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Cyan Warrior Swords Mod

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  • Minecraft
  • 3,401 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.6.4
  • 61,536 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/08/2014
  • Created 06/14/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About Cyan Warrior Swords Mod

This mod adds new swords with different habilities. You can upgrade and mix them to obtain the hability that fits you the best. You can choose between Fire, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Dark, Light, Ender and Beast! Choose the best sword for your epic battles!

v.2.0 Pre-Release: - Added 2 new swords: Wolf Sword and the "Cyan Sword" - Added +3 Damage to all the swords. (LOADS of bug fixing!) - Fixed Blizzard Sword ice cage code. - Fixed Dark Nether Sword Wither Head throwing. - Fixed Beast Sword wolf spawning - Fixed (and improved) most of sword effects. - Changed Essence names. Now are "Sword Essences" - Changed Basic Sword Recipes. - Changed Sword Smelting (Now Smelt 1 Fire Sword = 1 Sword Essence and so...)

v.1.9.0: - Fixed A LOT of bugs! - Fixed Damage/Duration to coherent for most 1st Upgrade Swords - Added Essences: Create/Upgrade your Swords with them! - Spanish Traduction doesn't work

v.1.8.0: - Updated to 1.6.4 - Added 3 new Swords! - Bugfixes.

v.1.7.0: - 4 new swords: Dark Nether Sword, Light Nether Sword, Tri-Ender Sword and Ender Portal Sword. - Spanish Traduction! Soy el Rey de Mexico! - More Bug-fixing - (on v.1.7.0 there was an error on the recipe of the new sword)

v.1.6.1: - Fixed textures issues - Fixed block spawn on unappropiate places - Trying to enhance mod experience for survival (damage when right clicking)

v.1.6.0: - Updated to 1.6.2 - New Sword: WidBlast Sword! - Re-Coded and bug fix cleaned Swords!

v.1.5.9: - Added recipe to Beast Sword - Added damage when using habilities on all swords - Removed "Knockback X" from Wind Sword kind and replaced by custom code - Many Bug fixes

v.1.5.8: - New Sword: Beast Sword! (Need a recipe...) - Fixes on all Wind Sword derivates.

v.1.5.5_beta: - Fixed the durability glitch - Added hability to Ice Sword.

v.1.5: - Five new Swords! - Recipe for Ice Sword - Bugs Fixed

v.1.4: - Updated to 1.5.2 - Added the Ice Sword and the Meteor Thunderstorm Sword. - Bugs fixed.

v.1.3: - Enhanced +2 the damage of each sword on entities. - Added damage when right-clicking with a sword. - New (and first) Mixed Sword: Thunderstorm Sword!

v.1.2: Great Update! - Re-written code from source (Now you'll only have 1 mod instead of x-thousand...) - 6 New Swords! - New Habilities! - New Upgrades on the Swords - Fixes in the Water Sword (1 Water Sword only, not 64...)


- Fixes in the Fire Sword. - Added new effects to each of the swords (Get a try!)


- Added Wind Sword Beta 0.1:

- First Release!


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