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Hero's from Hell

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  • Terraria
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  • Updated 04/06/2012
  • Created 03/29/2012
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About Hero's from Hell

There comes a time where hell has an escape, sometimes these hell spawns tend to mess with the surface world. And when the evil ruler of the Underworld, "Heshifer" dares to plague the land of terraria, 2 hero's will be destined to save that land. Fight with Zak, a thief swordsman. And Luna, a heroic hunter who uses just about anything as a weapon. Together, they will save Terraria.


If you have ever played some of the old Final Fantasy games for PS1, then you'll find this map no different. Cause the story is so big, I had to make 4 maps for 1 story! The reason why I did this, is cause I wanted to make sure I was able to appeal to all players. Thus, that caused me to use more then 1 map with a total of 4.

This Map consists of mostly using the surface and hardly going into caves, but focus on the story, and you might just enjoy it. However my spelling is STILL not very good. (God sometimes I hate my self...) But if your able get past the errors, then this story is gonna be good for you.


Still a few flaws left. Considering I'm using up to 4 maps, so spell checking and a lot of other stuff is difficult.

The Cast is Zak, Luna, And Heshifer. Most of these names are either presets or made up by me. Tedit helped me change those names. This story includes LOTS of puzzles. Like final fantasy.

So enjoy and have fun!

There will not be a sequal. I have discontiuned the project.


The very first release of an insanely long map, possibly the biggest I'll ever make!


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