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[1.6.4] The Dalek Mod

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  • Minecraft
  • 395 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • 6,405 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/29/2013
  • Created 06/21/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
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About [1.6.4] The Dalek Mod


The Dalek Mod is a mod Currently being developed by 1WTC and UDWF1.The mod consists of many different features from Doctor Who such as Cybermen, Daleks, The Empty Child, Autons, The Tardis, Weeping Angles, K9 and much more!We currently have 2 versions of the mod, one for Modloader and one for Forge, however the Modloader version does not include a lot of features

Who Does What

1WTC - Lead Developer, Coder, Creator, Models, Textures

UDWF1 - Modeler, Texturer, Update Videos and the King of Wales

RedDash16 - Bug Tester, Community Manager and Dalek screamer

Youtuber02 - Models and Textures

Khotarri - Music, Media, and Unlimited Rice Pudding, etc. etc.



(Fire lasers, float when falling like Chickens, fight Cybermen and Villagers, drop Dalekanium and Rotten Flesh, varied textures and attack strengths)

  • Drone Dalek
  • Eternal Dalek
  • 80s Dalek
  • 60s Dalek
  • Special Weapons Dalek (shoots explosive lasers that scatter fire, drops SWD Statue)
  • Ender Dalek (Spawns in the End, teleports)
  • Ender Special Weapons Dalek (spawns in the End, teleports)
  • Gold Dalek
  • Movie Dalek Black
  • Movie Dalek Blue
  • Movie Dalek Red (cut down doors)
  • Imperial Dalek (fights Renegade Dalek)
  • Ironside Dalek (can be crafted and tamed, will defend you)
  • Marine Dalek (spawns in water, swims)
  • Nether Dalek (spawns in Nether)
  • Nether Special Weapons Dalek (spawns in Nether)
  • Renegade Dalek (fights Imperial Dalek)
  • Scientist Dalek
  • Stone Dalek (slower fire rate)
  • Strategist Dalek
  • Supreme Dalek White
  • Supreme Dalek Red
  • Suicide Dalek
  • Movie Dalek Gold
  • Pilot Dalek
  • Invasion Daleks


(fight Daleks, drop Iron and Rotten Flesh, upgrade Villagers)

  • 80s Cyberman
  • Cybus Cyberman
  • Cybus Cyberleader
  • Cyberiad Cybermen (Coming soon, faster speed, can teleport behind player)


(attack and infect Villagers, drop Iron and Rotten Flesh)

  • Empty Child
  • Empty NPC
  • Empty Villager (spawns when an Empty Child/NPC kills a Villager

Other Features

  • AUTON (2 variants)
  • K9 (tamable with right-click, will defend and follow you)
  • WEEPING ANGELS (don't move while you look at them, extinguish Torches, only killable with a Pickaxe on hard mode, drops Cobblestone)
  • ICE WARRIORS (hostile when attacked)
  • UNIT PERSONNEL-Clara (Follows the player)
  • Time Vortex Manipulator (Shift / Crouch + Right Click travel to Minecraft Classic / Cave Game / Minecraft Infdev)
  • Silence
  • Whispermen
  • Clothing
  • Zygons
  • Sontarans
  • Gell Guards
  • Cleaners
  • Timelords
  • Fez
  • Gas Mask
  • Bow Tie
  • 7th Doctors Hat
  • 10th Doctors Glasses
  • 4th Doctors Scarf
  • 3D Glasses
  • Aces Jacket
  • BESSIE (Drivable, spawns in dungeon chests)
  • DALEKANIUM (drops from Daleks, craftable into armour)
  • TARDIS (craftable, Right click to enter, is bigger on the inside, can be used to travel to planets)
  • SONIC SCREWDRIVER (Four variants,Opens Iron Doors, activates Redstone Lamps, TNT and Redstone Wire, more coming soon all have 3D rendered models)
  • Steel (Drops from Cybermen)
  • Special Weapons Dalek Statue (Drops from SWD)
  • Nitro-9, new Explosive
  • Tardis Blocks (To allow the user to create a custom Tardis!)
  • Forest in a box


  • Skaro
  • Trenzloare
  • Gallifrey

Other Big Features

  • Dalek Mod API
  • Bigger on the inside Tardis
  • Tardis Materialization

For more information click here


  • Minecraft Beta
  • Forest In a Box
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Added everything else from the last time this was update (Would put it all but it is a lot!)


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