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Cheating Essentials

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  • Minecraft
  • 99 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.6.4
  • 29,334 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 07/19/2013
  • 13 Favorites
  • Project Site
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: Cheating-Essentials-4.1.1-MC1.6.4.jar

About Cheating Essentials

Cheating Essentials includes a lot of cheats to make the gameplay easier like:

Fly, X-Ray, Auto-Respawn, Chest Finder, Killaura (Only for mobs), Waterwalk, Nofall, Sprint, Fastplace. All of these in only one mod, and toggleable by a simple GUI that can be get pressing "G" Now with better GUI :DD

Now works with Forge! Since the new uploaded version 3.4.0a

Imagine a whole world when you can made practically every thing, build big thing in minutes, go to a monster trap and kill mobs while you're AFK, Fly like a bird, see all ores and a lot of other things. What you're waiting for get this mod? Download it in the forum post or here :)

Minecraft Forums original post (With more information!):

(Since 4.0.0) •TOTAL engine rewrote •TOTAL Module system rewrote •Can delete modules from common/kodehawa/module/classes without crashing and without problems. It'll be not loaded •Added Freezecam •Added Auto Walk •Added Auto Sprint •Added Auto Sneak (Just Sneak) •Added non-working X-Ray module. •Added /modulehelp command, that help you understanding module behaviors. •Added a connection handler that should help in the future (Should call module loading there?) •Added a own Crash handler. •Added a own logger handler for be able to log more dynamically and without calling every class at time. •Fixed keybinding not being saved •Fixed lag while loading some module behaviors. •Fixed GUI problems (Unaligned text, weird text, weird alignment, weird text and bad alignment in Radar window) •Removed: ReesZRB console, since it's unneeded. •Removed: Useless modules •Placeholder: ChestESP uses temporarly Block Finder behavior since the old behavior isn't working. (Causes some lag) •Gui text drawing now uses shadows for all elements making it more readable. •BlockESP.BlockCoord is now CEBlockCoord, localizated in common.kodehawa.ce.util. •Practically CE is uncrasheable itself. •Re-Added and merged with GUI console. •Fixed a lot of bugs. •Saveable module state. •Fixed Chest ESP ( Thanks Huzuni Client :) ) •Added a lot of configs.

Added X-Ray (!tcdigK6a!Oh0_ORsye2GFgks5TazQCHukJ_0ONfaj_SCkq1Ung8k)


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