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Ender IO

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  • Minecraft
  • 40,885 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.7.10
  • 293,729 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/19/2015
  • Created 08/27/2013
  • 114 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: EnderIO-1.7.10-

About Ender IO

Compact conduits (RF and MJ in and out), highly configurable machines, farms, powered tools and armor, not to mention stuff and things!

For more info, see the wiki.

Version 2.2.7: New - IO labels on capacitor banks can now be expanded to any square size, no longer limited to one face (MatthiasM2) - Add chargeable item filter, allows RF containing items to be filtered based on their fullness (MatthiasM2) - Add blacklist option for ender fluid conduits (MatthiasM2) Changes - #1549 All appropriate blocks are now mined faster with a pickaxe - DS Armor solar upgrade can now charge other mods' armors (configurable) - Clean up all button/widget textures (RandomGenius) - Add some more default whitelisted hoes (MatthiasM2) - Added some more ExN recipes for the SAG Mill (MatthiasM2) - Update Russian translation (Adaptivity) - Update Chinese translation (mymagadsl) - Add warning comment to all XML files - Killer Joe now needs line-of-sight to hit mobs (configurable) (hilburn) - Change default vanilla SAG Mill recipes to use oredict (LordBlackhole) - Conduit facades painted as fused quartz/quite clear glass will have connected textures (MatthiasM2) - Capacitor Banks will stack in more cases, "NONE" face mode no longer saves to NBT (MatthiasM2) - Allow configuration of XP juice ID, uses OpenBlocks' value by default (MatthiasM2) - Wither skeleton is now a unique entity, this should allow powered spawners to spawn them in the overworld, and fix a host of other similar issues in other mods. Configurable. (hilburn) - Added recipes for Lumium and Signalum to default XML (MatthiasM2) - Show mob name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2) - Allow naming of soul vials (MatthiasM2) - Show moo fluid name in soul vial tooltip (MatthiasM2) - Show mob health in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2) - Show sheep color in soul vial tooltips (MatthiasM2) - Add soul bound enchantment description (MatthiasM2) - Implement IInventoryConnection on item conduits. Should improve compatibility with TE (hilburn) - #1458 Add button to merge inventory with existing snapshot in the existing item filter (MatthiasM2) - Right clicking while sneaking with an existing item filter will add the content to the snapshot (MatthiasM2) - Fluid conduits will now show their information in WAILA (MatthiasM2) - Add detailed tooltips to fuel items while inside the Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2) - Process IMC from mods that send them in Post-Init (Parker8283) - Show upgrade information in Stirling Generator GUI (MatthiasM2) - Localized recipe names and keybind names (Adaptivity) Bugs - Fix power monitor reading int values where it saved long values - #1556 Fix farming station allowing 2 of the same kind of tool in the inventory - Fix disabled mode not being accessible when a capacitor bank was against a generator - #1548 Fix wireless charger redstone control not affecting wireless lights - Fix farming station not accepting wooden axes (hilburn) - Fix farming station allowing broken Tcon tools to be used (hilburn) - Prevent crash when XP juice could not be found (MatthiasM2) - #1595 Fix all buffers showing as Item Buffer in WAILA - #1600 Travel Anchor crashes when painted as itself - Fix fluid containers not being drained when the top side is configured for push (MatthiasM2) - #1607 Fix farm damaging some items incorrectly - #1433 Fix crash when Mekanism cable broken while next to capacitor bank (MatthiasM2) - #1627 Fix not being able to extract from an unconfigured side on buffers (MatthiasM2) - Fix Stirling Generator not pushing out empty buckets (MatthiasM2) - Fix soul binder caching IIcons and rendering incorrectly after texture restitch - Fixed author list in (Adaptivity) - Fixed ExU colored blocks not rendering properly in facades (MatthiasM2) - Fixed light calculation of painted slabs to match vanilla (MatthiasM2) - #1673 Fix grinding ball percentage tooltip being invalid sometimes (MatthiasM2) - #1655 Fix conduit probe not copying redstone mode of fluid conduits (MatthiasM2) - #1609 Fix buffer buttons having incorrect tooltips (MatthiasM2) - #1701 Bucket interaction on tanks no longer takes side configuration into account (MatthiasM2) - Fix fused quartz/quite clear glass sides not rendering when they are occluded by different types of the same block - #1640 Fix soulbound having ridiculous values for enchantability - #1643 Fix Ender Rail breaking instantly


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