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Vertigo Elemental

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  • Terraria
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  • Updated 09/23/2012
  • Created 09/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Vertigo Elemental

About Vertigo Elemental

Update: Now comes with Easy Mode and Hard Mode

  • 93 New Items
  • 22 New Monsters
  • 2 New Bosses
  • Credit goes to Me, Mikey, Cronic, Nicholas, Dekshuduph and Slowsnow2
  • 1 to 6 Players

Paths you can choose

  • Path of Fire
  • Path of Water
  • Path of Ice
  • Path of Earth
  • Path of Darkness
  • Path of Poison
  • You can also play this in sandbox mode if you wish to. I'm just not sure how it would turn out as I haven't tested that.
  • The soundtrack can be downloaded on this page. They are listed under 2010 submissions.


  1. New characters ONLY
  2. No bringing items from other worlds
  3. Everything else is ALLOWED. Including mining and placing blocks/ores
  • Note: The images have been sliced off but you can view them by using the scroll wheel

EASY MODE is now available!


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  • #16

    can you reupload vertigo quadra

  • #14

    i have tconfig ver 35.1a and i wanna rebuild it so it matches my tconfig version but i can't open the .obj file

  • #15

    I believe that you have to use the version of Tconfig (0.24.3 or something) that is included with the map in order to make it work.

    Last edited by ObsceneSoul on 9/29/2013 5:56:37 PM
  • #13
    How to make the spells

    I was just curious on how you made your spells and such, It would be very useful for me with my mod i am creating so please send me a link or something on how you did it.



  • #12

    it resets every time you reload the


    edit: it reset my characters ALL OF THEM.....fuck you

    Last edited by shadowserpent12 on 5/25/2013 3:38:06 PM
  • #10

    i have some ideas for this:

    path of wind and path of light!

  • #8

    i just played it with poison and the poisons last item didnt work right (plus it made an anoyying sound)

    the projectiles would stick on surfaces like 4% of the time and about 17% of the time it would seem like two of them would be stuck together which seems to make them heavier and lower accuracy 

    ive also played dark on the first one and the lance would either go off the screen in a second (same with all other lances i used) or not even be used unless im in a huge area

    but its still an awesome game

  • #9

    Hmmm.. I'm not exactly sure why the lances do that. What resolution are you using and what TConfig version are you using? The lances work fine on my screen

  • #7

    Maaan make more plz u maps is awesome.I go to buy terraria.But cani use mod on cracked?

    Last edited by kol123 on 9/29/2012 7:45:14 AM
  • #6

    Thx man i love it :) ITS SO EPIC!

  • #4

    i just beat this a couple minutes ago (i got it to work today) and it was epic!

    the only part i didnt like was the puppet dimention... it seemed endless

    anyways this is epic! nice job

  • #5

    Congrats on beating it. I'm glad I made easy mode because hard mode seems way too hard for most people. You're like the first person I've heard who beat the whole map. 

  • #2

    whenever i try to reload the mod it just says:

    Failed to load vertigo elemental (difficulty)

    too many bytes in what shouldve been 7 bytes int32 

    or something like that

    ive tried restarting terraria,re-installing and just about everything i could think of

  • #3

    Did you install the tConfig version provided in the download or did you already have a tConfig version yourself and used it?

  • #11

    Its happening to me too

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