to use it, because it gives you a great adventure feeling while you're playing!

If you have no clue what the lever you clicked on did, then look for a folder (from the downloaded file) which is named "Videos". Then look for the video the sign told you to watch.

I also recommend you to play with a friend. You might have some difficulties if you're playing in singleplayer-mode.

:: Credits ::

Thanks to ahamling 27 & Novate for helping me with technical issues!

Thanks to Luumor for giving me permission to use some of his textures!

Thanks to my friend Porompompero for helping me with some textures!

Please report grammar mistakes and bugs and such stuff as soon as possible! (If you find any.)

Don't forget to tell what you think!



- Fix'd a jump in the Jungle Temple.

- Removed 200+ Mana Crystals in a chest near Burning Mountain on singleplayer.

- Removed 1 Life Crystal in the Jungle Temple.

- Removed 1 chest at Braktolus's Citadel

- Replaced 10 Healing Potions with 30 Mana Potions in the Hell Temple.

- Fix'd a jump at the spawn area.


- Removed the corruption in Serpent King's boss room.

- Removing 1Life Crystal from the world.

- Removing 4 Mana Crystals from the world.

- Did some changes with the pink blocks in Serpent King's Lair (5th temple)

- The Holy World didn't open when it was supposed to. No problem, fix'd!


- Fix'd the wire system at the end of the map.

- Added a spawnpoint at the top and on the bottom of the escaping part in the Serpent Queen's Lair.

- Added more Crystal Bullets and Healing Potions in the upper part of the Forgotten Ice Temple.

- Fix'd some signs in the map.

- Changed Music 5, 6 & 14 to something else.

- Did some changes with the boulders in the Serpent Queen's Lair.

- Added some torches at the ending room of the map, and at the Holy Village.

- There are now 4 non-identical characters!


- Remade the boss room in the Serpent King's Lair.

- Added 1 Life Crystal in Braktolus's Citadel.

- Remade the staircase that went up to the skies to something more detailed and nice.

- Removed some of the spikes in the Earth Temple.

- Fix'd and added some signs.

- Added some torches at the Bridge and at the Earth Temple.

- Added female characters!

- Fix'd some beds.

- Changed Music#25 to something else.


- There is now a secret jungle cave in the Dark Jungle (Bonus)! In the bottom of the cave, you will fight against the King Slime. You can fight him up to 50 times.

- Re-Textured the King Slime to a more jungle'ish king.

- Re-Textured the Ninja outfit to the Hero outfit.

- Re-textured the Ninja.

- Removed 50% the feathers that got included in the chest in the Holy Land.

- Removed the Wood Walls in the Serpent King's boss room.


- Added more torches and stuff in the Forgotten Ice Temple, Braktolus's Citadel and some other areas.

- Added an checkpoint in the Jungle.

- Added the missing items in the empty chests in the MP version of the map.

- Removed some levers in the MP versions.

- Added missing walls and structures.


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  • #17

    question i know you probably wont respond but is any of the music copyrighted?

  • #16

    best map i have EVER played (it took a while to get the music working but when i did it was worth it) another problem i found was the hell drop doesnt work so i had to go get a pick and then place & break a lever to make it explode

    Last edited by Terra_Penguin on 9/9/2014 1:27:12 AM
  • #14

    it became day just as i got to the eye arena (i went afk forgetting to pause the game for about ten min at the old man), but it is the most interesting map, and another problem i found is that some of the links for the music dont work

    Last edited by Terra_Penguin on 9/8/2014 11:02:47 PM
  • #13

    This map is too hard if you play alone but with friends it is so much fun!!!

  • #12

    Ya this is awesome


  • #11

    I lake this map because it is REALLY CHALLENGING, maybe a bit unfair, the weapons are different than what you expect, I found only one sword and I just got past the destroyer, wich forces you to use unusual tactics also it is posible to kill the destroyer with the weapons provided. The only problem is that it got too hard and probably I will not finish it.

  • #10


  • #9

    This map is not fun at all, overusing mechanics, extremely limited amount of potions, very bad weapons (demon scythe for destroyer? Really?) infrequent  save points and dark areas making it just flat out frustrating and annoying.

  • #8

    Nice map! I just killed The Eye. I will post another reply after I finish the map.

  • #7

    There is a glitch in the stone temple wiring.

    It's at the part when you get your iron pants. Right when you enter the room the stone that pops in and out can come undone and not pop out any more and glitch up I don't know how it happened. I was playing with my brother and he went into the checkpoint room on the left and I guess when he opened the door it made the wires go wack. So far great world!

  • #6
    This was a VERY entertaining map, loved the story and how lengthy, in-dept, and cleverly thought out it was. I played it single player for a minute and just HAD to do a video of it with my friends: Again, props to the map, we loved it.
  • #5

    This is the first map i have downloaded to Terraria and what a start! Fantastic map! It's epic (but when you get to the jungle, extremely difficult)

    Last edited by kidaamnesiac on 5/6/2012 3:05:55 AM
  • #4

    Thank you FOR MAKING THIS MAP ! Smile 

  • #3

    haha the dads name is tina

  • #2

    Man this was one of the best maps ever. It has great scnery and building and i love how you have to back track. Im definitely playing more maps by you.

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