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  • Supports: 1.7.10
  • 108,529 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/24/2015
  • Created 03/12/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: AbyssalCraft-1.7.10-1.8.2.jar
Support development! **

About AbyssalCraft

Hey fellow minecrafters! This is the page for my first official mod, AbyssalCraft.
(This page is slightly outdated, working on updating the content on it)


Have you ever though of how the different realms in minecraft appear? Like, for example, the Overworld is the "normal world", the Nether is referred to as "hell", the Aether (different mod, but it has a pretty good concept) is the opposite to the Nether, meaning it's the definition of heaven, and the End... well, subspace? Anyways, one place that isn't seen in Minecraft is the world of the dead, the underworld, the abyss, and that's where this mod kicks in, as it opens the gates of the world beyond death, a place roamed with the fallen creatures, who seek only to kill the living (or just loot your corpse and get some new weapons to kill you with).

What my mod does is that it adds (along with the new dimension) a new overworld biome (called "The Darklands"), infested with undead creatures at night, and appears deserted at day, with some fancy buildings and whatnot spread around this purple/indigo plains landscape. Not to mention the new zombie breed that infects the regular ones, making them even stronger, and the 9 feet tall undead behemoths that lurk around amongst the others.

In block ways, you will find 2 new types of stone (more to come with more dimensions being added), one that appears in The Darklands, and one that you will find within the Abyssal Wastelands. Along with that, you will find new materials to use for building, different types of stone bricks that is, and 4 new ores (where one can only be obtained by crafting it, and isn't referenced as an ore in general), one type showing up in The Darklands (known as Abyssalnite, a strong purple metallic element), and one that has a different appearance depending on what world you're in (known as Coralium, which can be found in the overworld as gems under the ocean, and as a denser ore chunk once inside the abyss, a very strange element, in my opinion). Now you might think that all of these rocks are the only new blocks in this mod, but you're completely wrong there! The Darklands also offers a new type of tree, meaning a new type of wood (currently fire resistant, might be changed in the near future), and along with all of this is of course explosives! AbyssalCraft introduces the Oblivion Deathbomb, a heavy nuclear charge with an antimatter accelerator, making it capable of destroying obsidian, but also renders it as a very resource demanding bomb, not mention that the ODB core also functions as a heavy explosive, creating quite some mayhem when used (the Oblivion Deathbomb requires a pretty decent computer to be primed, else it might crash your game, and I've planned on making a special explosion algorithm for it to make it use less memory to demonstrate it's destructive mayhem)

Next part, mobs! as mentioned before, AbyssalCraft introduces new mobs to the game, among them are the Abyssal Zombie (a zombie breed corrupted by coralium plagues, making them spread it by killing normal zombies), the Depths Ghouls (tall beefy zombie creatures, has a chance of scaring you with their appearance), then there's the Spectral Dragon (currently a pretty buggy dragon breed that appears in the Abyssal Wasteland, buggy because they dodge almos any projectile shot at them). There are some notable WIP mobs, as they never spawn anywhere, those are the following: Abyssalnite golem, Dreaded Abyssalnite golem and the Dreadguard. They will be spawning in the next dimension, The Dreadlands, which will be released in version 1.5. This mod also features some new bosses, current ones are "Asorah, The Fallen" (a undead dragon, feeding off of the Spectral Dragons, can be summoned using a special altar) and "J'zahar, The Gatekeeper" (actually the final boss, but I decide to release him early in development and watch him grow stronger). There is a 2nd boss that will appear in The Dreadlands, called "Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast".

As you should know by now, there's a new dimension and a new overworld biome added in this mod, and I'm gonna go through them quickly. The Darklands is a pretty dark place (hence the name), with Abyssalnite under the ground, and Darklands Oaks and buildings made from Darkstone Bricks scattered around it. The Abyssal Wasteland (1st dimension) is a pretty dark place aswell, a world made from a greenish stone known as Abyssal Stone, which also appears as bricks within the Abyssal Strongholds found within the realm, not to mention the 100 block high obsidian pillars, decorated with glowstone. I have in mind of adding another 2 dimensions, with the 2nd one coming out in the next version, and the third a couple of version later.

Now the items. This mod adds in a ton of items, rendering from ore chunks to dimensional portal openers shaped as keys. Some of the items that you will notice are chunks of Abyssalnite and Coralium, Coralium gems, Darkstone tools, Abyssalnite/Coralium tools/armor, the special Coralium Infused Abyssalnite set, the overpowered Coralium Plated Armor (has a huge amount of defence, and has a "death aura", killing nearby mobs/animals/players). There's also iron plates that can be used to amplify normal food, and to make MRE (Meal ready to eat), and of course, the Oblivion Catalyst, main component in the first Gateway Key (used to crate portals to the abyss) and in the Oblivion Deathbomb.

This should cover most of the mod, the rest is up to you to discover! Oh yeah, as the topic reads, this is a forge mod, which means you need minecraft forge to run it.

Getting Started

This article in the AbyssalCraft wiki covers the basics of things to do once you've installed the mod.


  • 5 new types of stone, called "Darkstone" (It's 20% stronger than regular stone), "Abyssal Stone" (generates within The Abyssal Wasteland, "Dreadstone", "Abyssalnite Stone" (generates along with Dreadstone in The Dreadlands), and "Coralium Stone" (created from pouring Liquid Antimatter on Liquid Coralium). All of the stones have brick equivalents.
  • New tools, 5 types so far, Darkstone, Abyssalnite, Coralium infused abyssalnite (2x the stats of abyssalnite with special abilities), Refined Coralium and Dreadium.
  • 6 new type of armor, Abyssalnite, Coralium Infused Abyssalnite, Dreaded Abyssalnite, Refined Coralium, Plated Coralium, Depths, Dreadium and Dreadium Samurai.
  • 7 new overworld biomes, called "Darklands", "Darklands Plains", "Darklands Forest", "Darklands Highland", "Darklands Mountain", "Coralium Infested Swamp" and "Coralium Infested Ocean".
  • New mobs, so far 16, the "Depths Ghoul", the "Abyssal Zombie", the "Evil Pig" (a hostile pig that looks like a normal one), the "Spectral Dragon", the "Skeleton Goliath", the "Shadow Creature", the "Shadow Monster", the "Shadow Beast", the "Demon Pig", the "Abyssalnite Golem", the "Dreaded Abyssalnite Golem", the "Dreadguard", the "Dread Spawn", the "Dreadling", the "Spawn of Cha'garoth" and the "Fist of Cha'garoth"
  • 11 "Anti-mobs", including the "Abyssal Anti-Zombie", the "Anti-Bat", the "Anti-Chicken", the "Anti-Cow", the "Anti-Creeper", the "Anti-Ghoul", the "Anti-Pig", the "Anti-Player", the "Anti-Skeleton", the "Anti-Spider" and the "Anti-Zombie". All Anti-mobs explode if the collide with their normal counterpart (except the Anti-player).
  • 4 boss mobs (known as "Asorah, The Fallen", "Cha'garoth, The Dreadbeast", "Sacthoth, Harbringer of Doom" and "J'zahar, Gatekeeper of The Abyss"). J'zahar currently isn't complete, while the others have been fully implemented (but Asorah could use a few small improvements).
  • A new dimension, The Abyssal Wasteland, a dimension filled with the undead monsters, where you can find abandoned strongholds with the use of "Powerstone Trackers". There's a boss here called "Asorah, The Fallen" who can be summoned through an altar made from various materials.
  • A second dimension, called The Dreadlands, a desolate red dimension filled with Abyssalnite Golems and Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems, who constatly fight each other. There's also numerous Dread-plagued monsters found here, along with the Dreadguard, who guards the fortress of Cha'garoth in the Dreadlands Mountains.
  • 14 new ores, known as Abyssalnite, Coralium, Nitre, Abyssal Coralium, Pearlescent Coralium, Liquified Coralium, Abyssal Iron, Abyssal Gold, Abyssal Diamond, Abyssal Tin, Abyssal Copper, Abyssal Nitre, Dreaded Abyssalnite And Dreadlands Abyssalnite. The first 3 are found in the overworld (Nitre appears anywhere, Abyssalnite appears in the Darklands biomes and Coralium appears in Coralium Infested Swamps and ocean biomes), the 9 after are found in The Abyssal Wasteland (first dimension), and the final 2 are found in The Dreadlands (the second dimension).
  • The "Oblivion Deathbomb", a heavily engineered explosive that can destroy anything except bedrock (and which spawn "Sacthoth, The Habringer of Doom"). The ODB (shortened version of the name) has a core which can also be used as a fairly strong explosive (stronger than tnt).
  • 2 new Machines (called the "Crystallizer" and the "Transmutator"). The Crystallizer can convert elements into crystal, while the Transmutator can transmutate various elements (and also convert crystals back into base components).
  • 2 new trees (called the "Darklands Oak", and "Dreadlands Tree"). The Darklands Oak is found in various Darklands biomes, while the Dreadlands Tree is found within the Dreadlands Forest biome, located in The Dreadlands.

That should conclude all the features so far, I have alot more I'm gonna add, and I don't mind suggestions
Check out the wiki for more info on the mod features! (it's currently not finished yet)

Future Content

    • more mobs
    • more blocks
    • 1 more dimension (added in AC 1.8)
    • more optional bosses



Go do the image tab for more pictures.Blocks

How you install the mod

  1. Download the latest (or recommended) forge installer from
  2. Run the installer
  3. Start the game once with the forge profile
  4. Download AbyssalCraft
  5. Locate the Minecraft folder
  6. Drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip, for older versions) file in /mods inside the minecraft folder
  7. Done




Redistributing my mod is only allowed if you do it the right way, which is the following:
1. You are not allowed to make ANY revenue off of my material (use any form of ad mirror, force any form of payment prior to download)
2. You provide a link back to this page (notifying visitors that this is the original source of the mod)
3. You redirect ANY download to this page (or use MY links, which can be found at the download section)
4. You use your own pictures, or the ones found on my threads or on my wiki (in which case you don't watermark them are your own, since they are not yours AT ALL)
5. Credit ME, since I'm the reason this mod even exists.
6. Personally PM me asking if you could post my mod on your website, while providing me with information that shows you're also following the steps above.

If you fail to follow these guidelines, I will take legal actions against you and your website in the near future.

COPYRIGHT (Terms of use, all of that)

    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - shinoow, Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft ( the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation. Read the redistibution rules for more information.


Want my mod in a modpack? Sure, go ahead, but follow these small steps, and you have my approval:
1. On the website where the modpack is, give credits to me and include a link to either this, my Minecraftforums post or my PMC post.
2. (optional) Send me a message or comment here that you made a modpack, and provide a link to it.

Follow those 2 steps, and you have my approval of including my mod in your modpack.

Modpacks where AbyssalCraft is featured (incomplete list):

Things you are not allowed to do regarding modpacks:

1. Use any form of ad mirror on the download link for said modpack when it comes to redistribution (this should never be a problem if the pack is hosted in Techniclauncher/FTB)
2. You are not allowed to make any revenue off of my mod.

Final notes

Check out my youtube channel for information regarding updates and other stuff

That should be it so far, if you have any problems, write the errors in the comments, and as I mentioned before, I would love some suggestions for new content to add to the mod, and I don't mind feedback. Until further notice, there won't be any pictures/videos here, since I kinda failed with setting them up correctly, click here to see the official post.

  • Added Remnant
  • Added Eldritch Scales (dropped by Remnants)
  • Killing a Villager with Liquid Antimatter will spawn a Remnant
  • Changed the OreDictionary name of the Refined Coralium Ingot
  • Fixed a derp with the weapon enchantments (the potion effect ones)
  • Tweaked the fire blocks a bit more
  • Added config options to disable the UpdateChecker
  • Improved the recipe for crafting the Sacthoth spawn egg (simply placing a ODB in the crafting grid) so that it doesn't replace Sacthoth with a different mob
  • Made the Abyssalnite Stone texture even less magenta (now it actually looks purple)
  • Retextured the Abyssalnite Golem and Dreaded Abyssalnite Golem
  • Recolored the Chunk of Abyssalnite
  • Retextured the Abyssal Zombie slightly
  • Added Morph integration (morphs from AbyssalCraft now have traits/abilities, and you can see the entities hand in 1st person)
  • Changed the sounds in the Anti-Ghoul to the normal Depths Ghoul sounds (instead of the zombie sounds)
  • Added swing animations to most mob models
  • Slowed down the damage dealt by the Coralium Plague and Dread Plague (Coralium now damages at the speed of Wither, and Dread at the speed of Poison)
  • Removed Tin, Copper, Gold, Abyssalnite, Coralium and Dreadium Coins (and renamed the Iron Coin "Coin")
  • Coins can now only be crafted with Iron, Tin and Copper, and will look like the Iron Coin (smelting will return 4 Iron Ingots)
  • Added Elder Engraving Template
  • Added J'zahar Engraving Template
  • Removed the on-state Engraver
  • The Engraver can now Engrave coins with Cthulhu Engravings, Elder Engravings and J'zahar Engravings
  • Added sounds to the Shadow mobs (hurt sound and death sound)
  • Fixed a derp in the Cha'garoth model
  • You can randomly get blindness inside a Darklands biome without wearing a Abyssalnite Helmet (added a config option for this)


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  • #54

    im using mac 10.7.5

    and when ever i install 1.7.2-1.8.2 it jut wont start it works in 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 but not 1.8.2

    When ever i load minecraft forge 1.7.2 latest it just crashes please help!
















  • #52

    I still get that weird periodic crash.  I'm posting the full error log of the most recent one just on the off chance you might be able to suggest something?  I realize it's most likely a mod conflict but I started a test world & removed the most likely offenders (Witchery, CandyCraft, The Erebus, Biomes O Plenty) but it still happened.  To be clear it only happens in any of the Abyssal added biomes and almost always at nightfall when the monsters spawn.  I can wander the entire world just fine once I enter an abyssal biome (or get to close to one), the crash will occur (but not every night spawn crashes....but a most of them).  Anyways, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    This is the error log from my main world, with all the mods loaded  (full link if it doesn't work  I put it in my dropbox so I didn't clog the comment section as I can't remember how to do spoilers on here  


  • #53

    I really need to find the cause of it so I can patch that. I have some theories of what might be causing it, but I can't put together what mod is behind it (if it is a conflict). I know for one that the entity IDs shouldn't have any effect on it (as they are handled internally in the mod, and are unique for just that mod), the only part of those that could cause a conflict is the IDs assigned to the Spawn Eggs, but they should resolve by themselves. I have a theory that it could be a derp inside the code that triggers it from certain circumstances, as I've named the different modifiers (the thing the crash report it yelling about) the same thing, so each Ghoul forms attack modifier is called "Attack Damage Boost", and each health modifier "Health Boost". Possibly giving them unique names could fix it, then probably add some stuff to remove all of my modifiers before applying the new ones (something in the process of modifying the stats could mess up).

  • #49

    Dumb Question.... Zombies are undead... so if they walk the earth... o.o is the Abyss where they come from?

    Also can someone please get onto making use of the void please :D

  • #51

    Back when I wrote that description, I think I had some thought it could be that way, but it kinda nulls itself if you go deeper into what a zombie really is (since there's multiple definitions). Due to the way the Abyss is reffered to as "the world of the dead", that would imply that all undead things originate from there, which would support zombies originating from there. To summarize it, maybe they come from there, maybe they don't, it might be a mystery. But we do know that they appear in both places, so that could mean something.

  • #48

    ive looked through multiple darklands biomes but i could not find the two story tower with enchanting room. also i get blindness permanently and cant remove it with a milk bucket as soon as i touch a block from this mod. plz help

  • #50

    Yeah, the structures seems to generate a lot less commonly now than they used to. The permanent blindness is a little effect from being inside a Darklands biome (which seems to glitch out entirely), and you can disable it in the config. You shouldn't  get it from simply touching a block, so I have no idea how it can happen that way.

    EDIT: I found what caused the blindness to become permanent, so that will be patched in the next release.

    Last edited by Shinoow on 2/12/2015 2:15:38 AM
  • #42

    I've been getting the following crash intermittently.  It happens on new & old worlds.  I play with 50 other mods and thought I had all the conflicts fixed but i don't know what to do about this one:


    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Modifier is already applied on this attribute!
    at com.shinoow.abyssalcraft.common.entity.EntityDepthsGhoul.func_110161_a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    -- Head --
    at com.shinoow.abyssalcraft.common.entity.EntityDepthsGhoul.func_110161_a(

  • #44

    Hm.... I have no idea why that's happening. Were you able to do anything before the game started crashing? Or has it been like that all the time?

    Last edited by Shinoow on 12/22/2014 7:50:16 AM
  • #47

    Yeah, I can put that into the config.

  • #46

    Ok, I'm an idiot and started a new game w/o removing all my mods.  *sigh*  The crash is still there but it still only occurs randomly.  Any chance of adding entity/mob IDs to the config in the future....or list them here so I can double check to see if there's a mob ID conflict.  I'm running Erebus, Candycraft, Witchery, Oceancraft & Biomes O'Plenty (among others).  They list at least most of their mod/Entity IDs in their configs so if I knew which ones you it'd be a big help.  

    BTW, I updated the picture for Abyssalcraft in my resource pack, Fibercraft.   It's in the new upload but I haven't updated the screenshots showing the install instructions yet.  

  • #45

    My game was fine before I installed it.  I started a brand new world and still get the crash periodically, usually when I'm in or around the Abyssal Plains biome in the overworld and in any of the AC dimensions.  It's always the "EntityDepthsGhoul.func" in the error log.  I'm going to create a test world w/o my other mods running to see if it still happens (as it just occured to me that my newest world still had them installed).  

  • #38

    Just to follow up on my post, a reply on the JaS forums I got said:

    I had the same issue and had to uninstall one of the two. If you look further up the thread, it's an issue with the Pech and its enchantment using the same ID as something in Abyssalcraft.

  • #39

    Yeah, I've had a few users report that to me, and I will provide configuration options for the enchantment IDs in future versions (precisely the next version, whenever that is ready to be released).

  • #41

    I've continued to do some testing, and the Thaumcraft config file has entries for the enchantment ids running from 150 to 154.  I changed those values and was able to start the server without any exceptions, still need to test to see if it all works.

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