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Revenge! - An epic adventure map.

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  • Updated 09/08/2011
  • Created 09/08/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
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  • Newest File: Revenge! - An epic adventure map. (Multi-Player)
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About Revenge! - An epic adventure map.



  • Read all signs before opening chests.
  • You can buy from vendors. The only things you can't buy are Dynamite, Bombs, etc. No explosives. And no buying picks, etc.
  • No tools. They will be provided as needed.
  • No crafting. You will at times be needed to place blocks, you shouldn't have problems needing to take them out though.


  • Put the world file into your Worlds folder. Instructions here.
  • Do not create a new character. I've supplied a character with the necessary starting items. Put him in your Players folder. His name is Rivers. Follow the same instructions for installing the world but put him in your "Players" folder.
  • If you're at the Player and/or World limit, you may need to back-up one of the worlds/players to see the world/player.


  • Due to only one person needing the map, all multiplayer players need to create a new character.
  • Up to 4 players can adventure their way through.

Let's Play by YouTube member TerrariaHelp

Click Here for Part 4

Special thanks to scaryguy334, Boarden, AndrijaG1, Rarity, and Kiko-Maxx for beta testing for me.

v1.0 - Release - up to 4 players.


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  • #38

    Why did this AWESOME Story have to end Why :(

    *Beaten the skeletron (Final Boss)

  • #36

    I downloaded the file and got a map but no player.

  • #37

    That's the multiplayer version then. Click Other downloads above for the single player version, that one has the starting character.

  • #35

    Great map but, Harpies, so so many harpies. Had to rage quit even before the Cthulu fight and I don't think I'll be getting back to it, fighting Cthulu is ok, but 3 to 4 harpies all the time with severely underpowered gear is not fun at all, at least not for me. But this is awesome, I'll check out the videos since I can't do it myself.

  • #32

    I absolutely LOVED this map! After some really dissapointing maps, I was ready to rage quit. But this one, despite the fact that I didn't find any good armor or weapons for the harpy issue stated previously(by another few downloaders), I loved with all of my heart! In my opinion. . .

    Mechanics: 10

    Artwork: 10

    Storyline: 10

    Playability: 9.5 (I have a mildy laggy computer, and swimming around spikes wasn't fun. Died at least ten times for lag.)

    Idea for a future map; Instead of just the main three pre-hardmode bosses, make a map that tosses in the King Slime and the four hardmode bosses. This would be my dream to play through. :D Thanks for a great time! I realize that with artwork like yours, this must've taken FOREVER to build. You have my approval.

    Last edited by Kubosco on 8/17/2013 10:40:46 PM
  • #33

    Check out my Zelda map it has King Slime and the Wall of Flesh. It's the culmination of my map creating abilities.

    Thanks again for your positive vibes and for your awesome review. Because of my map making abilities I actually got a job with Curse. It's been a dream come true and it's people like you that got me where I am today.

    Thanks again and I hope you check out my Zelda map. :D

  • #31

    fun map. I really enjoyed it, but at the end while i was waiting for it to be night so i could summon skeletron i left the room cause it was mid day and when i cam back the old mad had been killed and he wont respawn :( so i just went down to the last sign. good map, lots of fun. harpies were extemely annoying in the eye of chthulu area.

  • #29

     I'm currently playing the map. May I say that I think the room you fight the Eye of Chthulu, you should fix the backgrounds, because it's really annoying trying to get rid of 10 (not exagerrating) harpies to be able to fight him when all I have is a silver broadsword, a silver bow, and copper armor. They do 24+ damage a hit and my weapons only do 9 damage. Really annoying. And after I get killed, they fly down and knock me off the platforms, causing me to die again

    Last edited by CSlaughter02 on 6/27/2013 9:44:17 AM
  • #30

    You really need to explore the world before you fight him. There are a few secret chests that make that boss fight really easy if you just explore instead of steamroll through the map. ;)

    Last edited by ahamling27 on 6/27/2013 9:55:49 AM

  • #28

    is this map any good?


  • #27

    Hey there! I did a Let's Play through this map a while back and between me and my friends we gave it a bit of a scoring on it. So here it is. :D

    Juavoman - 9/10

    TPChamp - 8.5/10

    YoshitokiKago - 8.5/10


    Terraria CM - Revenge!

  • #24

    Very nice map played solo and finished in about an hour or so only thing that could make it better would be a little less lag in some of the spike puzzles. Thanks for a good time :D

  • #26

    Your welcome! If you like this one, you should try out my Zelda map.


  • #25

    BTW anyone that needs help spam water bolts killed 90% of all areas after i got it with one volley


  • #22

    Flying Fishbowls!! This map was Epic! COOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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